Written by Malbion2013


I met my Amy at a party she was attending on a blind date. Fortunately for me she didn't fancy him at all and I was able to make my move. Amy was 16 and stunning with the most fantastic tits I ever saw. She was a shy and innocent virgin. Me I was a worldly 17 year old recently finished with my first serious girl who I had quickly deflowered. That had happened on the back seat of my car and I remember well how difficult it was to get the blood stains out of the upholstery! Wow was she tight! Anyway after our first pregnancy scare I had quickly and rather callously dumped her. I felt a cad and particularly as she was such a great shag but I certainly wasn't ready to become a father. Back to Amy with those great tits, long legs and beautiful face. I was right away besotted and began a difficult 4 weeks of getting into her pants. I was growing impatient and then suddenly off came her knickers and into her hand her first real cock. I quickly raised the temperature and was soon getting my second virgins gift (and indeed blood).

After less than six months she proposed to me and we set the date for our 12 month anniversary of meeting. I accepted and the came "ultimatum". Amy calmly told me that she was with me for life but had to let her enjoy any other cocks that she fancied. Wow from a sweet innocent virgin to a slut fiancée in 6 months. How should I have felt? Surely I should be angry and walk away, but no my cock had grown in size and was telling me that I actually liked the thought the situation was hot! I had the hardest cock I could have without it maybe breaking off. Amy had already arranged to be shagged by a work colleague. He was surprisingly old enough to either of us's father! I had met him and would never have guessed that she ever have fancied someone like Don.

Don used to pick up Amy at the bottom of our road. I would be waiting with this raging hard on and Amy would shagging senseless just around the corner. As he was married he also had to return home early and as soon as Amy was through the door she was excitedly telling me about his cock and how they had shagged. At the same time she had discarded her clothes including cum stained knickers and was climbing onto my eager and waiting cock. Wow did she feel wet. Wait a minute isn't that Dons spunk oozing out! I obviously couldn't have cared less. Super sloppy seconds was a first for either of us and one I was enthralled with. To cut to the chase my Amy now set about shagging virtually every man in her offices. All 34 of them in fact and nearly all of them much, much older than us! My lovely Amy was now a cock loving slut. I was a cum eating devotee and we were so totally in love. Shortly after we married Amy brought home a contact magazine and made contact with our first swinging couples. A great and satiating sex filled life followed and only some personal tragedies could ever slow us down. This now brings us to the present and after too long away from the lifestyle Amy is ready to take the plunge (or should that be the cocks) again.