Written by Hot, Wet Pussy


Our wild night out in Sydney was one my husband and I will never forget. this happened a number of years ago.

We arrived late in the afternoon and went straight to our hotel and had a couple of duty free drinks in our room to loosen up the nerves. I was so happy to be on holiday and i knew some of the activities we were going to hopefully participate in - my pussy was so wet with anticipation and my hubby's cock wanted a release so he could last longer later on.

He lay me on my back, on the glorious super king bed in the beautiful Sydney hotel, spread my legs and lathered on the lube all over my pussy and arse - making me very slippery and hot. Then he gently began to rub my clit while massaging my arse at the same time. He slid his large manly fingers in and out of my arse meanwhile my pussy was desperate for attention.

My nipples were like little hard buds longing to be touched, I rubbed them and squeezed them and asked for my nipple clamps to be applied, as my hubby applied each clamp a I felt a jolt of pain shoot through my body. However, seconds later the white hot pain turned into real pleasure, making me squirm on the bed wanting more.

He made me wait for what felt like an eternity and then finally he got his large, well proportioned cock, and drove it into my hot waiting hole. He came quite quickly and then he finger fucked me while I played with my clit until I came all over his hand.

After a wonderful shower together and a few more drinks we headed into Kings Cross where we found a little seedy place that offered porn in little separate rooms upstairs. Feeling horny and excited we headed upstairs. There were a number of rooms, each with people in them, some couples, some individuals, all having a great time - all the doors were open and we could indulge in some voyeurism.

After a while we found our own room, I took my panties off and left them in the bin for the next person to enjoy and then I lay on the long hard table in the centre of the room and my hubby kindly began to rub and lick at my wet pussy, while I rubbed and teased my hard nipples - that were still a little tender from the clamps.

After a while I could sense eyes watching us from the doorway, which turned me on even more. I groaned in anticipation and before I knew it I had two sets of hands rubbing my body all over. I opened my mouth wide, hoping a cock would be placed inside, I was not disappointed, soon I had a strangers cock eagerly looking for attention from my expert tongue and mouth.

Just like a good little girl I licked and sucked that cock from base to tip, the stranger seemed to be loving all the action. My husband then took his large cock and began to rub my engorged clit with it. I was in heaven - a wonderful strange cock to suck on and my husbands cock about to enter my hot hole for the second time that evening.

Oh god, what a feeling, a cock about the explode in my mouth and another pumping and pumping at my pussy - I needed them both to come. It was primal - my orgasm was building, the cock in my mouth was twitching and I could tell my beloved husbands cock would not last much longer in my pulsing pussy.

I don't remember who came when but I knew I had a huge amount of come in my mouth, with some of it dripping out my lips. There was a pool of come under my arse and pussy lips. My pussy was soon contracting in pleasure and my come surged around my husbands cock.

At least three men had been watching the show from the opened door, all had their cocks in their hands and I am sure some wanted to participate but two was enough for me that night!!.

The lovely stranger and my wonderful husband were both so turned on by what had just happened that none of us wanted the night to end so we asked the stranger back to our hotel room for more fun and drinks.

Back in our room we drinks and I had a gorgeous soap lathered shower. My two men made sure their play thing was well and truely cleaned, inside and out!! Yummy.

I had never had two cocks and once and it had been a fantasy for some time - tonight was going to be the night one fantasy could come true. I asked the men if they would be keen to satisfy my fantasy of having one cock fucking my pussy while the other was fucking my arse. I did not need to ask twice!!

My hubby lay on the bed and I faced him doggy style and began to lick his cock while playing with his balls and around his tight puckered arse. He loves when my tonge rims his arse.

Meanwhile, our new friend grabbed my arse that was in the air and began to lube both pleasure holes, preparing for the main event. I could feel his exploring fingers in my pussy, then he started paying attention to my little puckered hole.

He gently placed a finger at the entrance and slowly pushed it in and out, adding more lubribation until I was rocking back and forth on his finger, he then added another finger, stretching me a little more. I was in heaven, sucking my husbands cock and having my arse finger fucked.

Eventually the moment came.... my husband rolled on to his back then I faced away from him and lowered my lubed arse onto his rock hard cock - our friend helped to get the cock into my waiting hole, I slowly fucked my hubby's cock with my arse, letting his cock enjoy my tight butt muscles as they squeezed his throbbing cock.

Then I lay back on my husband slowly so as not to release the gorgeous cock from my puckered hole and our lovely stranger then licked my clit while my hubby was butt fucked me.

Now I was so hot and horny and could not wait for my second cock - slowly my stranger spread my pussy wide with his fingers, looking with keen anticipation as to where his cock was going to end up. He drove a couple of fingers in first - tickling my G spot, which nearly sent me overboard before the main event! He was so enjoying watching me being fucked in the arse.

Our lovely stranger then sat the tip of his cock at my pussy entrance and with one quick thrust he filled my pussy to the brim. Oh what a feeling. I could feel the two cocks rubbing each other between my vaginal wall - it was pure bliss. Their balls were clashing at the entrance to my pussy after each stroke. I was so full of cock, it was pure heaven. I love feeling completely full.

My two men slowly fucked me, they too were enjoying the tightness of each hole and the sensation of feeling their cocks being rubbed by another cock. It was too much for us all to last too long - our stranger came first in my pussy, ramming his cock in to the end - I could feel it filling my pussy with hot come. My husband was not far behind - he loves fucking my tight little arse - with some organisation I ended up doggy style and he then had full access to fill my anus with his come after pumping it as hard as he could. It did not take long for my darling to leave a load of his warm gorgeous goo in my arse.

What a night to remember - we have since had other great experiences with more than one person but I will save those stories for another day.

Gosh writing this story really makes horny for two big gorgeous cocks again!!

Enjoy your read.