Written by JustUs


I had just returned from overseas and so  excited to get home to see the one I had been talking to daily and the one I had been seeing for a while. I arrived home to my family and the kids were overjoyed.

My hubby was happy to see me so we made love, it was a quicky. I actually can't remember it.  He had to go to work so I took the oppertunity to go see my lover.

He was busy at a function but we managed to meet up in an accomodation area.

I remember this vividly. I couldn't help but smile when I saw him. We embraced and kissed passionately making me so wet - over and above the cum that was dripping from me from just having sex with my husband. He was hard and I wanted him. We moved to the shower block and kissed and touched each other with vigour. It had been months since we last touched each other. I didnt tell him that his would be the 2nd cock I have had today. I didnt want him to taste me as it would have been a give away and at that time I didn't know how he would take that. My pussy was already swollen and was going to get another round of pure bliss.

He undressed me and just looked me up and down. We knew our time was short, so we made the most of it with touching, tasting and feeling. I just could not get enough of him. I was rubbing his cock, his pre cum was dripping out. I tasted it off my hands, he tasted so sweet. He lifted me into his arms and my legs wrapt around him. My back was against the wall and I could feel his cock slip into me. I felt him go deep. His every inch touched everywhere inside me.

This is what I had been missing.

He was lifting me, pumping his hips with his cock getting harder and harder inside of me. I was close and it didn't take much for me to orgasm. He lowered me down and turned me so he could take me from behind. The space we had was tiny but enough for us. I held onto the walls on either side and he pulled my arse cheeks open and rubbed his finger from my arse to my pussy, moistening his finger with a mixture of my nectar and my husbands. His cock teasing each hole. I took a deep breath as he entered me from behind.

It felt so good.

He kept pumping at the same time moving his hand around to my clit to play with it. Omgosh, that just sent me over the edge, orgasming again and kept going. My body became sooo sensitive especially when I could feel he had just released. My pussy was now full of what was left of my husbands cum and now months worth of my lovers cum.

He had to pause until my body had calmed down. We released each other, his cock withdrawing as they both started to drip down my leg. We tidied ourselves up before departing ways. It was one of many memorable moments.

Some months later my lover asked if I would share my husband with him. To have sex with him, to let him cum inside me and then go to my lover where he would taste us both and fuck me senceless before filling me with his own cum. I then confessed to him I already have........with a smile he said "tell me next time".