After R, S and M had finished in the lounge, R led both S and M by the cocks down the hallway to the bedroom.

S stopped R and pushed her against the wall, holding her hands high up on the wall while he french kissed her.

M spread her legs and got down on his knees and tongued her clit.

R started moaning when M put two fingers in her soaking pussy.

This only lasted a short time, R had an orgasm and squirted on M face, her legs became weak and she almost fell down.

M and S took a hand each and led her into the bedroom.

S lay down and pulled R on top him, they kissed again while she ground her pussy against his cock, trying to make it slip into her pussy.

M pulled her butt cheeks apart and tongued her pussy and arse, she let out a low moan and pushed back against his tongue as it circled around her pussy lips.

R sat up and put S cock into her soaking pussy, M teased her by rubbing the head of his cock on her arse, precum was lubing her up ready.

M gently pushed his cock into her arse, she let out a groan and pushed back against him.

Both M and S started gently pumping their cocks in her, R put her hand down and rubbed her clit.

R let out a loud moan “ ohhhh that feels sooo good, pound my pussy hard”.

S pulled R against him tightly, his pumping grew stronger and faster, the sounds of skin slapping against skin filled the room, M let out a groan “ ohhhh fuck yes that is so good, i am going to cum” as he pulled his cock out of her arse and came over her arse.

S was getting a little excited as well, both he and R were sweating from the effort. She sat up and rode his cock, he played with her breasts, her nipples large.

M had gone out of the room and returned with a video cam, “ i wanna remember” and began filming R and S as they fucked.

R lay over on her back and pulled S on top if her, guiding his cock into her pussy.

R wrapped her stocking clad legs around S, he sat up and held her ankles, pushing them back to give him deep access to her pussy.

With one single hard thrust he drove his cock deep inside her, they both let out moans at the same time, M seeing this got hard again.

M knelt beside R to allow her to suck on his once again hard cock.

S kept pounding his cock into R, before letting out a long moan “ ah ah ah ohhhhhh fuck your pussy is so hot and wet ahhhhhhh” and he shot his load over her stomach and tits.

He pulled out of R and started licking her pussy, he slipped in several fingers and massaged herG spot for a short time before her pussy started to spasm and squirted her juices out.

R sat up and said “ more of that, it was yummy”.

M turned her over and started to fuck her doggy style, at the same time he slipped a finger into her arse.

R was sucking. S cock making it grown hard again, she was moaning at the same time.

M was ramming his cock into her as hard as he could, all three of them were rocking back and forth to his rhythm.

R reached down and rubbed her clit, followed by a huge orgasm and gush of juices.

S lay under her, M pulled his cock from her pussy and put it into her arse again, gently pumping her.

S put his cock into her pussy and pumped slowly, R started wriggling and grinding her clit against S, “ that feels so good, i feel so full, mmmmmmmmm” and she came again with another squirt.

Both S and M shot their loads deep inside her at the same time she came, the spasming of her pussy pushed them beyond the point of no return, they all collapsed into a heap.