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It was a quiet Saturday evening, we were watching TV waiting for the rugby to begin.

There was a knock on the door, M had dropped in with a few beers.

We all sat watching the TV and chatting about nothing in particular.

R excused herself to go and have a shower, something about boring TV was muttered.

The rugby got underway and we were both engrossed in the action.

The second half had just begun when R came back from her shower, a faint hint of perfume was evident. M was the first to notice, “WOW”.

R was standing there looking absolutely gorgeous.

She was wearing a lacy black full length negligee.

Underneath could be seen a black and purple corset, black stockings and high heels.

We both got instant hard ons, M rubbed his thru his jeans, R looked at the bulge and smiled.

R walked into the centre of the room and did a twirl, she looked gorgeous and had a horny smile on her face.

She knelt in front of M and undid his jeans and let his throbbing 7 inch cock out, she smiled at him before going down on his cock, i know of no other that can suck a cock as good as she can.

With her free hand she reached over and freed my cock, then started slowly stroking it.

After several minutes of R playing with our hard cocks, she sat between us and asked if we still wanted to watch the rugby, no prizes for guessing the answer to that question.

M freed her wonderful boobs and started sucking on her hard nipples.

I kneeled between her legs and licked her smooth pussy, she was very wet and her clit was very hard. I inserted two fingers and massaged her G spot, that only lasted for seconds before she came with a squirt over my face.

I teased R by rubbing my cock over her very wet pussy, she was wriggling her hips, wanting my cock in her pussy. She grabbed my cock and pushed it into her, it felt so warm and wonderful. She let out a moan when M started to massage her clit and she came with another squirt.

I pulled out and sat beside her, pulled her on top of me and my waiting cock, the warmth and wetness felt so good.

“Two is better than one, i want both cocks in me” she said with a low voice and a mischievous smile.

R lay back on my chest and groaned when M put his cock into her already full pussy.

“Mmmmmmm that feels so nice and full” moaned R as M began slowly pumping his cock into her.

I was kneading her boobs while M sped up his pumping, i nibbled on her neck and R let out a moan and i felt her juices running down my cock. Her pussy began spasming as she threw her head back and arched her back, both M and i were pumping our cocks in her pussy, as he pumped in i pumped out.

R grabbed M arse cheeks and pulled him into her pussy harder and faster, i stopped pumping as she was encouraging him to slam his cock into her. The noise of him slamming against her pussy was very clear.

R let out another cry and huge squirt before collapsing on top of me.

M pulled out and left a trail of cum on her tits and stomach while i pumped my cum inside her pussy, i came so hard it felt like my cock had exploded and i also collapsed under her.

R commented that perhaps we should go somewhere more comfortable for more, we did not argue, but that story for another time.

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