Written by Lakeside rotorua


So many of the stories I have read seem to be somebody's fantasy.this is a true account of an encounter I enjoyed late last year in rotorua.

Kiwi swingers certainly works , I had spotted an advertisement a couple visiting the city wanted to meet like minded guys. As usual I thought it would not be genuine but in spite of the doubt I sent off a reply, and was stunned by an answer .

The invitation was to a motel in the centre of town, concise instructions regarding the place time door ajar , shoes left out side to dignity post the room.

The adrenaline anticipation was exciting driving to meet, filled with a mixture of lust and fear I slid the ranch slider door open and entered a darkened motel room. From the bedroom upstairs I could murmurs and gasps soft moans of something happening.climbing the stairs entering the bedroom on a kingsized bed was sprawled a very attractive naked woman she was stunning.

Above her knelt two men erect hard each focussed entirely on her , she was being kissed and her fabulous breasts fondled between her open thighs was being eaten . In her hand she caressed a huge erection of one of the guys.

Her partner stood close by admiring her , watching enjoying seeing her being pleasures.

I stood there fixed watching the erotic scene taking it all in , everyone in the groom was oblivious to my presence.

I stripped off naked really aroused by the sight of her nakedness, the sound of her being aroused . The soft moans murmurs and the way she moved and writhed to the touch of her her lovers.

Everyone was fully erect hard each aching to have her. I quietly joined in unable to resist it was so erotic powerful.

I loved the way she looked drinking in the sight of all us guys wanting her touching her. Our erections touching her , one into her lips the other erection in her hands being stroked , and a third teasing her delicious hard nipples .

I put on my condom and felt her fingers guide me into her pussy it felt so wet electric tight amazing as she moved to to engulf my length.

That was only the start to the evening more to follow....