Written by Laidback


Mr and I had chatted on and off and we obviously both felt comfortable so he asked me to meet him to see if he was happy for me to meet his lovely lady. We both finally met and hit it off straight away and felt comfortable discussing a range of subjects not just meeting for a mfm.

However in saying that Mr advised his lady like's role play, hmm I thought, my imagination running wild. We discussed a a number of things and he described a time that she had flashed herself in public. Iasked for a few more details and thought I can work with that.

Shortly after he let me know they were keen to play and we arranged to meet but after a few false starts we arranged to meet one beautiful sunny afternoon at their place.

Mr said he would be home but out of sight and would come in during my meeting his lady. Cool i thought i can work with that, as a scenario came to mind.

I dressed in dress trousers, collar and tie along with a jacket, had a real pair of Smith and Wesson handcuffs and a flip open wallet with a photo. Checking I had my handcuff keys I walked to the front door with nervous anticipation.

Mrs opened the door in a revealing red sundress, she had a beautiful face and stunning eyes and oh so sexy and feminine curves, I couldn't believe my luck.

I flipped my wallet showing a photo and said 'Hi I'm Detective (name withheld) from the Police, Mr said you'd be home so I thought I'd drop round as I have a delicate matter to discuss with you, can I come in'

There was a momentary look of confusion but I could see a spark of naughtiness there, good I thought, she's quick on the uptake.

She invited me in and took me to a room where we both sat down and she said how can I help with a naughty grin. I replied 'I know this is a bit old but there's been a complaint about you exposing yourself in public at the local petrol station and we need to follow up'

Oh she replied ' I do remember that but it was a lovely day and I'd forgotten to put on underwear and must have accidentally exposed myself when I got out of the car'

'mmm' I said 'that's funny as we have CCTV footage that clearly show's a lot more than an accidental flash'

'Oh' she replied blushing, 'there must be some way to make this go away, after all I have my reputation to think of in a small community'

'What do you mean by that' I replied.

She dropped her head and said 'Well I'm not sure, what can I do'.

'Well there is a way, which we call alternate resolution, but we need to go through official channels first, and I need to take you to central, interview, you, then fingerprint and photograph you, now stand up and face the wall'

She did but looked at me quizzically as I firmly guided her and placed her hands above her head, told her to spread her legs and move them back from the wall. I could see her thinking is this real or a role play.

I said ' before I take you in I need to search you for everyone's safety and, I'm going to handcuff you as part of procedure' as I slipped my handcuffs from my belt and snapped them on her wrists above her head.

I put my leg between hers and nudged her feet back further from the wall and wide apart

'Relax' I said, 'I'm just going to do a rub down search, have you got anything on you you shouldn't have?'

'No' she replied as I started searching, running my hands down her arms, over her shoulders, and down her sides as I quietly said 'does your husband know about you exposing yourself'.


'And what does he think of that' I replied.

'He likes it and likes me being naughty'

'Mmmm does he now, I wonder what he'd think of you like this' as I ran my hands up from her hips, over her stomach up to her firm breasts, finding no bra.

As my hands continued over her breasts I felt her nipples harden, 'mmm there feels like theres something hard there, I need to check that' I said as I peeled down the front of her sundress to reveal a pair of beautiful breasts and taut nipples.

My hands then moved around and down her back over her nicely rounded bottom and hips, then down the outside of her legs, before reversing up the inside of her legs to her crotch area, finding no knickers and brushing against a very wet pussy.

'Mmm' I said, you seem very excited by this, what did you mean by, making this go away'

'Well I'm sure we could come to some arrangement to make you happy' she said.

'Well you're certainly very wet, why is that?'

'I had a little play earlier' was her reply.

'Show me what sort of arrangement you were thinking of' I replied. She pushed off the wall and turned and kissed me, leading me to a bed before she lay back on it spreading her legs and exposing her very wet trimmed pussy.

Not being able to help myself I knelt and spread her legs further, slowly sliding my tongue up her wet lips, tasting her for the first time, then flicking her clit with my tongue. I continued licking and sliding my tongue, up her lips, darting it inside and flicking her clit as she moaned.

She tasted like cum, not just a womans but a mans, and wondered if her play eaarlier had included being fucked, as I slid two fingers deep inside her and tongued her now hard clit.

Very soon the rhythym of my fingers and tongue had her moaning deeply and I could feel her pussy contracting around my fingers as she came, I didn't let her stop and carried on licking and fucking her with my fingers and could feel her coming again.

I slid up her body sucking those hard nipples and kissed her so she could taste her own cum, which she loved, thrusting her tongue deep in my mouth and entwining my tongue so she could taste it all.

I stood up and pulled her up so she was sitting on the bed edge, as I unbuckled my belt and undid my trousers.

She looked up at me with those gorgeous eyes and I could see a hunger in them for my cock.

Her hands reached up, still shackled by the handcuffs and she pulled my hardening cock from it's hiding place and straight away her mouth engulfed me, sucking me as my cock grew in her mouth.

I stood there enjoying the feeling as I gripped her hair and rocked my cock in and out of her mouth, damn it felt so good, she was fantastic at sucking cock.

Her shackled hands were cupping and fondling my balls and the handcuffs clinked with the thrusts of my cock in her mouth.

As good as it felt I wanted to feel her wet pussy around my cock, so I pulled out of her mouth, bent and kissed her hard, tweaking her nipples, then pushed her down on to the bed.

Damn, I couldn't resist those gorgeous breasts and nipples so I sucked and bit them gently causing her to moan in pleasure, my hand found it's way to her wet pussy again and I slid two fingers in, angling them up to try and hit the mythical g spot.

She clearly liked it as she started thrusting against my hand, so I started fucking her fast with my fingers slamming in and out making her pussy squelch she was so wet.

My mouth, tongue and teeth kept sucking, licking and biting her nipples as my hand worked faster and faster, then before long I felt that now familiar contracting as she came.

I wasn't content with that so I kept my fingers fucking her hard and before long I felt her pussy really contracting, then flooding my hand as she came hard, squirting.

'Mmmm' I said, 'you liked that didn't you, it felt so good feeling you squirting on my hand'

'Yesss' she moaned and she reached above me with her handcuffed hands behind my neck, pulling me to her and kissing me deeply, her tongue thrusting in my mouth.

I pulled away, standing and taking my shoes, socks, trousers and underwear off, leaving my shirt and tie on, then I climbed on the bed between her legs and licked her cum soaked pussy again briefly.

It wasn't long before she moaned again so I slid up her body and started rubbing my cock against her wetness, she clearly liked that as her body was thrusting against my cock.

As I stroked my cock againts her it grew and I slowly slid it inside, finding no resistance I kept going and felt a very wet tight pussy engulfing my cock.

With every lover there's getting used to each other, and my cock slipped out briefly as she was so wet, however we quickly adjusted ourselves and before long my cock was buried deep inside her and I was fucking her slowly and first, then harder and harder, damn she felt so good.

All this time her handcuffed hands were above her head, but now she reached down and grabbed my tie pulling me to her and kissed me hungrily and I kept fucking her.

Coming up for air she looked me in the eye and said 'I never knew ties were so useful'.

I didn't care what she said, I was just lost in those gorgeous eyes which were hungry and saying fuck me hard, damn she was good.

I pounded in to her, our bodies slapping together and her pussy squelching, damn it sounded so good, I love the sound of two bodies fucking and she clearly did too.

Too soon I felt my orgasm rising and said 'you're going to make me cum'.

'God yes' she said, 'cum in me, make a mess'.

I couldn't believe my luck or how hot she was as I continued fucking her feeling my orgasm getting closer, then that moment of glorious release as I felt my cock pulsing deep inside her, moaning deeply in pleasure.

I held myself up off her body, cock still inside and looked in to those gorgeous smiling eyes and she pulled me down again kissing me, purring in delight.

I rolled off and sat stroking her gorgeous body as Mr walked in smiling. Damn I was so lucky that he let me fuck his beautiful wife.

I said 'you'd better thank him' so she sucked his hard cock, as she sat there doing that I slid two fingers deep inside her just fucked pussy and finger fucked her to orgasm again, my fingers covered in both our cum as I withdrew them but making sure I left as much as I could inside.

Then she got on her hands and knees at the edge of the bed and he stood behind her sliding his cock inside her now cum soaked pussy feeling sloppy seconds. I was hoping he enjoys that feel as much as I do, as I love fucking a cum soaked pussy.

My cock was still wet from fucking Mrs so I knelt in front of her mouth and grabbed her hair pulling her head up, without hesitation she sucked my cum soaked cock, taking both of us at the same time.

I looked up at Mr and we both smiled enjoying the sensations this beautiful sexy woman was making us feel.

We continued fucking her, I was gripping her hair tight and thrusting my cock in her mouth as he sped up, the sound of his cock slamming in to that wet pussy sounding so good.

She started moaning, then started cummimg all over his hard cock, which caused him to cum deep inside her. Damn this was hot.

We stayed like that briefly recovering, then I said 'you need to suck his cock clean and taste both our loads of cum on his cock'

She didn't hesitate and hungrily sucked his cock as I sat and watched.

As she did, I dressed while watching.

She finished sucking his cock as I finished dressing and looked up at us both smiling.

I walked around the bed and kissed her, tasting his cock on her lips and she moaned in pleasure, then took her hands and removed the handcuffs.

I said ' I think that may be the start of your puishment but we may need to revisit this'

We all walked to the door where Mrs again kissed me deeply and I shook Mr's hand thanking them both.

As I walked away I hoped there would be a next time, my mind already thinking of another roleplay for them...........but was this real or a role play.......the truth is often a good mix of fact and fiction, and this story did happen..........what a great couple, thank you, I hope this helps relive the moments.