as alot of you know mrs tribe never ever wears underwear is shaved and has pierced nipples

so this info will help understand this story

we both going to a birthday party at 5 in afternoon we both get ready mrs tribe goes in a dress with low cut cut hulter neck top and in the right light the bottom of dress is see through

we turn up to party family and other people start turning up about same time. there are people and men we dont know there

as mrs tribe and me arnt big drinkers we get going on not much alcohol. but this time im sober driver and told mrs tribe to drink as much as she likes.

with all the greetings and family talk going i notice couple of the men standing back and staring hard at mrs tribe so go over there to look myself to see that where she was standing you could see here shaved split easily through her dress what a great view it was .

drinks start to go down and a few shots later and couple hours mrs tribe was quite tiddly actually drunk setting in

by this time with meal finished and now low light almost dark and several good chances of seeing her split in all its glory gone she start dancing with others there family and friends.

hoping her tits might give up some of her nipple shields over her nipples but they stayed in place.

by now it was midnight she had put a thin jacket on but kept open and time to take mrs tribe home to bed.

we get to car she has a cigarette while i warm car up with some heat as slightly cool outside. we get in car mrs tribe tyakes jacket off and takes the halter neck off from around her neck and belts up with her tits and piecered nipples out to be seen but as pitch black noone around.

we start driving back to Hamilton with a topless mrs tribe the entire way home.

only pity there was no traffic anywhere to see her for most off trip only when get to Hamilton that see one truck coming up beside us so i turn on interior light and let him come along side us pretty sure he saw his moneys worth as he drove beside us till got to round about.

from there we were home. went around back to unlock house and turned on security lights which light up alot and pull back curtains to see mrs tribe having a cigarette on porch still topless where any neighbour up could see her but as we are a back house no one saw pity wasnt by road as there were people going past.

after sitting there for about ten mins topless on porch she gets up and says she going to bed she getin side and lets her dress fall off so now completely naked with curtins open still checks her ph closes curtins and goes to bed.

just a pity not more people were on road on way home but might try to see if we can do a late afternoon trip topless somewhere soon with a very sort miniskirt when at destination so everyone can see her split with ease. but thats

another story to be getting