Written by Matt


So one of the downsides with being long distance is the distance, the time apart, and the lack of sex. With a strong relationship like ours you can have a bit of trust built up so you can get some side action. So I did just that.

I was trawling through tinder/bumble/feeld to find a wee bit of tail on the side when I came across Holly. We chatted away, she explained she had been in a polyamorous relationship previously and I explained our situation and she didn't seem turned off, so we arranged to meet.

I went to her place, met her, and she took me out back to meet her friend Renee and a guy James. We got to talking, had a drink in the sun and hung out. Holly and Renee were good friends but James seemed a bit stand-offish. One of the girls suggested we take this party to the pool, and always eager to see a bikini I agreed. The girls went inside to get changed, we followed, and while they made a show of covering themselves with towels we saw their asses and a bit of side boob

I hadn't brought togs so I just swam in my underwear (always wear clean underwear folks!) and James wore shorts. We were relaxing in the pool, drinking and I notice Holly inch closer and closer (I was floating with my arms outstretched) until she came under my arm, I reached down and put it over her shoulder to bring her in closer. Renee had been inching closer to James but he was pretty oblivious until she grabbed his leg under water.

While chatting I pulled Holly til she was in front of me, wrapped my arms around her torso and just held her there. I had started to get an erection (because duhh) which she noticed as she rubbed against me, at first accidentally then intentionally!

Once I knew she knew I was hiding a lil something I strategically started fondling her arse as she rubbed against me in the pool. While we were doing that the conversation had taken a turn to talking about sex. Turns out the girls had had a few threesomes together and were pretty comfortable with each other.

Holly had reached around and was fondling my cock as I kept touching her ass, eventually James noticed that Renee's hand had strayed up his leg and they started fooling around too. We four were continuing the conversation but our hands were busy all right!! James pulled the bikini aside and was playing with Renee's gorgeous tits, I took this to mean that play time was over and slowly started to finger Holly as she ground on my cock. Wanting to see what would happen I moved myself and Holly over to the other couple and sure enough the girls started pawing at each other, kissing, so I knew we had a party

It's a bit hard to fuck in a pool, it was a bit cold, so the suggestion was made to go inside. The girls stripped off their wet bikinis, told us to do the same and we went inside to one of the bedrooms. We towelled each other off, I made extra sure her ass and tits were dry, and she made sure my dick was well taken care of.

I laid the towel down on the bed, lay Holly down on it, and knelt between her legs. I started fingering and licking her tasty, dry but soon to be wet pussy, and told the other guy to do the same. While we two ate their pussys the girls started pashing and touching each other's breasts.

Once I had licked Holly into a fit I flipped her onto all fours and began to eat her out from behind, with help from my fingers. She bent her head down and continued to kiss Renee deeply. Moaning into each other's mouths.

I maneuvered her over Renee so they were pretty much 69ing and gently eased my cock in between hollys wet pussy and renees greedy mouth. Renee had both Holly and James happily chewing and licking her tasty cunt.

The tip of my dick was enveloped by two sets of lips, one facial and one vaginal. A small movement of my hips could shift between them and I often couldn't tell the difference. It was heaven, my hard cock was wet and warm.

After a few minutes of this I decided to go for the main course. I grabbed Hollys hips, lined up, and entered her in one confident thrust. I found a good rhythm and started pounding, aided by Renee who had the best possible view from underneath and used her mouth to kiss and lick whatever case into reach. James had likewise noticed and he too was now fucking Renee.

The two girls were 69ing, licking each other's clits as our cocks slid in and out.

I pulled Renee off the bed and lay down beside Holly. And started to kiss her, tasting Hollys sweet juices on her lips. Renee straddled me in reverse cowgirl and started to pash her hands roaming over his torso as he continued to fuck her. Holly moaned into my mouth as James fucked her deeper and deeper. He gave one gutteral moan and emptied himself inside her. This was too much so I dug deep, made several violent pumps and then I too filled up my girl with that sticky sweet goodness.

We swapped girls and they licked our dicks clean of the others juices.

Then we retired to the pool to cool down


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