Written by hornynicky


Those that have been following my stories will remember that Jenny supplied us 4 girls with a special tablet she was looking to import and distribute [ women's Viagra ]. It certainly seemed to have an effect on me when Jenny and I ended up having a great girl on girl session, something I had never done before and did I enjoy it YES did I go there again and again YES.

The next stage of this was played out at a Chinese restaurant, all 4 of us went out for a meal and drinks one Saturday night while the guys went to a rugby match.

We were all sitting there just chatting after we had finished the food and several bottles of wine Jenny brings out a bottle of the Tablets and puts it in the centre of the table, she then says Okay you have all been taking these for 6 weeks I need feedback as I am considering placing an order for a shipment of 200 bottles so I want to know what the results have been from each of you , also consider that a bottle of 100 tablets will cost $ 85 plus postage, would you pay that much for them.

Pauline was the first to speak up, she said she thought that they were great she had more energy, she felt that her skin was smoother and that she was now fucking at least 3 times a week and that she was really enjoy being fucked, prior to taking the tablets she might fuck 5 times a month,she was even initiating sex something that she had not done for ages, then she very quietly said that as well as fucking she had started masturbating on a regular basis something she had not done for over 10 yrs, YES she would pay $ 85 for a bottle even more. We all had a little laugh with her about how it had changed things for her.

Kathy then told us what effect they had on her she said that she was also fucking more each week, sometimes twice on a Saturday or Sunday morning, even a couple of times in the Kitchen and Lounge something unheard of for years, she also said that she often found herself in the Supermarket or up town, when a nice looking guy would be walking towards her she would be mentally stripping him naked and imagining how his big cock would feel inside her cunt, then she would find that she was wet with juices from her cunt. Yes she was also masturbating however she had gone one step further and purchased a nice big vibrator to help her achieve orgasms, yes she wanted more tablets at any price.

I then told them yes my sex life had really stepped up and Andy and I were fucking at least 5-6 times a week and that often I was the one starting things off, Andy was now taking Viagra on a regular basis and I was craving anal sex ,more often, I also told them that I had also had my first girl on girl experience and that it had blown my mind and was now having a regular session with my new found sex partner.

Jenny was the last to tell her story and yes she was a hell of a lot hornier however Barry was not performing up to the task, she informed everyone at the table that Barry had a small cock and often came just after entering her and she was masturbating every second day sometimes daily, she also told the girls that she and an old friend of hers had started seeing each other and that she and her were having girl on girl fun and without that she would be going crazy or fucking any guy that looked at her, I didn't say anything but I knew what she meant when she said Barry had a small cock, as 3 months prior to this dinner we were all at Jenny & Barrys place celebrating Barrys 40th birthday, I had been drinking quite a bit and was partly drunk when I asked could I go and have a spa, Barry told me that was not possible as they wrere having the spa area retiled, I asked could I see what they were doing, so Barry and I went out to the secluded spa area, there was only 1 small light on, I was leaning over trying to see the design on the tiles when Barry walked up behind me and started caressing my butt, he said you have a beautiful arse, I thought that I would be smart so I wiggled it in front of him, he then reached under me and cupped a breast in his hand an said that he had always loved my breasts as they were firm and natural not like Jennys half silicone, that is when he whispered in my ear I have wanted to fuck you for years, I just laughed and asked him did he want a birthday fuck,

The next thing I felt was Barrys hand up under my short skirt with his fingers touching my pussy, It was quite unexpected and for some reason I felt myself spread my legs apart, that is when he pulled aside the thong that I was wearing and 2 fingers slipped inside my cunt I immediately felt my juices start to make me wet and I was pushing back and downwards onto his fingers, he finger fucked me for about 2-3 minutes I could feel how wet I was and I could hear myself moaning each time he pushed his fingers deep inside me then I was asking him to fuck me properly that I wanted his cock inside me.

Barry stepped back and undid his jeans and pulled down his briefs and took out his cock, when I looked at it I saw this rigid cock that was about 6 inches long and very thin. He then reached back under my skirt and pulled the thong to oneside and pushed his cock inside my cunt, it felt quite strange as it id not have any girth to it to make my cunt stretch around it and it had no length that I could feel, Barry then started fucking my he pushed in and out about 4 times then he started cuming, I could feel this little cock jerking inside me and I could hardly feel the cum being released from his cock, he then pulled out and said thank you for that and turned around and left me, I sat on the side of the spa pool totally bewildered I could not remember having such a short fuck since when I was at college and a guy fucked me who was a virgin and it was his first time I seem to remember that he only just got inside me before he came.

I was still horny so I ended up taking things into my own hands and proceeded to give myself a good solid finger fucking until I eventually orgasmed. So yes I knew what Jenny was talking about when say said Barry was small and fast, I also knew what she was talking about when she said she was having girl on girl with an old friend, that was me and I was loving it.

So the decision was yes bring in and sell the tablets.

Hope that you enjoyed this.