Written by Mr Advntr


He groaned in the darkness at the pleasure unfolding in front of him. The small single bed was beside the window and there was just enough light from the now 2am sky to allow the glorious Jaynes figure to be seen laid out before him. He could stand it no longer and needed to taste the nectar that associated itself with the smell of lustful sex that filled the room.

Keeping his cock inches from her face so she could expertly engulf him her bent over and manoeuvred himself to taste her wet juicy pussy. First he slide his hand down over her mound, slipped his finger deep into her and then slowly pulled it back out and up gently pulling her clit to tension. He felt her flinch and hold as he moved in with his mouth firstly enveloping her clit the carefully massaging it with his tongue.

Jayne responded firstly with a gasp then by burying herself onto his throbbing cock yet again. Together they were slowly but surly bringing themselves closer and closer to orgasm.

After a series of repeats Arthur knew it was time to treat her waiting pussy to more than his tongue and fingers could provide. He reached down to his jeans on the floor and quickly found the condom in his pocket, tore open the packet and swiftly rolled it down onto his cock.

He then reached down to grab Jaynes left ankle and slowly raised it high into the air while at the same time he placed one knee into the bed between her legs. Within a single swift movement he was positioned to ignite another round of ecstasy into Jayne. He again leaned down into her and wrapped his mouth around her right nipple grabbing it with his teeth and gently started tugging on it. Athur let the tugging carry on for about 30 seconds just long enough for Jayne to think of nothing more and then without warning thrust his manhood deep into her juice covered pussy.

Jaynes reaction was instant and without doubt Arthur hit his mark. She shuddered and let out a little wimpier as Arthur arched his back and pushed deeper and deeper into her. Then without warning Jayne whispered “ooohhh, soooo hard!”.

Holding the pressure into Jayne for a moment he reached down and carefully gave her clit a small quick rub again sending shockwaves through her before her slowly started to rhythmically thrust into her. He could sense that orgasm wasn’t far away as Jayne would grasp his cock with her pussy in time to the thrusting. Arthur knew to hold on as long as he could “she wont be long” he told himself as he slowly expertly kept working her to the edge.

Then finally it came. Jaynes body arched upwards into Arthur to meet his final thrust and reach up up at the same time embracing him around the neck and shoulders. As the wave of orgasm engulfed her she unconsciously clawed he fingers and dug her nails into his back. That helped Arthur lose control of his rhythm and with the very next thrust he too tensed and pushed with all his energy into Jayne and held as deep as he could and started to unload his full balls.

The instant his cock started pulsing inside Jayne she clinched her pussy down on it, savouring the feeling of the head of his cock engulfed inside her and she wriggled her hips a little side to side in an effort of help Arthur release every drop. The two groaned into the darkness together until Arthur finally collapsed into the small bed beside him.

“Oh my God, that’s was fucken amazing” Jayne said quietly between panting breaths. “Glad you liked it! That was sure one hell of a night” he said in reply. The almost to the second he had finished saying that, almost as if she was standing there watching the entire show unfold, Arthur’s cellphone lit up the room with an incoming text from Mary enquiring how it was going and would he be back soon.

Of course Arthur knew that she was waiting is return because in the darkness of their her room Mary would have been slowly servicing herself as she waited for an explicit and detailed account of the whole thing. She would need servicing when he returned and he knew it.

He slowly got up, cleaned himself off and offered to help Jayne do the same to which she relied “oh no, the best part is leaving all this sex on me all night long - you go - tell Mary all about it, I’m sure she will enjoy reliving it with you as much as i did”. And with that he got dressed carefully opened the door, scanned the hall for party-goers and then left to return to Mary.

She was indeed waiting his return and from almost the second he entered he knew there wasn’t going to be much sleep that night. Arthur had returned from Jaynes adventure around 230am, but the time he and Mary had relived that experience again it was probably close to 330am and finally, completely drained and exhausted Arthur collapsed into his pillow. He was asleep in seconds.

Marys phone woke them at 8am with a call from her sister. Sunlight was peeking through the curtains and she knew it was late. She hung up and shook Arthur and said “come on stallion, everyone’s going for breakfast, lets get over there”.

Slowly he woke and dragged himself out of bed, weary from a big day and an even bigger night. His legs ached from the exercise drill they’d had all night long, but he knew it was all for a great cause.

They dressed and walked down to the restaurant where all those guest that had stayed the night were now slowly massing around, talking, laughing and eating. Arthur scanned the room - oddly he could see Jayne. “I guess she just decided to sleep through breakfast” he thought to himself and didn’t think of it again while he browsed the food on offer as he searched for coffee - his morning saviour.

Coffee in hand, and a small plate of fruit he sat down next to Mary and started to eat. “Oh darling, ummm I left my cellphone our room, could be be a hunny and go get it for me” she said. “but everyone you normally call is here already” he said quietly to her in protest. Mary just looked at him, and he knew it was enough. Without saying a word Arthur stood up, took a gulp of his coffee and headed for there room.

He quickly made the trek back to their room and opened the door but found the room still in almost complete darkness. He struggled to see so he walked over to the window and pulled half the curtain back a little. Sunlight beamed into the room he turned to find the cellphone he had been ordered to retrieve. His eyes were drawn to the mess of clothes and sex that had overtaken them the night before.

In all his hurry he didn’t for a second register that the bed wasn’t empty. As his eyes slow drew up to the bed, he could see that the covers were bunched at the end of the bed and suddenly he saw a naked foot.....leg....thigh....pussy and finally realised that lying in there room, totally naked was Jayne with a sly little smile on her face.

“Mary thought you might like some.....well......breakfast?” she said as she slowly opened her legs to reveal her juicy wet pussy yet again........