Written by Mr Advntr


It was Arthur’s sister-in-laws wedding and she had invited all the usual friends and family. One woman in particular caught his eye in the early part of the proceedings. Jayne was one of the brides friends and he had met her only a handful of occasions. He had only the briefest of conversations with Jayne but somehow he knew she was a woman with an appetite unlike most.

On this day she wore a black flowing knee length dress with a plunging neck line that pushed her pert tits out for all to see. Arthur’s mind raced at the prospect and wondered if he would ever get the chance to explore them.....It was a fleeting thought and he quickly pushed it aside and got back into the wedding proper....for now....

The evening slowly ground on and after the diner the dance started. He wasn’t much for dancing and so sat watching the performers strut there stuff when he notice a few tables away Jayne was sitting doing the same. He’d had a few wines by now and they helped mask his usual shy nature. Without a second thought he got up, wandered over and sat down next to her and said gidday. They sat making idle chit chat about this and that, family and friends for about 30 mins and as the conversation flowed Arthur carefully began to steer it around to things more in tune to what he really wanted. They talked of partying and Jayne told him a little story about being at another wedding function where she got rather drunk and couldnt find her hotel room and ended up busting in on some random guys and having a “great night”.

“Wow that would have been streamy - i’d love a visit like that” he replied, his mind racing at the prospect. And with a slightly wicked look Jayne said “well I am staying here tonight alone, I’m in room 12”. Arthur wasn’t immediately sure he heard right and yet as he turned to look her in the eye he saw she had a sly and unmistakable grin on her face! He could hardly believe it! His groin winced and he shuffled in his seat, his cock twitched at the thought but he wasn’t too sure how to approach that. Instantly his shy nature took over while the devil inside him raced at the offer.

By now it was around midnight and Arthur’s wife, Mary, came over from the dance floor, hot and tired, she quietly declared that she was “done” and it was time for bed. Arthur stood up, gave Jackie a small peck on the cheek and left.

When they got back to there room Arthur was ready for some action, spurred on by his conversation with Jayne. He immediately flung Mary down on the bed, climb on her and started kissing her passionately. She responded by grasping at his clothes, trying to remove them as quickly as she could. The moment had captured them both and within no time there clothes were stripped, bed sheets thrown aside and they fucked hard for 10 minutes before a wave of orgasm engulfed them both. As they lay in the lovers embrace they chatted about the day. Mary had noticed him chatting with Jayne and asked how she was. They chatted about it and then Arthur revealed that’d talked about one of her escapades. Mary perked up, “oh really, i knew she was a bit of a go’er” she remarked. “Bet that was a fun night for her!” She continued.

They weren’t strangers to swinging, swamping and sexual adventure and both shared a common view of sex. They knew the difference especially inside there marriage and when it came to exploring sex they both would partake of extra-curricular activity when the mood and opportunity aligned.

“She even invited me back to her room - we’ll at least I think she did” he said, hoping it would tickle Marys inner daemon....and quickly it did for sure!

“Get dressed! Quick! You’ve got to go visit! Go on it will be so awesome!” she said in an almost fever pitch. “Come on go go before it gets too late!”.

Arthur was used to Mary being feisty about these things, she had a love of seeing and hearing him please another woman, it was one of her fetishes.

Arthur’s typically shy nature disappeared in a heartbeat and he stood up hunting the room for his clothes. “just Jeans and a tee shirt, don’t bother with sox, just slip on your shoes and you’ll be right” Mary demanded and he fumbled to dress.

After what seemed an age he was ready and with the aroma of sex they’d just had still fresh he opened the door to leave - “one hour, don’t be late, and remember there are other guest from the wedding here, so try not to be too obvious” as Arthur disappear into the corridor.

“Where the hell is room 12?” he whispered to himself as he walked the short corridors. “Clearly it’s not here, but where is it. Bugger not this level!” Continued his self talk. He had to venture outside and into another building in the complex. By this stage is was late, around 1 am and he could hear the wedding dance a few buildings away still in fully flight.

He entered the next obvious building and began counting the doors down as he walked the entire length on the corridor. “bugger - not this level either. Damn, there must be another level somewhere” he thought as he looked for a stair well. He found it and quickly decided to move down one level. As he did so he caught sight of the first numbers and almost instantly knew he was in the right place as a “18” flashed on the door in front of him. “only a few away now” he thought and he strode the corridor on his quest.

Then it dawned in him like a slap in the face as he approached the eagarly sought room 12 “what the hell am i doing here, what the hell will i even say” as his shyness suddenly came screaming back.

He stopped dead. His heart was pounding like a big band drum. He took breath and quietly knocked. “Oh my god” he thought when almost straight away he heard someone rise and come to the door. It quietly opened a small crack and Jayne’s face appeared from the dark room. Initially she looked a little puzzled so he opened his mouth “I thought you might like some company” quietly droned from within him.

Without saying a word her face disappear back into the abyss and the door opened fully. “Come in, come in” she said deliberately.

She closed the door and the darkness enveloped him. He was for the moment completely blind as his eyes struggled to adjust. “Does Mary know your here?” she enquirer. “Hell yes “ he said with a slight tremble in his voice “ she encouraged me to come”.

As he spoke those word his inner daemon took control. Masked by his blindness, the dark, alcohol and his lustful desire he reached out toward her and caught her on the shoulder. She didn’t flinch or seem to mind so he took a step closer and started to move his hand up down. His other hand trembling reach out towards her chest and then with a delightful surprise pressed gently into her naked breast. It was at this moment his eyes had adjusted just enough to see that standing in front of him she was totally naked!

His cock almost instantly went hard and struggled to keep position in his jeans. He stepped closer again and could smell her sweet perfume and so plunged himself into her neck and began kissing it as hands started exploring her naked beauty.

She let out a gasp of desire as he kissed her neck and she rolled her head back in submission. His hands explored her skin, silky smooth to the touch, he could feel the excitement and reaction is was building in her. He slid one hand down the small of her back and round the cheek of her arse giving it a light but firm grasp that pulled her even closer to him enough that she could feel is rock hard cock pressing into her thigh.

She couldn’t resist the temptation and pushed her hands between then so she could feel his manhood. Without much effort she swiftly and expertly undid his zip and reached inside to envelope his member fully.

“So hard” she wishers in his ear. “Yummy, just how i like it” she said which only served to drive another wave of lust through him.

The fondling and caressing continued for another 5 minutes until Arthur couldn’t stand it any longer. He needed to savour that one moment when he could gauge her desire for him and know she would be ready. For Arthur the first touch of a woman’s pussy was always that moment of glory. The wetness, the lust, the desire all culminated with the first delicate touch of her glorious wetness that beckoned his cock.

He deliberately stepped away, took her by the hand and led her a few steps to the bed. Without any words spoken, as if she knew exactly what he needed she lay down silently and watched as he undressed in front of her.

His cock now rock hard sprang from his boxers and almost immediately started dribbling pre-cum in anticipation of her waiting mouth. Knowing she was ready for it he stepped close to the bed and carefully placed his cock just a few inches from her face.

Now was that moment that he lusted for and so he reached down, cupped her left breast and slowly, carefully, inch by inch he drew his hand down, over her belly, crested the mound of her pussy and slipped his middle finger slowly down into her juicy folds. Now it was his turn to gasp with delight as his fingers immediately became drenched in her juices and obvious lust. Obsessed with the feeling of her he pulled his hand back up and arched his back and without realising how close she was to his cock.

A shock of electric energy suddenly shuddered through his body as the warmth and wetness of her mouth engulfed his hardened member without him realising it was going to happen. She took him completely the the hilt, holding him there s few seconds to savour the bitter sweet taste of his pre-cum then carefully withdrew as she purred in delight.........