I waited a week to see if Judy would contact me but she hadn't and I worried that she might be feeling regretful about our encounter.I couldn't stop thinking about her and I wanted to see her again to reasure her that I was fine.I called her to discuss payment for the dress and she sounded happy and friendly and asked me over the next day.I made sure I wore something appealing and chose my tight little cut off jean shorts and a white revealing blouse.We sat on her couch with coffee and it didn't take long for her to reasure me that all was well with the two of us.Her arm stretched out along the back of the couch just within reach of me and as soon as her hand touched my face I sat in a wee bit closer to her.This is what I wanted,I wanted her to want me and as her hand caressed the side of my head and face I kissed the inside of her wrist.She stood up and reached for my hand,she said nothing as she led me up to her bedroom.We stood at the edge of her bed and undressed eachother as we kissed,my heart was racing like never before and she threw back the bed covers and we lay together kissing and touching eachother,our kiss`s we`re deep and passionate and her touch was sending me into state of complete ecstasy,,I wanted to please her,I wanted to show her I wanted her as I kissed my way down her lovely body and nestled inbetween her legs,I gently spread her knees apart and she gasped as my tongue dipped into the fleshy folds of her gorgeous pussy,,,,,,I could feel how swollen and erect her clit was and it almost protruded out of the folds of her beautiful womanlyness, I gently licked around and over it as her hands rested on my head.I dared to insert a finger into her aswell and she writhed in pleasure as I pushed it all the way in and gently "fucked" her with it as I continued my licking,probably only two or three minutes of this and she was cumming,,she had become a wee bit vocal,,I just loved hearing her quiet cries of joy as I licked and "fucked" her,,"god,yes",,she cried,,"oh fuck yes!!!",,,,and she lay her arms back and let her orgasm run through her,I felt a lovely warm stickiness on my face and mouth and I knew she`d ejaculated,I kissed and licked at her and devoured every sweet drop as she whispered everything I wanted to hear,,she pulled me up onto her and we lay in eachothers arms,,Id`e done it,Ide pleased her like I wanted to,,,,