I was 20years old and making preparations for my first wedding.My mother in law to be suggested that her friend and next door neighbour made my dress.We met together and I really liked Judy and felt at ease with her.She asked me to meet at her house the following Saturday to get things started.There was something intruiging about Judy,a solo mum and still very attractive for her 41 years.She told me a bit about her life and failed marriage.After that first day I left feeling happy and confident that Id`e found the right person to make my dress.The second meeting was longer and more involved and I felt there was a kind of chemistry between us.She was very attentive and I just melted as her hands and finger tips touched me as she pinned material and cut out bits and pieces during the process.On the day that she had me try the dress on before final sewing she spent a lot of time in close to me and I stood very still almost in a trance and wanting her touch.She lifted the beautifull gown away from me and lay it on the table,I reached for my top and stood still just holding it against my neck.For some unknown reason I felt tears well up in my eyes.Judy stood behind me and asked if I was ok.She turned me around and held me.She said "oh you poor dear,come and sit down",,she lead me over to the spare bed and we sat on the edge.She put her arm around me and gave me a kiss on my forehead.It was that awkward time where you didn't know what to do next,,knowing you wanted more but not knowing how.Her hand caressed my neck and cheek and I turned in to kiss the palm of her hand.She satared into my eyes and leaned forward to kiss me.I returned the kiss,long and passionately with tongues entwined.Her hand ran lightly over my boob and gently squeezed it.We lay down and the kissing continued and she ran her hand up the inside of my thigh.She slipped my g string aside and I gasped as her finger slipped into me.I needed to let her know I wanted this and my hands went to her boobs and face as I slowly writhed in pleasure as she worked my very eager pussy.She supported herself with one arm and suckled one nipple as she fingered me so expertly,,,I was in absolute heaven and I found myself pushing up into her hand as she brought me closer and closer to an inevitable orgasm,my back arched and with my eyes closed and mouth wide open I felt my cum run through me like an electric current,,,,,,,there were a few other beautifull satisfying sessions like that and I was able to learn from it and please her aswell.