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During my first year in college I got a part time job to help support myself, nothing too taxing just three days a week working in a music store. I’d friends who worked at the store and being a big music fan I already had most of the knowledge I needed, also apparently I had the look. My hair was long and blonde and I was quite scrawny but athletic. I played rugby but as a winger I was more there for my speed than my muscle. I wore band t-shirts and shorts almost every day, with a ripped up pair of converse to finish the overall grungy, surfer appearance.

What I didn’t expect on my first day of work though, was that the shop would be so understaffed that I’d be left on the floor by myself with only two minutes of till training. The manager was in her office to contact all other members of staff to see who was available to come in. Before she left she told me,

“If you get stuck or need any help with anything don’t bother me, call Anna in the stockroom she’ll help you out with anything you need.”

Well as you can imagine sooner rather than later I was in need of help, what with a queue of six people waiting to be served and a till that refused to do anything but beep loudly, I grabbed the phone dialed the stockroom and before Anna even had a chance to say,


I screamed for help down the phone only to be answered by a foreign accent asking,

“Who is this?”

At that moment I realized five things, one the manager of the store was useless. Two, she hadn’t told Anna I might be calling if I needed help. Three, she hadn’t told Anna I would be starting working at all. Four, Anna was foreign and didn’t seem to have the best English and five, this was going to be the worst first day ever.

Or maybe not… when I saw Anna coming down the stairs the day suddenly seemed a little brighter. Anna was tall, about 5 foot 9, she’d red hair, nice long legs which led to a very nice ass, big and round something you could grab onto and squeeze. She’d a good body nice and toned, probably from lifting all those heavy boxes in the stockroom. With an amazing pair of tits, they had to be at least a D-cup.

Thankfully, the store I worked in still believed in “sex sells.” So all the girls had to wear t-shirts about two sizes too small for them, which gave me a nice view of Anna’s mid riff. All in all she had a body that looked about the closest thing you would get to a comic book superhero in real life but without all the air brushing.

As Anna rounded the counter still looking at me confused wondering who the hell I was, I ran over totally stressed saying,

“Thank you.”

Giving her the biggest hug and maybe freaking her out a little. But I was stressed and delighted to see anyone who could stop this queue of people from giving out to me. It took about twenty minutes but we finally got everything back to normal. The shop was quiet again, the manager finally reappeared telling Anna to stay on the floor till someone came in who would train me. We talked a little, Anna still a bit freaked out by me running over and hugging her, me smiling my head off delighted at the fact the queue was gone and there was someone to help me if everything went south again.

Over the next few months of work Anna and I became good friends both in and outside work. We’d head out for drinks with some of the others and were always dancing around each other on the shop floor. Or if I was ever working the stockroom with her, we would have the music on blaring away and our feet going. This was nothing strange in the store I worked in, everyone danced through the work day, it was the only way you could survive and be happy. I always had the most fun dancing with Anna and I loved how she laughed at my dancing and would sometimes copy my ridiculous moves.

Jump forward another month or two and it was the Christmas party. All the staff went to a bar followed by a club, lots of free drink flowing, a lot of shots being drank and even more dancing. The girls were all dressed up to the nines while the guys had tried their hardest to look dressed up. We were a big group, about thirty of us in all and no one was going to be disturbing our fun, we had taken over the entire dance floor. Forming a circle having dance offs, just all round good times for as long as the bouncers would let us stay. Which to be honest wasn’t as long as we would have wanted.

As the night came to a close our numbers had dwindled drastically, out of the original thirty, we were now down to about ten. The night was still young though with lots more drinking to be done. One of the lads named Tom suggested we’d all head over to his place and keep the party going. Since Tom’s place was on the way to mine anyway, I wasn’t going to turn down the offer of a few more drinks. So we all headed off grabbing whoever was closest to us and marched off down the road linked arm and arm with them. It just so happened the arm I grabbed belonged to Anna.

Now even though we’d being in a big group all night, I’d barley gotten a chance to see Anna or talk to her. I’d managed one dance off against her in the circle but she dropped out because she couldn’t stop laughing at my moves. I complimented Anna on how great she looked and boy did she look great. Her long red hair was tied up; she wore a tight black top with a plunging v-neck, showing off her amazing cleavage which was emphasized by a low hanging necklace. She had a loose skirt on that stopped just above her knees, so she could dance freely. And even though it was early December she wore no tights. In her own words she’s Polish and Irish winters were nothing compared to what she had grown up with. Anna also wore nice black heeled ankle boots making her stand a bit smaller than me at 5 foot 11.

She returned the compliment telling me I looked good tonight as well. Since tonight was the Christmas party I had made an effort. I’d bought myself a shirt, a nice pair of pants and put on a pair of brown leather boots, it cleaned up my image quite a bit.

“Well when you’re not trying to dance.”

With that she wrapped her arms around mine and rested her head on my shoulder as we headed for the house party.

When we arrived at the house we discovered we’d lost another two people along the way and two more passed out asleep the second they hit the couch. So with only six of us still standing strong we gathered on the couches. Anna and I squashed into a large armchair next to each other and broke open a bottle of vodka. Tom was a student like me which meant that there was no heating in his house or if there was he couldn’t afford to turn it on.

As the night got longer it also started to get colder and no matter how cold Anna claimed her winters in Poland were; I could tell she was starting to feel it. Tom sorted the problem of the cold by arriving out with bundles of blankets for everyone, which was both a great move and a bad one at the same time. Because within five minutes of the blankets arriving two more people fell straight to sleep, which meant our group was now down to just the final four Anna, myself, Tom and a small blonde girl called Michelle.

Now Tom and Michelle had been getting off with each other randomly over the last month and tonight would be no different. Taking no notice of Anna's and my presence they locked onto each other, I just laughed till I felt a head start to nuzzle into my chest and a hand rest upon my inner thigh. I looked down at Anna and saw she was transfixed watching the others getting hot and heavy across the way. I could tell she was getting turned on watching them by the way her hand was starting to squeeze and rub my leg.

I took my chance I hugged Anna in close and kissed her, just on the top of her head. She looked up into my eyes and smiled so I kissed her again, on her forehead this time then her nose, till finally our lips met. Her lips where so cold and soft I pulled her in closer and kissed her deeply, her returning each kiss with just as much passion. As we kissed I felt her hand move further up my leg till she found the bulge of my hard cock pushing against the tight material of my pants. I let out a small gasp as she squeezed it through my pants, my cock getting harder and reacting to her touch. She pulled away slightly, looked me in the eyes with a big smile on her face and said just one word before kissing me again with renewed enthusiasm


Before anything more happened people started to stir, it was early morning and the sun had started to rise shining in through the open curtains. Since everyone was sleeping awkwardly crushed onto small couches the sun hitting their eyes was all it took to wake them. Anna and I broke apart not wanting to have to deal with everyone talking about the two of us scoring the next time we were at work.

After much grumbling by people the decision was made for us all to get up and go home, except for Michelle that is who had already snuck off into bed with Tom. Some people had to be at work in three hours, I was one of the lucky ones, I didn’t have work till two that afternoon and Anna was on the night shift at ten. We all said our goodbyes and headed off in our separate directions.

I walked off with Anna to her place which was just up the road from mine in an apartment block on the river. I told her I’d be a gentleman and walk her to her apartment door. Secretly I hoped she’d invite me in past the door; but for the most part I thought the moment was lost. That I’d just end up going home and having a wank before bed. Happy with the fact I’d scored with a beautiful woman who’d touched my cock and exclaimed at its size.

You can imagine my delight when, while I waited with Anna for the lift to take her to the top floor, she grabbed me with what seemed like a renewed lust slamming me against the doors of the lift. Anna caught me by surprise with how forward she was, sliding her hand back up my inner thigh till she found my cock, which jumped to attention at her touch. She gave my cock a squeeze but her hand kept climbing till she reached my belt pulling it open so she had enough room to slide her hand down inside my pants.

I pulled her in close, grabbing her by the ass and what an ass. I’d wanted to touch it and squeeze it since I first saw her coming down the stairs in those tight jeans. The doors to the lift opened behind us as we stumbled backwards into it, I smacked the door close button with my hand before returning it with a spank to Anna’s ass. This time I lifted her skirt so I could get a proper feel of just how soft and firm her ass was.

With the doors closed Anna pulled open my shirt while trying to unzip my pants at the same time. I pulled off her top revealing her big beautiful tits held in place by the hardest working bra of all time and I was quick to relieve it of its strain. As her tits bounced free I couldn’t help but take them in my mouth. Pushing Anna against the wall of the lift I buried my head in her cleavage taking each of her nipples in my mouth, nibbling on them before kissing my way down her body. Anna grabbed handfuls of my hair, moans of pleasure escaping her mouth as I raised her skirt over my head kissing around her panty line, my hands cupping and squeezing her ass, my mouth trailing lower. I could feel her wetness through her panties before pulling them down with my teeth and making her step out of them. Anna couldn’t bear it anymore she pressed the button for the fifth floor, where her apartment was on the other side of the building from the lift.

I grabbed our clothes from the floor and stood and kissed her before admiring her body. At this point all Anna had on was her skirt and ankle boots, I had everything else. She made to take her clothes back off me so she could dress quickly before we reached her floor but I held them behind my back and refused to give them to her, I told her,

“I’ve waited this long to get you naked, I’m not letting you get dressed again.”

She looked shocked saying she needed to get dressed

“We have to walk through my building to get to my apartment what if we meet someone in the hall?”

“No one is going to be up at this time besides us and if they are then they are going to get to see a beautiful naked woman run past them on the way to her apartment hand in hand with a guy with the biggest smile on his face ever.”

She knew she wasn’t going to win this argument but I could see a cheeky glint in her eye as the light in the lift showed the number five. I held out my hand to Anna but she ignored it instead reaching her hand once more inside my pants and grabbing hold of my cock pulling it out of my pants so it was on show. The doors of the lift opened and Anna made her way out into the hall of her apartment block perfect body on show to anyone who may be leaving for work early or like us getting in after a late night.

She dragged me behind her by my hard cock. Fortunately, we met no one along the way but I did give Anna a little fright by knocking on one of the apartment doors as we passed it, which led to us running and laughing around the last corner in the corridor that led to her apartment, Anna’s big beautiful tits bouncing with each stride.

While Anna fiddled with getting her key in the door I stood behind her wrapping my arms around her waist kissing her neck, nibbling on her ear. One hand started making its way up to her spectacular breasts the other finding its way under her skirt towards her wet pussy, stopping to play with her small tuft of red pubic hair along the way. She parted her legs as my hand made its way to her pussy, rubbing slowly back and forth her along her lips. Anna’s whole body shuddered with each stroke and she pushed her ass back into my hard cock to steady her body under her shaking legs. I felt her knees go weak and my hand grow wet with her juices as she exclaimed ‘fuck’ before going limp and resting her head against the door, her body shivering in pleasure with my every little touch, I reached up and turned the key in the lock opening the door for her and lead her inside.

When we walked inside Anna grabbed the pile of clothes out of my hands, throwing them off to the side, before pushing the door closed and pushing me up against it. Before I could say or do anything she was down on her knees in front of me pulling my pants and boxers down around my ankles and taking the large purple head of my cock, which was already soaked with pre-cum, deep down her throat. It was as if a new wave of lust had been released from Anna during her orgasm, she bobbed her head up and down on my erect cock taking in all seven inches with each bob of her head from the very tip of its big purple head to my stomach. I could feel the wave of cum building in my balls just waiting to be released. Not wanting to cum too soon, I tried to stop Anna or at least slow her down. I wanted to make this moment last and even more so, I wanted to fuck her.

Both fortunately and unfortunately for me Anna refused to stop, in fact me asking her to slow down only seemed to spur her on more. Taking my balls in one hand and squeezing them she grabbed the shaft of my cock in the other and started jacking it up and down fast, moving her mouth between licking my balls and the tip of my cock. There was no way I could hold out any longer I started to moan out loud reaching out to the wall for something to hold. Shouting to Anna that I was going to cum, she took the head of my cock back in her mouth just in time.

I had one of the most explosive orgasms of my life, wave after wave of cum came shooting from the head of my cock. I’m naturally a big cummer anyway but being single at the time and not having had a wank in over a week I had a bit of a backlog, one which I saw from the look in her eyes Anna wasn’t expecting. She swallowed down as much as she could before finally having to pull her mouth away the final string of cum just missing her face and landing on the hallway carpet beside her.

I sank to the floor, my head spinning from the orgasm I’d just had, her still coughing from the load of cum she’d just swallowed. She got up and ran to the kitchen to get a drink of water, after a minute I stood up too and followed her. I threw our pile of clothes down on the couch and started to close up my pants putting my shirt back on, Anna finished her water looked at me and said,

“What are you doing?”

“It’s cold I’m putting my shirt back on, why?”

Anna being the cheeky girl she is repeated back to me my own words,

“I’ve waited this long to get you naked, I’m not letting you get dressed again.”

With that Anna unzipped her skirt leaving it drop to the floor giving me my first full view of her naked body. She looked amazing, she had let her long red hair down so it flowed to her shoulders, her tits, which were a 34E cup by the way, I snuck a look at the tag on her bra when she went for water, stood firm with her nipples small and pink hard from the cold or maybe her arousal or both. She had that perfect hourglass figure which was enhanced by the low light in the room at the time, her hips swaying moving that big beautiful ass of hers as she crossed the room to where I stood, that small tuft of red pubic hair that led to her glistening pussy and all of this perched on two beautiful long legs which looked all the sexier by the fact she was still wearing her small black ankle boots.

I pulled my shirt off again and kicked off my boots as Anna approached grabbing me by the belt and pulling me in for a kiss. I fondled her breasts as our tongues met and she freed my already hardening cock to the world once more, kissing her way down my chest and body so she could remove my pants from around my ankles. As she made her way back up she stopped to suck my balls into her mouth again before standing and looking me in the eye. I wrapped my arms around her cupping her ass and lifting her off her feet wrapping her legs around my waist, I could feel the wetness off her pussy against my chest as she kissed me deeply, my cock starting to stand once again to attention resting between her spread ass cheeks.

“Which way to your bedroom?” I asked.

“Through that door right behind you.”

I kicked open the door to Anna’s room carrying her over to the bed and laying her down on top of the covers. We kissed and stroked each other the room heating up quickly due to its small size and the heat radiating from our naked bodies. I wanted to repay Anna for the amazing blowjob she had given me. I started kissing my way down her body stopping to pay particular attention to her two very hard very perky nipples, which I now knew was from arousal and not the cold.

I could hear her making soft little moans of pleasure as I nibbled on each nipple, my hands rubbing slowly up and down her legs brushing her inner thigh teasing her pussy but never touching. Kissing and licking my way down her body teasing kisses on her inner thighs her moving her hips and pussy closer to my lips begging me to be kissed glistening with fresh juices just waiting to be tasted, but they’d have to wait a little longer as I wanted to kiss every inch of her body, I made my way down her long soft legs till I reached her ankle boots.

“Take them off.” she said.

“No, I like how you look wearing them.”

“I can see that.” she said sitting up reaching out and grabbing hold of my erect cock.

I slapped her hand away.

“Not yet, it’s still my turn.”

I pushed Anna back on the bed and kissed my way back up her legs to her inner thighs, pausing over her pussy, this time when she moved her hips closer to my lips I didn’t move away. I kissed her pussy gently at first before sliding my tongue inside parting her lips with it. Her whole body shook she grasped the headboard with her hands and I felt her thighs start to close in around my head. I licked her pussy up and down with long slow broad strokes of my tongue ending with a quick flick of my tongue just over her clit. I continued this movement increasing the pace with each stroke her hips moving in time with my tongue till I finally focused the pressure fully on her clit. Anna started to moan louder and louder till I felt her legs clamp tightly around my head trapping it in against her pussy as I felt her juices flow freely down my chin, Anna started screaming something in Polish which I took to mean,

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

It was almost a full minute before she relaxed her thighs, releasing my head from where it was held. I gave her small gentle kisses the whole way back up her body ending with a soft kiss on her lips the taste of her pussy still fresh on my own lips. I didn’t have long to rest because just as she caught her breath Anna climbed on top of me straddling me, grinding her soaking wet pussy on my hard cock.

“Fuck, I want to fuck you so badly.”

“Do you have a condom?” Anna asked, “Because I don’t have any here.”

“Yeah there’s one in my wallet, in my pants.”

“Where are your pants?”

“In the other room.”

Anna jumped off me and ran to the other room returning a second later throwing me my wallet as she climbed back on top grinding her pussy on my cock a little faster in anticipation, leaning back holding on to the heels of her boots. I had to stop for a second and admire the view before returning to tearing my wallet open to find the condom I always kept hidden in the inner pocket.

I was a very firm believer in the rule of it’s better to have it and not use it then need it and not have it, that is of course except for tonight. While back at Tom’s house he had approached me when the two of us where alone in the kitchen getting more drinks and asked to borrow a condom having none of his own and knowing were things were going to end with Michelle. This was before anything had happened with me and Anna and me being the good friend slipped Tom my just in case condom.

“TOM YOU ASSHOLE!” I shouted

“What’s wrong?”

“I gave Tom my only condom earlier I don’t have any.”

Both mine and Anna’s faces dropped, it was too early for any shops to be open and even then the closest shop was a twenty minute walk away. We checked her housemates room but she had none also or if she did, she had them well hidden because we ransacked her room. Anna wasn’t on any birth control and we both agreed it wasn’t worth running the risk. We returned to Anna’s bed my cock still hard Anna still horny and made the best with what we could do besides fuck, which as we all know is still a lot.

Anna continued to grind her pussy on my cock her juices visibly dripping down my shaft, our hands grabbing and squeezing exploring every part of each other’s bodies. Anna started to suck my cock and lick my balls once more the sensation feeling even better this time than the first. I flipped her over onto the bed and straddled her chest; she pushed her big E cup tits together my cock sliding between them easily with the coating of saliva and pussy juice. Each time the head of my cock popped through she was ready to lick it. I could feel the urge to cum building up inside again and Anna could obviously see it also, pushing me off her, grabbing my cock in her hands and pumping it furiously. Taking my balls in her mouth one at the time, I couldn’t stop myself from cumming even if I wanted too, shooting another big load of cum all over my chest. Anna sucked the tip of my cock clean before licking the cum from my chest and ending as I had when I made her cum, by kissing me on the lips, letting me taste some of my own juices on her lips.

We fell asleep quickly after, our naked bodies wrapped around each other no blankets to cover us. When we woke up it was the afternoon and I had to go, I had to call into college with some projects before starting work at two. I showered at Anna’s her joining me near the end, we kissed and touched but didn’t want to get each other worked up knowing we couldn’t go any further. I helped her clean the apartment picking up the clothing that was thrown everywhere the night before, before kissing Anna goodbye at the door and telling her I’d see her later.

That is where my story with Anna comes to an end, for the rest of Christmas we worked different shifts me two till ten her ten till five or six in the morning. I went back home for Christmas and when I returned after Christmas Anna was on holidays for a month back in Poland. During that time I quit my job so I could focus more on college. I returned to work that summer but by that time I had a girlfriend. She was a friend of mine from college who I always used to go out with, but things had started to get serious between us just before college ended for the summer. Anna was seeing someone, a friend of her housemates. We never really brought up the Christmas party again but if ever we hugged at work or on a night out it tended to linger a bit. There was always that look Anna had in her eye when we parted, probably the same one I had in mine, thinking back to that night and enjoying the memories.

The end.