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maturefun2809 5 years ago

The secret

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I`m only able to tell this story now because after keeping it a secret for eight years I finally confessed to my husband about it and he`s ok with what happened.My husband Jon and I had been to my nephews 21st birthday party and there had been an after party in one of the Motel rooms.Everyone was drunk and people were falling asleep one by one including Jon who`d been lying on a couch,,Id`e fallen asleep too on the floor beside him.I must had been asleep for a while when I felt someone cuddling up behind me,,I was lying on my side facing Jon and I was a bit confused at first as to who it might be.I pretended to be asleep as this guy`s hand wandered slowly over my leg,then around and over my butt.I had no idea who it was,,it was dark in the room and I remember there being about four other guys there before Id`e fallen asleep.His hand went under my dress and he slipped it up a bit until it was over my hips.He gently caressed my inner thigh before pushing my leg forward,,I could tell he was undoing his trousers I should have put a stop to it but the excitement of forbidden fruit was too overpowering for me so I kept pretending to be asleep as he slid in closer to me and I could feel the knob of his cock searching for the entrance to my pussy.One of his hands spread my bum cheeks apart as he guided his cock to where he wanted it.I wanted to co operate and make it easy for him but I couldn't without blowing my cover of pretending to be asleep.Eventually I felt the heat of his big cock pushing into my pussy,,my heart was racing hard and once he was all the way in he rested for a few seconds then started a slow deep fuck that I was absolutely loving.I hoped so much that Jon wouldn't wake up and I relaxed as much as I could so I could let my anonymous lover have his way with me.Such a lovely long thick cock sliding in and out,,,he was holding my waist for control and then all too soon those familiar warm gushes of cum started shooting into me,,it was so naughty,,and so divine,,,my little secret until now,,,and whoever you are,,,,Id`e love a repeat.

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