Written by Anoy18


I had some spare time before my ride was picking me up. We hadnt seen each other for some time. She took the morning off work to picked me up from Palmerston North airport. We went to a park close by where softball is played but not on this day.

We parked at the car park. We turned and kissed, was good to taste and smell her once again. She was wearing a short dress, i drew it up to reveal her thin strip of hair between her legs...her bra was still on however this was removed before we left the car to go for a walk with our blanket.

The park was big, open and exposed not too many places to hide, a few trees at best maybe the mound behind the softball diamond. Unfortunately the park is also used by people walking their dogs. In this case one or two. As we walked i would feel the outline of her arse through her dress. I knew she would be wet as i was hard and my precum was flowing....

We found some trees enough to hide...ish. I took her against it lifting her dress to feel her skin pulling her top down to suck on her dark hard nipples. She too lifting my top the suck hard on my chest and nipples. Feeling her warm mound and her wettness. We lay the blanket down her watching over my shoulder me over hers. Lifting and opening her legs I could see her dark pussy lips running my finger through revealed her very wet pussy. A dog owner was walking around but that didn't stop me as I pushed her on to her back opening her legs I took her pussy with my tongue. Her moans started all most immediately. A few minutes of this I stopped to avoid her coming. The walker still some distance away. She undid me my cock hard and dripping with my precum. She took me in her mouth collecting my precum on her tongue and bring it to me to taste....yum. She sucked softly for a few minutes. We stopped and moved on as the walker came closer.

A friends house was next to the park, after checking no one was home we went in behind the garage. My pants were quickly dropped turning her bending her over my cock finally found its way inside her wet warm pussy. It wasn't long before I had to stop as I wasn't ready to cum yet. Fearing  neighbours could call police, we moved back to the park. Walking around more people had arrived.

Walking to the mounds behind the diamond we found two bushes partially  private. Again I bent her over and inserted my cock as I watched a walker from a distance. Pulling out and pushing her to the ground I took her with my tongue. Tasting our juices stopping short of her cuming. We moved on, back to the trees. A bigger one this time. I lifted her holding both her legs, pinning her against the tree my cock inserted where we fucked until we both came.

The walk back to the car was a wet one for her....