Written by Piyah_monty


These days I have lost my focus in life, at work, at home. It used to happen before too, but not to this extent. I am happily married since 7 years now but we have lost the spark. I am a very sensual girl who likes to get touched, felt and kissed by my lover. Of course, my husband has got no sex drive at all and cannot satisfy my urges. This reminds of my friend with benefits. I keep thinking about him all the time these days. I had best sex and love making with him ever. I want to share one of my best sex with him. We went to the Maraetai beach once, where we went in the water and played with each other. As it was not planned, all my clothes were wet and I needed to change. We came out of the water and to the car. He offered me some spare clothes that he always keeps in his car. My panties and my bra got wet too. I changed in his car and wore his pair of boxers and a loose t shirt. While I was changing there was this family who were there with their children. The children were busy playing in the play area with the mother and the father was around smoking his cigarette. He saw me changing and saw my nude body. It really turned me on. My nipples were hard and they were jetting out from the T-shirt that I was wearing. He offered me some Jim Beam. It was a perfect day and I was sipping on Jim Beam. I stepped out of he car and went for a walk on the beach. The wind was hitting me and was making my nipples more harder. The alcohol was having its effects on me. When I am drinking my senses get even more sharper. I always get even more aroused when drinking. My friend says that he likes it best when my eyes oozes sex when drunk. He saw me into my eyes and asked if I were okay. By this time, I was longing to be in his arms and make love to him. I asked him to take me somewhere where I can take a shower and dry my clothes so that my husband won't come to know when I return home. We both sat in the car and found a motel nearby. By this time I was so drunk and sloshed. We went into this room and I fell flat on the bed. He asked me again if I was okay. I said, "I am feeling dizzy." He at once lifted me up in his strong arms and took me into the bathroom. He placed me right under the shower and switched it on. The water was cold and it jetted out with lot of force on my head. I gasped some air and opened my eyes to find him standing under the shower holding me tight. We both looked into each other's eyes and he kissed me hard and deep. I reciprocated. He sucked on my upper lip and then lower lip, taking turns. We both kept at it for some time. His hands now reaching down to my ass. He grabbed my ass and kisses me even harder. I moan. Then he reaches down to my pussy. I was so wet and gasped some air and moaned harder. He strip me off naked. Then pulls me out of the shower and wraps my body in a towel and lifts me up and take me out to the bedroom and places me on the bed. His strength and masculine structure turns me on even more. He mumbles in his sexy husky voice, "Baby! I will be back in a minute, " while sliding his finger down my curls on my cheek. He takes a shower and comes out. He smells so clean. I lie there the same way he left me. He is in his towel too. He comes and lies down next to me. He rests himself on his elbow and turns over on my face. He says, "Baby open your eyes." I open my eyes and our eyes meet again and we kiss each other frantically, kissing, smooching, smelling, breathing, gasping. He strips my towel and I strip his towel while kissing each other frantically. I could feel his palms on my boobs and he gently squeezes them. I moan. He twitches my nipples between his fingers and now reaches out to my nipples and sucks them long and hard, rolling his tongue all over it. It made me mad with passion. He pushes me and lay me flat on the bed. He kisses me hard, sucks my nipples, lick my tummy and keeps going down, while I curl up on my back. My legs fold on its own and he spreads my legs wide open and I could now feel his tongue between my legs. I looked at him, he looked at me and he licked my clitoris for the very first time. He ate my juices and licked my pussy all clean. This was my first time ever. I cannot describe in words what it made me feel. But I was ecstatic. My whole body shivered and he kept licking and smooching my clitoris. I shivered, moaned, groaned and I had my first orgasm. Now he sat on his knees in between my legs and with one strong thrust I could feel his hardness inside my pussy. Wow! I was by now feeling tired but I wanted more. He entered me and slid his cock in and out gently. Gradually his thrusts were turning faster and harder. He fucked me like an animal. My moans were getting louder and I kept asking for more. We both reached our orgasm together and I could feel his cum all over inside my pussy. I felt warm and wet. We both lay like that for some time breathing heavily. We kissed each other harder again and he lay by my side. It was magical. We curled up in each other's arms for sometime and went off to sleep. In an hour we woke up and I cleaned myself in the toilet and wore my clothes which were dry in the dryer now. We both dressed up and left for home.

I know for a fact, that I can never have enough of him on bed. He is the man who makes me feel like a woman. And I long for him to make love to me again. And I think, this is why I cannot focus in other things in life these days. I am hungry for him. I am longing for him. And I am excited and nervous, as I am going to meet him again tomorrow after a very long time.