Written by tasty2


It was a really good mate of Mr Tasty getting married on a beautiful beach. He was really excited leading up to the big day, so I went to a lot of effort with a sexy new dress and heels. The ceremony was beautiful and emotional and Mr Tasty and I were feeling loving. The rest of the day wore on with a particularly moving and funny speech from Mr Tasty, I was so proud of him. Later after a lovely dinner and freely flowing alcohol the guests were just busting to get out on the dance floor. I am one of those women who wants to dance all night, and tonight was no different, the DJ was playing great music and I got more and more into the swing of it. I had a few dances with Mr Tasty, but mainly got into the middle of the floor with a bunch of strangers. I was feeling loose and horny by now, so there was a lot of bumping and grinding going on. A woman about 10 years younger than me caught my eye. She was wearing a short skirt and had gorgeous tanned legs, and I could see her firm, tanned breast peaking out from a very tight top. I couldn't remember seeing her at the ceremony or the dinner, it was like a new person had just arrived. At first I didn't read the signs, we were a couple of drunk women out on the dance floor and really getting into it, she was holding me quite close and thrusting her lovely tits into me, her hands were all over me and she was groping my arse, just the way a man would! Eventually I picked up the vibe that she wanted to do a bit more than dancing, we decided to get a drink, and lovely Mr Tasty appeared with three cold beers. He said he'd been admiring our dance moves. The stranger was not very chatty, but I thought this was maybe because she was a bit younger than us. Mr Tasty was putting his arm around me and giving me a special thrust of his own, I could feel his lovely stiff cock nudging my thigh. Meanwhile the stranger was holding my hand behind Mr Tasty's back, and stroking my fingers, sending a shot of electricity right up my arm, I was sneezing her hand in return, and next I knew she was gently kissing me, the softest gentlest kiss, and then her tongue was in my mouth. This was arousing me like anything, I let out a low moan, and Mr Tasty suggested we go down to the beach and look at the moonlight on the water. He was pretty excited, but also aware of some of the other guests looking our way. I felt a bit nervous, but quickly forgot my inhibitions when she kissed me again sitting on the beach, this time it was firmer and more insistent, I slid my hand up her short skirt to discover she was wearing no knickers, I slid my fingers into her smooth wet pussy and I felt like coming right then, she had no pubes and I could not wait to discover more. I looked around for mr Tasty who had disappeared, I kept kissing the stranger, all the while getting hotter and hornier, her pussy was as wet a smooth as mine, we were kissing and fingering eachother when Mr Tasty reappeared with a big blanket.

End of Part 1