Written by canhandlesword


It was time. Finally we were going to meet. We'd spoken online for some time. Interesting conversations, even more interesting topics. The content of our discussions escalating in every session.

I was excited. I liked her smile, her laughing eyes, her open-minded approach to life.

We agreed to meet for a drink, and chose a quiet bar where we had a few drinks. As always, I was nervous as hell to start with. She was too, after all, it was the first time we were meeting face to face. Nothing a few drinks wouldn't resolve. The evening did not disappoint, the conversation escalated over time, the topics becoming more and more risque.

I was in total lust. The alcohol having killed off the last of my butterflies, I was glued to her smile, dying to kiss those luscious lips. I wondered whether she had similar thoughts cross her mind. Being useless at picking up on signals, I decided to throw caution to the wind.

"Would you like to play a game?", I asked. "A naughty game." She gave a hearty laugh, her smile driving me insane, my cock struggling for air in my pants. "Have you ever done any "role play?" I asked. "No", she replied, "but when in the right mood, I become very playful. Tell me more." Her eyes were bright and shiny, a cheeky glint streaking through. Her smile dazzling and full of life.

"Lean forward.", I whispered. She leaned forward, a furrow on her forehead as she concentrated on hearing what I had to say. "You know I want to fuck you, but you're used to guys wanting you, so I thought we could have some 'real' fun instead."

With eyes still glistening, she pursed her lips, the furrow on her brow deepening. With her lips clenched, her strong jawline made me even more determined to plant kisses along on her mouth, and into her neck. I wanted her, and I was going to have her. I knew it.

Then she smiled, her eyes drawing close and a hint of a smile broaching her kissable lips. With tangible excitement, she excitedly whispered; "Yes?"

"Let's play a game.", I said again. "But, you have to understand that this is not just any game. There are rules. And there are consequences. Last the duration of the game, and there are rich rewards. Rewards, I think you'll appreciate. In fact, rewards I think you crave."

Excited, but confused, she stared at me. "You've got my attention, but please explain. What consequences are we talking about? And rewards, hahaha.", she laughed. Her laughter, and alluring smile, dissolving the pensive look on her face. I wanted her. I wanted to taste those lips and savour the look of joy on her face when we play the game, and when I fuck her.

"First of all, you have to choose a name. An alias that's used during the game.", I explained. "Secondly, remember the word 'Geronimo'. This word is your saving grace, your get out of jail card, your return to rationality and sense. The game stops when you say it."

"You're frightening me now. What's the game about? What's the consequences?", she asked, a determined glint in her eyes.

Leaning even closer, I whisper in her ear, "Tonight, I'm going to fuck you, and fuck you hard." Amid the hustle and bustle, the silence was deafening as I paused. "Tonight, I want you to be my dirty little slut."

She sat upright, her eyes and mouth bursting out in laughter. Before she can continue, my hand reaches out and gently cups the back of her neck, fingers entertwined in her beautiful hair, pulling her forward.

Staring into her eyes, whispering again, I ask "What do I call you?". Realising that I'm dead serious, she replies: "Call me Shadow." Her eyes are still of laughter, and she appears to be relishing the excitement of the unknown. I simply smile, knowingly.

"Well, Shadow", I say, "...let's get out of here."

To be continued...