Written by Anonymous


This is a 100% true story that happened on part of our 2018 summer holiday and is one of the many occassions we have stopped and had fun on our travels.

We decided to throw a tent and sleeping bags in the ute and headed south. We spent the first night in a camp ground full of tourists and my wife didn't even want to give me a blow job for fear of being heard.

The next day we were up, had breakfast and headed away checking out a few places on the way. At around mid-day we decided to stop for lunch and as I had been given a few hints about finding a quiet place I found a track that led off the main highway behind lake Ruataniwha just passed the Salmon farm.

We got out the food and had a bit to eat and my wife grabbed her camera and started taking a few pictures. When she returned I made her a cup of coffee and as we sat there a vehicle towing a boat drove down the track we had also used to find our quiet spot.

While she sat there on her camp chair I stood up and took off my shorts to reveal a semi hard cock. Without even looking up she got off the chair on to her knees and put my cock in her mouth and started giving me one of her great blow jobs. Within seconds my cock was rock hard and I could feel her giving the head of my cock the attention she loved to give it.

After a very enjoyable 10 minutes of having my cock sucked I pulled her up and released her tits from her top, got on my knees and sucked her nipples until they were also hard. I then stood up and pulled her shorts and panties down and bent her over the tail gate of the ute. I grabbed my cock and positioned it at the entrance to her pussy and thrust it in to her wet pussy with a quiet yelp.

I fucked her from behind with cars driving past only 100m away, non the wiser to what was happening so close from behind the trees. After some time fucking her from behind and listening to her quiet moans I pulled her up and lay her in the grass under the trees. I lifted her legs up and saw her wet shaved pussy ready for me to lick, I bent down and started licking her hot, sweet smooth pussy and again she moaned as I ate her.

After some more moaning I sat up, lifted her legs up exposing her wet, smooth pussy to my hard cock which I rubbed up and down her swollen lips. I then pushed it in to her pussy again and fucked her there under the trees watching her lovely tits bouncing up and down, stopping occasionally to suck her nipples again. All the time knowing that there were people just down the track from us and that they could appear anytime. Secretly I was hoping we were being watched and we may well have been but will never know.

As I felt my cock was getting close to blowing I asked where she wanted me to cum and she replied not inside her. This was exactly what I wanted to hear as I love seeing my cock give her my cum. I pounded away for another minute and told her I was cumming.

I stood up as she sat up and stroked my cock as I came in her mouth, as we moved I shot some cum up the side of her face and she held her mouth open while I gave her the rest. She looked up and licked her lips and then cleaned the remaining cum from my cock with her tongue as I held it for her. I squeezed every last bit out for her as she put it in her mouth so as not to waste a drop, she loves cum.

We both stood up, I again gave her tits some attention as they were still exposed and we kissed. I could taste the salty cum in her mouth and told her how much I love hearing her moan while I fuck her. She replied how she loved hearing me maon when she sucks my cock and runs her tongue around the head.

We slowly got dressed and packed up and carried on our way to Wanaka where we fucked again the following morning but thats another story