Written by zorba


Laura and I had what could only be described as a life changing experience in Fiji, something that was never to be repeated according to Laura so there were no preconceived expectations going forward from me regarding what the future may hold for us in our relationship sexually.In many respects this is the best way to approach life otherwise you can set yourself up for a fall if life goes according to how you plan it should be.

On return to our domestic bliss life appeared on the surface to be completely back to normal, our sex life returned to normal suffice to say in the back of my mind there was the visions of what i had watched and experienced through Laura’s Fijian experience and a nagging wonder of what her thoughts were now as a result of her new found experience.

Less than 6 weeks later approximately 5 weeks ago answers to my thoughts were given, quite staggeringly out of the blue i might add !!

We were going to have a meal out and maybe catch a late movie on a Saturday night, all pretty ordinary stuff that we never gave to much attention to.Our daughter was staying over at a friends place for the weekend, at our stage of life we enjoy have our home to ourselves.I booked a restaurant for 6.30 thinking a couple of hours there then catch a flick afterwards.i work on Saturdays so told Laura of the booking time and the restaurant, a semi formal attire type location. I arrived home at normal time around 5.30pm , Laura was in the bathroom getting ready to go out.When she finally emerged she was dressed in a smart new outfit that she had bought prior to Fiji but had not worn before, she looked great and complimented her skirt with black knee high boots, these always do it for me.

I took a shower tidied up and we headed out.We arrived at the restaurant and were advised that our table was not yet ready and were shown to a side bar where we grabbed a seat nearby another couple waiting to be seated as well.We sat down exchanging pleasantries with this couple who were tourists grabbing a meal then heading to meet some others later in the evening.A staff member came back some 15 minutes later stating that one table was free, ours, and the other table was a further 10 minutes, this was met with grimaces and Laura unexpectedly asked if they wanted to join us and we would just spilt the tab.We all took our seast and settled into a lovely dinner sharing a few laughs with this nice couple who were of a similar demographic to ourselves.As the dinner was drawing to an end we explained that we were going to catch a flick and they asked if we wanted to join them and there friends for a drink in town, we agreed and since they had no car we all bundled into our, me as designated driver..again.

We headed off an our new found friends contacted the folks they were meeting and we got directions on where to meet, upon arrival we were greeted by about 10 people 3 couples 3 guys and a lady all over here on holiday.Everyone seemed to get on well and we struck an accord with one chap who was in his late 50’s recently widowed and now recently retired looking to live life to the max, his wife had been taken by cancer.He was well spoken and i could tell he was attracted to Laura centring his attention around her, i was was otherwise engaged with one of the other couples enjoyed stories of there travels'

After a couple of hours our original acquaintances mentioned they were going to head home as they had a big day the next day and like wise i was ready to leave, Laura agreed and i was thinking of what treats might be in store for me once we got home.Alan the chap that had chewed Laura's ear all night said he was buggered and asked if we could drop him back to his hotel as well, sure no worries.I bundled us all into our car two ladies in the back with Alan, we dropped our new found friends first to there hotel wishing them all the best.Alan and Laura remained in the back and we headed off, we soon arrived at the hotel and Alan asked if we would like a night cap before we headed home, i said no thanks and then Laura piped up remarking not to be such a spoil sport and to be more hospitable to visitors of our country so we said just one drink.

We joined Alan in his room and he poured a couple of drinks, Laura flicked the TV on and immediately a pono flick came on, Alan was really embarrassed and apologised, but we just laughed and started to make lite of the porn stars with the huge cocks and over sized tits, Alan wanted to turn it off but Laura protested stating it was a hoot.

We sat chatting and laughing for a good ten minutes then Laura quite out of the blue asked Alan if he thought she was sexy, the poor bugger went a bright shade of red and very diplomatically responded by stating that i was a very lucky man having such an attractive wife.Now i never saw it happen happen but Laura squealed and jumped out of her chair as she had knocked her drink glass over her skirt, deliberate or not i wasn’t sure, Alan responded by quickly retrieving a hand towel from the bathroom and handing to Laura and she quickly went into the bathroom, whilst gone Alan asked if he she pour her another drink i said to hold on to see what see wanted to do. Well Laura returns some minutes later with a bloody great wet patch in the front of her dress complaining that she can’t go outside looking as she did and asked Alan if he minded if she put her skirt in front of the heater, no complaints from him and she asked me to unzip her, my mind had now clicked into overdrive, Alan asked if she wanted another drink and she said yes.She left the room and came back a couple of minutes later with her skirt and panties in hand remarking that they were wet as well, she had a towel wrapped around her waist.She was apologizing for the accident but Alan was not worrying at all.We sat down again and the porno was still going hard at it then Laura stood up to change the skirt position in front of the heater and the towel slipped from her waist revealing a bare arse only clad in suspenders holding her stockings wearing her fuck me boots, well i could see the scene was set, i said nothing.Laura coolly asked Alan if he thought she now looked sexy, and he remarked incredible.She walked over to wear he was sitting and sat on his lap looking at me she asked if i minded her sitting on Alan's knee, hey no problems.Alan was no slug and i knew he could sense where this was heading.Laura then asked if he would like to see her boobs, hell yes he said.She stood up facing him and took off her blouse then unhooked her bra.So what do you think, Alan asked if he could feel them and she said sure, he raised his hands and squeezed them remarking how firm they were, with that Laura stepped astride his legs and sat down clearly exposing her open cunt to him, then she asked if he would like to feel how hot she was, he didn’t need to be asked twice and he slipped his fingers into her pussy remarking immediately how hot and wet she was.Then Laura turned to me and asked if i minded if Alan could fuck her, well there was no way i was stopping now so i said sure honey.Laura then stood up pulling Alan over to the bed she sat on the edge and unbuckled his pants then pulled his pants and boxers down in one motion revealing a very thick 8 “cock.Laura then began to suck Alan’s cocks as he started moaning his pleasure.Laura then told me to undress, i was stripped in seconds and she beckoned me over.Laura then asked Alan if he wanted to fuck her, of course he did and she asked if he minded if i guided his cock into her wanting pussy.Now i have never touched another mans cock but the thought of this had my cock standing harder than any rock could be, Alan said to go for it so Laura lay on the bed and spread her legs and Alan moved his cock towards the entrance of her pussy then she told me to grab his shaft and push it in,so i did so and it was incredible to be this close as another man speared my wife, once fully in Alan held firm for a few moments then dragged his cock slowly out then hard in again gradually picking up the pace, Laura started remarking how great his cock felt and i just stood there consumed by the moment. It wasn’t long before Alan remarked that he was getting close to coming did she want him to pull out, no fill me up with your come she replied and as he picked up his pace she command me to grab his balls, i did so and this triggered with Alan letting out a moan of orgasm, his arse had clenched and i could feel his balls tighten so i squeezed as i knew he was unloading his seed into my Laura’s hungry pussy.He grunted every last drop and lay motionless on top of Laura as his cock was deflating then he pulled out allowing come to dribble from her well worked pussy.Laura could see my raging hard on and commanded me to come fuck her, i was in her well stretched pussy in seconds and started pumping for all my worth then i felt a hand grab my balls thus sending me to a point of no return and as i unloaded into my beautiful wife Alan squeezed my balls helping empty the last of my seed into Laura.

After a few minutes i too rolled off and Laura lay there motionless, cum had dripped from her pussy over her arse hole onto the bed spread.

Alan had removed Laura's skirt from in front of the heater and he remarked about the scene taking place on the porno, a young lady was being DP'ed by two huge black cocks, Laura remarked that it sounded like she was having a great time.It was 1.00am and Alan said he had to be up at 4.30 for the tour bus, we asked if he would like us to leave so he could get some rest, not really he replied he could sleep on the bus,we had nothing to race home too.

Laura asked if she could take a quick shower and Alan sort of sat in silence for a few moments till he remarked that he hadn't had sex in over 2 years and asked if we had done this before, i replied no, not entirely the truth but what the heart doesn't know about.

Laura returned 10 minutes later and immediately jumped under the covers asking if anyone wanted to join her, Alan and i raced to her.We all sat up watching the porno again, i slide my hand in the direction of Laura's pussy only to find that Alan had embedded a couple of fingers in her love hole already.Alan was clearly hitting the spot because Laura's legs began to spread as her pussy craved more attention,so i decided to work my magic on her erect nipples with my mouth, soon Laura was rolling onto Alan he quickly inserted his penis into her again for round two.Laura was now riding Alan with Gusto and she wanted my cock in her mouth so i quickly took the moment.Alan was going great guns now since he had got his first runs on the board and Laura pulled his pace to a stop saying she wanted to ride my cock now so we swapped places and i sunk my cock into her now stretched hot pussy, an amazing feeling, i too was going great guns since i had already dumped a load.Laura then asked Alan to put his cock in her pussy as well so he maneuvered in behind me, my cock was half in as i felt his cock pushing hard to gain entry, my cock is not as fat as Alan's so i suggested he stick his cock in first then guide mine in.This worked better, my cock was wet and slippery having just been pulled out and he was able to help me sink fully with his cock into my now squealing wife's pussy.We started to piston her pussy while Laura was moaning like a bitch in heat she started saying she was about to come so we both try ed picking our rhythmic pace then almost simultaneously we started squirting our jism into Laura..she loved it !!

We lay spent for quite awhile then agreed to call it a night, as Laura jumped out of bed to get dressed, Alan asked if he could keep her panties as a reminder......what a night.