Written by Andus


I am no stranger to erotic encounters and find that the first time you meet someone is often the most passionate, sexually charged experience you can get. The sex often gets better with regular meets but you just can't replicate the rush of the first time with someone.

Z was a lady in her 30's, recently separated and we had been chatting on a site and exchanging pics for a few months.

We decided to meet one day at St Clair Beach in Dunedin, and if there was a spark then we would take things further. I arrived early and after a series of text messages, Z pulled up next to me in her car. I got out of mine and sat in the passenger seat of hers. She looked gorgeous, big dark syes, a tight fitting dress showing her ample cleavage and legs off to full effect. There was no doubt a spark there and after very little small talk we decided there and then to book a motel.

30 minutes later we were in a motel room alone. We had swapped messages about how we both loved long foreplay with lots of sucking licking and kissing. I am ashamed to say that we were both all talk on this day re foreplay as it was so sexually charged charged that we simply undressed each other whilst kissing. She unraveled my hard cock as I released those gorgeous and very large breasts and then her dress slid onto the floor revealing a body that I very much wanted to be inside.

Z fell backwards onto the bed holding my cock and pulling me forward as she did so and I was on top of her. I slid downwards and licked her sweet juices from in between her legs and she asked that we leave the foreplay for later as she wanted me in her. How horny was that request.. I slid back up and as I did so my hard cock slipped into her but I am afraid I was a bit of a tease and only put my head inside her and then pulled out, repeating this several times until she called me a tease and said enough now, all of you in me please.

Z and I then lost each other in a menagerie of lust. I honestly can not say how long we had sex for that first penetrative encounter, Z was very vocal and started to shake and said she was coming and that tipped me over the edge and so did I, as my balls tightened and I released several spurts of cum into Z as her legs which were wrapped around me held me tight against her and her nails dug into my back.

The post coital look in her eyes was wonderous. A short time later Z produced some KY and said she wanted to try anal. In previous messages between us, she had said she had not tried anal but had wanted to experiment as she liked the idea.

With Z on all fours in front of me I applied a little lubrication to my hard cock and to Z's lovely puckered bum hole after a short rimming session. I eased into her bottom with a finger or two before finally entering her with the head of my Cock. She said it was good and push it all in. It went in with surprising ease for her claim of an anal novice. After a minute or so for her to get used to the cock inside he tight ass she then asked that I start to fuck her. It did not take long before she cried harder and I started to thrust for all I was worth as Z rubbed her clit to orgasm when again I unloaded my seed into her.

The way that Z took to anal I can only assume that she was being coy with me and did not want to admit that she had done it before, as I am certain she had.

I later spent a good while licking and fingering her to orgasm and after that she said your turn now. She asked me to get on all fours as she went behind me and licked and wanked my cock. She took my balls into her mouth and licked my perenium and then my ass. She asked me to turn over so I lay on my back as she climbed in between my lags and stated to suck me off. As she was sucking me her other hand was playing with her pussy. She then used the juices from her pussy to lubricate my ass and as she sucked and wanked me she slipped a finger into my arse and started to finger fuck me vigorously. With one hand wanking my cock and the other hand with one finger in my arse she looked at me and said she wanted me to come in her mouth... what was I to do... I could not hold on as she took me in her mouth, still finger fucking me, I shot a surprising amount of cum into her mouth as she continued to suck and at one point as had to ask her to stop as the tip of my cock became so very very sensitive because of the joy she had brought to me.

Z and I met up a few times after that and we still keep in contact although she has a steady partner now and does not delve into the dark said any more ;)