The First massage

It was an innocuous little ad.

Didn’t say much “In Auckland she wants massage he will watch”

I was browsing a site as my holidays had started and later that night I was to fly out for my overseas flight to the States for my 10-day vacation.

I love giving massages, and this simple little ad piqued my interest. I private messaged them not really expecting a reply when ping the email showed a reply. We sort of chatted and I determined they were real as they did me so a time was set for that afternoon.

As I drove to the hotel I wondered about the impetuousness of it all but then thought - it’s my holiday - I’ll massage if I want to. (Hummed to the tune it’s my party)

I entered the hotel texted the number and waited in the foyer not really knowing what to expect. I saw him get out of the lift and instinctively knew he was the person I was to meet. We exchanged pleasantries and then he said come on up. I must have passed the first test. We went up to the room and on entering my senses were assailed by the pleasant odour of someone having recently had a shower.

He introduced us. I could see she was looking at me as if gauging what I would be able to do. To break the ice, we chatted for another ten minutes just getting the awkwardness out of the way and then I suggested we start the massage.

Now it was my turn as she took off the robe and lay down on the bed. She was not shy or reticent and was comfortable being fully naked in front of me. Seeing this I then took of my own clothes (I like to massage naked) and she looked at me seemingly happy with what she saw.

I was looking at a woman who had curves in the right places slightly large breasts, a body that was Rubenesque, and was shaved, showing a set of pussy lips that were slightly opened as if to say come explore.

What she saw was a body with an all over tan, a little paunch, firm hands and an area of interest that was trimmed, and while not huge could, if required, bring some satisfaction.

I looked at him and he just nodded.

I asked her to lay on her front, then started long slow firm but not heavy strokes from her shoulders to her lower back. I then took her arms and hands massaging each finger in turn feeling the tension flow out of her body. Moving down her body I massaged all over applying my massage oils/perfume which were to help her relax. Finishing at her feet I asked her to turn over so I could massage her front. I asked if she was comfortable she only murmured yes. I then checked the boundaries Ok to massage your head, breasts, to which they both replied yes.

I massaged her head then arms again and fingers. It’s amazing how these areas are often overlooked. Moving down her body I massaged her breasts never touching the nipple but working the area under and around the breast, I must admit I was naughty and ran my tongue underneath her breast which drew a small gasp of pleasure from her. I took her breast individually into both my hands and rolled them, kneading them, but studiously ignoring the nipples which were starting to grow and trying to get my attention.

I moved down her body deeply massaging the abdomen not hard as again a lot of people avoid this area, she purred again in contentment. Heading south I massaged and creamed around her nicely presented area of interest sliding my hand down either side of her inner thighs, Massaging and applying subtle pressure with my thumbs to the outer labia. She started to move involuntarily, so I abruptly moved down to her feet. I massaged her feet removing any crystals playing a lot of attention to her toes and soles. Then placing her soles on my nipples thereby opening her legs a little I ran my hands down her legs to her inner thighs and back up the back of her legs. The feel of my body applying pressure to her feet and thus opening her legs each time I leaned down to rub her was erotic for both of us. She started to make more noise. Not sure of my limits I looked at him and he again nodded.

I kept doing this and then placed her legs each side of my hips exposing her centre of excellence even more. I now started to gently but firmly massage the outer labia, which has thousands of nerve endings. I still studiously avoided any sort of sexuality but could tell by her slight quivering that she was building.

She looked at me and I just knew by the look in her eyes that she wanted more. Glancing at him he was now watching a little more intently and nodded to me to continue.

Parting her glistening lips, I tapped her growing bud with my thumb all the while slipping two fingers gently inside and stroked with a cadence that matched my thumb. This excited her even more as she started to become quite vocal. I looked at him and he just nodded to keep going.

As I continued my actions I could feel her muscles gripping my fingers tightly contracting pulsing as if trying and wanting them to explore further inside I was now also positioned where I could lean over and suck on a nipple. For her the stars exploded and she convulsed shamelessly as her first release invaded her body.

Still gently rubbing her body and now playing with her nipples I let her relax and come back down. Looking at him I could see he was aroused but then he nodded for me to continue. I asked her if she wanted more and her reply left no doubt.

I moved from between her legs and slid down the bed so I could now enjoy her musky odour and taste her. It was a lovely taste. Like a honey pot, sweet and succulent. I ran my tongue down her folds slowly separating and enjoying the sensations, while she squirmed. I went around and around but not touching the erect bud that I could see was wanting to be licked. I ran my fingers up and down between her buttocks flicking her briefly each time I passed over her tightly puckered entrance on the way to teasing the entrance of her pussy.

This time I placed my thumb inside her, while I flicked her clit at the end of each long slow lick of my tongue from her pussy to her clit. I also pressed one of my fingers against her rosebud until I felt it open slightly. Now I had my thumb inside her pussy and a finger inside her rosebud.

Massaging the membrane between them while sliding my tongue in broad flat strokes up and down her pussy again pushed her over the edge and she once again shamelessly enjoyed another total release.

This time she was exhausted and asked for a rest.

Of course, I stopped and looked at him and he nodded. Do you want a massage I asked but he declined.

I went and had a shower and then dressed. We chatted briefly and she asked what did I get out of it. The pleasure of her cumming I said and if you the recipient know there is nothing expected in return you can enjoy it more.

We have met again in Auckland Wellington and Christchurch. But they are more stories. I am bi and would love to massage him but that’s another story. It is getting closer!