Written by Ms Blonde


Sometimes in life you don’t have the answers to some of the decisions you make & the consequent lessons you will or may learn from them, that is the beauty of the unknown - well my desire after many awesome years in a happy marriage is one of them.... it’s not right, there’s no exact reason, it’s not black & white.... it’s ride or die, now or never, do or do not - follow the fantasy, enjoy the ride..... I met him - he’s slightly shy like me but I can tell he is more self assured through life experience like myself, similiar to my husband, yes a nice guy and yes instantly I knew I would fuck this guy and fuck we did..... The atmosphere was electric that “lets fuck, here & now” desire reminiscent of that “first meeting someone” excitement. We kiss, I am watching his eyes... watching to see if his desire meets mine... yes it does... I just want to touch his body & put my hands all over his body, everywhere unfamiliar, his ears, his neck, down his back over his nicely rounded arse, up his chest and down his arms to grip his rough working hands, fingers entwined he moves forward over me.... his penis is hard, neatly formed - that too I touch, he is watching me closely - I can see he likes it - I massage his balls & touch all around everywhere, massaging touching everywhere I wish.... I instinctively start sucking it as he watches.... I can tell he is amazed & fully wound up... still touching with my hands. That is enough he groans... I am fully wet, dripping & beyond ready to be fucked.... & fuck me he does, he knows, I know - we both know - this is good. Fuck we do all night long in the bed he & his wife share, all night long we wind each other up - over & over - a little rest, a little chat - then we fuck again - seven or so times but who was counting? ..... my long blonde hair is everywhere, in the way as we kiss, I like his nose so I touch it to my nose, grab his face as we kiss ... it is good, each time I cum, loudly screamingly loudly - how can I help it? It is unbearingly good & different to my usual & normal..... together we are sweaty, two naked bodies that fit well together, just fucking because we can - who said we should always live by rules? .... his penis is perfect the magic size that hits my g-spot perfectly, yes he knows how to use it - he holds & pushes it forward with skill hitting the spot... I feel like I am driven screamingly wild & I just cum & cum, over & over & so does he, I like to grip his muscled arms each time as I cum - all the while I am watching him, he is looking deep into my eyes, watching me together we are captivated in the moment..... lastly I have the desire to taste his cum, to make him cum in my mouth - to watch him as I do, as I wish with my hands and my mouth, he does and I lean forward and grabbing his face we kiss, passionately and I make him taste his cum & I transfer his cum from my mouth & together we share ..... the night ends with no sleep... home I drive back to my normal life, not caring, “The Encounter” blocked out - knowing & hoping of course we will & should fuck again.... over & over..... but you never know that is the beauty of the unknown.