Written by Fifi and Andre


We both felt we needed to share this story with the good folk at KS as it was our first time together after meeting through KS.

We had met for lunch the day previous and knew that we both enormously attracted to each other and had to consummate that much sooner than later! We arranged to meet the next day at a small boutique hotel, called The Deveraux, that was found through an internet search, quite close to where we both lived. This proved to be a great hotel tucked in the main street of Remuera rooms were lavish and style filled and we soon choose the Orient room for our first time alone.

The door closed behind us and the moment seemed natural we sat in the sun filled conservatory attached to the room and enjoyed some coffee as we became familiar with each other again.

It wasn’t long until we both looked longingly at the large master bed,

Just as I disappeared into the bathroom a knock at the door and a lovely Chinese man arrived intent on making sure our TV was working. We politely let him fuss about until we couldn’t stand it any longer said we wouldn’t be using the TV and just to leave it. Before long A was nuzzling his way from my lips to my nipples as they strained in the French lace bra I had worn. His lips were soft and urgent my arousal was compete yet he allowed me no surrender he soon undressed me and completed his journey across my body layering small kisses onto my belly and to the top of my thighs before expertly entering my freshly shaven vjj for some amazing and masterly tongue action.

This boy had travelled I thought to myself no kiwi men really have the level of skill I was enjoying here.

Soon it was my turn and I flipped him on his back and took some time admiring his now rather erect penis that was glistening with precum in the light.

It didn’t take me long to suckle on the end of the tip and start the long introduction process of getting to know my new lovers most intimate parts.

His body was smooth and lithe and his shoulders broad from exercise the package was delicious. I was totally turned on and wet as the proverbial shag.

Back to A

I was so totally consumed by the appearance and taste of my new lover, my cock was straining to be released as I worked my tongue deep into her exquisite shaven mound. She deftly took my cock in her mouth and gave it a tongue bath like no other had done before. As I lavished her pussy, my cock was treated to an amazing bj

Before long we both knew it was time for us to stop our oral ministrations and proceed to making love. C's body was my ideal sort of woman, beautiful bountiful breasts, delightfully smooth and moisturized skin and a pussy so wet it was almost dripping in anticipation of my first entry. We managed to disentangle ourselves from our current position and I positioned myself above C and I looked into her eyes and could see that we both we desperate to go to the next level. As my rampant cock bobbed and swayed in the air above her mound, I lowered myself to her and with no hesitation my cock entered her sweet wet pussy and it felt like heaven, a moment I will never forget as the sensation of entering C was a complete nirvana.

My breath was already catching as I begged A to make love to me and from there it has been a relationship born in heaven. After almost 30 minutes of his cock filling me to capacity I could take it no more and started to pant and beg for release. I arched as the mighty orgasm I felt within me rose to the surface and consumed me. Washing across my body and centring its epicentre on the tip of his cock now wedged tight against the entrance of my cervix. Not known for my quiet enjoyment my wails I am sure could be heard from the shoppers of the fashionable Remuera. A surged with me riding the same wave and we slid down its face and raced towards the shore on its creaming frothing head.

We beached ourselves together lying then in an entangled mass of sweat and cum panting in pleasure... The PCC was invented and the Post Coital cuddle began until again my new lover danced his fingers across my body and the new music began

Back to A

It was not long until I was rampantly hard again, so alluring and so damn bloody sexy my new lover was, my cock was ready to sample the delights of her beautiful body. In our initial meeting we had discussed sex toys and had in fact brought our respective favourites to the hotel. I had a little vibrating cock ring with his and hers vibes which I placed on my engorged penis and without hesitation C got on to her knees and presented the most wonderful arse I had ever beheld and I could see her quim moist and puffy below her starfish wantonly waiting for me to mount her.

I drank in this delectable sight and moving between her thighs placed my tumescent glans against her delightful outer folds. No sooner had I positioned myself that C thrust back on me and I deeply penetrated her until I could feel my cock head pushing against her cervix. We stopped in this position for a heartbeat as both of us were caught in a moment of pure pleasure and joy. I then started to gently hump her, gripping her hips and stroking her back as my cock reamed her inner pussy. The intensity of the thrusting increased as both C and I became more excited and needing of the release of yet another orgasm. As I thrust forward her pussy slammed back at me making for a delicious noise of flesh slapping flesh and the squelch of a well lubricated fanny being filled by a precum saturated nob. After what seemed to be a short time but was in fact much longer I could feel C’s orgasm building in her as her pussy clamped tighter on my cock and I grew to full size in anticipation of delivering of large wad of cum deep inside her.

Back to C

Now dripping with the moisture of our lovemaking my pussy began to gush and a warm trickle passed down my leg onto the sheets the feeling of the thrusting changed as A realised I was gushing on his cock and within seconds his load filled me as the warm flow continued to flood his cock. This time I screamed again biting the pillow as the fresh gush joined another orgasm that left me weak in the knees and I soon collapsed on the wet sheets.

I turned and he was smiling from ear to ear as I disengaged myself from his cock wet dripping thighs before him and a pussy full of cum Delicious.

Although we had checked in at 10.30 the day went quickly and we spent all of it in each other’s arms and bodies. A place we still remain thanks to KS. Profiles soon deleted on KS but we decided to visit and share our stories if not our bodies.