Written by Bella


As told to me recently.

It was 5.20pm and Michael was waiting outside a women's clothing store on Lambton Quay as he'd been instructed to. He was looking forward to the movies and dinner tonight. He'd seen Jo casually over the past few weeks, nothing serious yet but showed promise. He watched Jo approaching him and felt his cock react ever so slightly. A quick hello kiss on the cheek and she said she wanted to pop into the shop before it closed.

He followed her in watching her browse the racks. Jo went into the changing rooms which left just Michael and the shop manager in the main part of the shop. At 5.30pm the shop manager (Amanda according to her name tag) closed and locked the doors and asked Michael if he could check whether Jo needed any help with sizes.

Michael went into the changing rooms, Jo had left the cubicle door open and was wearing only a matching bra and panties. Michael's cock stirred as he looked at her from behind and then in the mirror. He walked up behind her and ran his hands down her neck and shoulders, he undid her bra strap and kissed her neck all while watching her in the mirror. He wanted to feel those tits and nipples. Jo felt his cock getting harder against her arse as he closed the gap between them. She wiggled against it as Michael massaged her tits. She moved her hands so she could undo his trousers and pushed down his boxers. His cock sprang out and as she went to hold it Michael pushed her hands away "I want to watch you in the mirror playing with your tits and nipples". His hands went down to her inner thighs and came up to her pussy, he slipped a finger between the panties and her pussy "It's wet" he whispered in her ear. He grasped each side of her panties and slowly pulled them down to the floor. "Put both hands on the mirror and bend forward" Michael whispered. Jo did what she was told and could feel Michael's hard cock rubbing between her butt cheeks and inching slowly towards her pussy lips. She could feel his cock using her wetness to slide along her pussy lips and then gently probe her pussy. She was aware of his hand massaging her clit. This was their first sexual experience together and it felt fucking awesome. His cock slipped in and out of her pussy and soon she could hear the sounds of his balls slapping against her. Jo could feel herself starting to orgasm, Michael stopped and pulled out. "What the fuck?" thought Jo. "I want to be able to see us both" said Michael and led Jo to the open changing room area with three mirrors and a chair. Michael sat down on the chair facing a mirror and eased Jo onto his hard cock facing the same mirror. His hands were massaging her tits and he was licking and kissing her back. Jo looked in the mirror and saw his cock go in and out of her pussy. Watching this turned her on even more, she moved her hand to stroke her clit and she came. He turned her around to face him, kissed her deeply and took pleasure with each tit in his mouth. Her hand was firmly on his cock stroking it up and down and around its head. She wanted it in her mouth but he said "no, not this time". Jo leaned back slightly and rubbed the head over her wet pussy and clit. Michael came, her pubic hair and lower belly were covered.

They stayed together for a few seconds deciding how to deal with the cum. A small fake cough and the store manager, Amanda, appeared with a box of tissues. Jo spoke first "Hi Mandy, this is Michael the one I was telling you about". Michael caught on fast "so you had this planned Jo?" "Well I was hoping something would happen and Mandy said she would help out". Michael wasn't sure whether to laugh or be embarrassed, but it does make a good story which he retold to me,