Written by Anonymous


Not every meeting is about mind-blowing penetrative sex, and in public that can be a bit tricky. In this case that was never on the cards, this was our third date and I had never been inside her, not like that anyway. I believe she was a little embarrassed about her body, we'd only ever met in the dark in her car before, but that was her prerogative . Besides, if you've ever felt a woman orgasm with your cock in her mouth you'll know there was really no need. ..

But she had a little voyeuristic/exhibitionist streak that we'd been toying around with and today we were going to take a step further.

She was already waiting in her car when I arrived.

I parked my van next to her and got out, already a little turned on as I remembered a similar meeting a few weeks ago. It had been a little awkward trying to achieve what we had planned that time and I had ended up having to get into the car with her, whispering all the fantasies we had already discussed as she sucked hungrily on my cock. She had claimed before to be able to orgasm with touching but I hadn't really believed her till that night.

This time was going to different though. She looked up at me as I approached her door. I smiled.

"Ready then?" I asked. She looked nervous but nodded and opened the door, stepping out into the dim light of the underground carpark.

I took her in my arms then and we kissed. She loved kissing, a great deal of our play before had revolved around kissing and I'd never known a woman to get so excited about lip action. I mean, I like to think I'm a good kisser but she would actually melt, it was astonishingly erotic to feel that sort of power over a woman and I was more than happy to oblige. This time was no exception, I felt her sag in my arms as we embraced and my lips found hers, our tongues twining together immediately and we stayed like that for a long while before I broke off.

"Come on then," I whispered, "are you ready?"

She nodded shyly, and I took her hand and led around the car to the front of my van.

As we'd arranged she had parked one space out from the dark corner I'd scouted earlier. There were no cameras, it was mid-afternoon on a weekday and there were few people around, but I paused to adjust a wing-mirror. I could see it wasn't going to help us see more than we already could but it reassured her so I left it as it was.

I pressed her up against the front of the van and we kissed again, long and hard, our hands exploring more now, freely roaming over each other. Her hand slipped down to squeeze my bulging crotch through my jeans and she mumbled and smiled.

"Mmmm....show me."

I stepped back to do as she asked, leaning against the concrete wall at my back and caressing myself where her hand had been moments before.

"Lift your shirt." I instructed her and she pulled her tee shirt up, exposing her large, full breasts. She had no bra on and there was no need to hold the shirt up, it bunched up tight above them and stayed there. She grinned and cupped them in her hands, fingers lightly touching her nipples .

"Your turn'

I opened the buttons on my fly and slipped my hand into my loose boxers, hefting my cock and balls over the waistband with considerable relief. It lay hard across my palm as I presented it to her.

"This what you want to see", I asked, looking into her eyes as she gazed down at me.

'Yes,' she nodded, licking her lips. I took myself in my hand and stroked gently as she watched.

She continued to rub her breasts for me. squirming a little in way that told me she was getting excited by this display, and lifted her skirt to she me the panties she wore beneath but when I told her to touch herself she balked. She tried for a moment, through the blue cotton fabric of her underwear but I could see she wasn't quite into it and she glanced around nervously.

"It's ok,' I told her, 'you don't have to.'

She nodded, gratefully but a little embarrassed, and took her hand away.

'I'm sorry', she murmered, then crossed the two steps or so between us and dropped to her knees, reaching for my cock and taking it from my hand, wrapping her fingers around the shaft and sliding her lips over the thick head.

This was unexpected, we hadn't discussed it, but I was hardly going to argue. I simply moaned softly, settling myself against the wall and running one hand through her long blonde hair, letting her work.

We were like that for a minute or two, her licking and sucking, teasing me with her fingers and tongue, enjoying herself. But we had other plans and I intended to help her see them through so I mustered up the control to pull her face off me, lifting her to her feet and guiding her to the very corner of the wall.

Where we had been hidden from view by the van before there was now a thin field of view open to anyone who passed. It was dark, and we probably wouldn't be noticed I reassured her, but it was a possibility. Then I lowered my mouth to her big brown nipples and sucked. My hand slipped between her legs to replace hers as she had done mine. I could feel the heat rising from her and the material was damp. I slipped them over her hips and down to her knees and traced the shape of her lips with a finger.

My cock was still free through no longer quite as hard but she took it in her hand and soon rectified that, Her other hand was combing through my hair but when I entered her with two fingers her fist clenched and she pushed my face harder against her breasts.

Her hand worked my cock harder now, with long, swift strokes and responded in kind, adding a third then fourth finger. I wasn't merely playing with her now, I was fucking her, and she rose and fell with my movements, curling my fingers as I pulled back to stroke the rough 'g' spot then straightening them and driving them into her as hard and deep as the could reach. Her breath came out faster and faster now, every exhalation an audible 'o'.

'o. o. o. o' O. O. O. O! O! O!! OO!!'

Her hand was a blur now and my own sounds merged with hers. When she came I couldn't hold back anymore. I pulled her skirt up over her soft plump belly and exploded over her skin. She kept stroking, pumping and milking my cock as her tremors subsided.

We kissed and touched a moment longer then straightened our clothes and got ourselves in order.

As we returned to our vehicles I noticed a man fumbling with his keys near his own car, but he didn't look up and I thought it best not to mention it. Only when she was seated in her car, keys in the ignition did she tell me she knew he was there. He'd already walked past us three times.....!

'Next time I want to fuck you', I told her when we'd finished laughing.

'Yes. Me too' she replied.

It would be less than a week before that came to pass.....