Written by yummy


I was early 20s and she was 40s. She was and still is a pretty lady, with nice tits and a medium size voluptuos body. I was at a work function and I bumped into her in the hallway on the way to the toilet. She said hi and gently shook my hand with a warm smile, we made small talk and she looked me up and down a few times, and there was instant lust between us.

Later that night she had a big fight with her hubby and she came to me to ask for a ride home. I innocently said ok, so we are in my car driving and she says to me she is really fcked off with her hubby and if we could go to my place for a little while. I said yes with a grin. She reached over and put her hand inside my thigh.... mmmmmmmmm this nearly made my hardon blast off to the moon.

We kissed passionately when the car stopped, I rolled her nipples thru her dress and then I slid my hand down to her panties... she said lets go... while I was fumbling with my keys at the door she was on her knees sucking my cock. I leaned against the wall and watched my cock disappear into her mouth, it was my first deep throat experience. While my cock was in her mouth she swirled her tongue under the shaft and then all around the head while it was in her mouth, it was an amazing feeling, I have felt only once before.

We did'nt waste time when inside, we jumped onto the bed, my pants pushed down to my knees and her dress up and panties pushed aside I slid my cock into her very very wet pussy. Her legs were over my shoulders when I started to give her a slow wet fck. She begged me to fck her real hard, I said not yet. I took my cock out and teased her clit and lips with it, she grabbed my arse and shoved her pussy onto my cock... so I obliged and banged her pussy real hard and deep, my balls slapping her ass as the pace got hard and fast, and she came, like in buckets she came, and she let out a real loud yell. I was worried the neighbours might wake up. It took me longer to cum, but when the pumping was on full speed mode again, I too came in buckets, deep in her... and she had another orgasm, just before mine. Her pussy was throbbing when I rolled off her. We caught our breath and she sat up and started licking my balls, she said she was gonna lick me clean. It was so fcking hot watching her lick our cum off my cock, and then she sucked me so slow and gentle, I got so turned on I had to fck her somemore. We fcked for ages, then she said drop her off at her sisters, so hubby won't know she has been out fcking all night.

The whole time I knew her we only got together to fck. She wanted to run away with me, I said no. We had a long FB thing going, and she taught me a lot about pleasure.