Written by Backdoor_Bandit


I had noticed on this site a forum about dogging,so i thought i would check out the one closest to me.I live in Mt Albert and have done for many a year and never noticed that gay men were meeting in the Murray Halberg park closest to my house.This excited me.I walk threw this park most days because it is a beutiful park,and is nice and peaceful.I will admit i have never done this type of thing before,until recently.....

It was a beutiful day the sun shining,bird's cheaping away.So i decided to go for a walk in the park.I sat down on a park bench and started to roll a cigarette and enjoy the veiw.Behind me was a tree line which is at the very top of the park,which borderlines the park from a primary school(very secluded may i add).Any how i was rolling my cigarette when i heard rustling of leaves behind me in the wooded area.I turned and looked threw the trees and saw some shadows of people.At first i was scared,so i got up and walked away.But then my mind got the better of me.I thought why not go have a nosey.There is a walk path threw the back of the tree line which i know about as i have lived here long enough to know.So i walked down the path.As i rounded a tree there was to men in front off me.

One of the men was a young Samalian looking boy and the other an older looking guy.The Samalian boy was bent over getting a damn good ass fucking bye the older man.I noticed they had like matting down as to not get dirty.I was slightly shocked and turned to walk away,when the older man said "Would you like to join in?".Well me being me never done this sought of thing before thought hmmmmmmm why not.I pulled my pants down and flopped out my cock.The man and young boy went"wow,nice cock mate!".The older man reached forward and with his hand placed my cock into his mouth.He started sucking me and rolling his tounge round my cock,whilst he was shagging the young samalian boy may i add.

"Would you like to fuck me also?".replied the young boy.I said"If you would like me too?".The old man pulled out of his young tight ass,and leaned back on a wire fence near bye.I grabed my cock in hand and asked the boy how old he was."Im 18!". he replied.This turned me on some what.I had never been with a guy before let alone a young guy.So i grabbed my cock and went to enter his tight ass.He splayed his ass wide for me to enter him,as the older man watched.The young boy moaned as he felt the stiffness of my cock go deep in him."Fuck me hard,i can take it!" he said.So i banged the shit out of his tight ass,and boy was it tight.It was like fucking a vice grip.I pumped my cock in and out of him faster and faster,his moans got louder and louder.At this stage the older man re-clined of the fense he was leaning on and came over to us.He layed under the boy in a 69 position and put the boys cock in his mouth,as did the boy to him.At this time i am still in the boys ass.(What a turn on)The older guy said to me"When your about to cum,pull out and i'll swallow your load!".So i continued pounding the boy's hole.The pleasure was unbearable as i could not hold on much more.Then i pulled my cock out of the Young boy's ass and put it directly into the waiting mouth.UUUGGGGHHHH!!!! i went as i blew my load deep down his throat. "oh my god!".i said,as cum dripped of his chin.

"Thankyou".they both said for joining us.We should do it again sometime,the older guy says."Deffinately".i reply.We all get up of the ground and put our clothes back on and pull our pant's up when........"What the fuck is that it?". comes screaching threw the airwaves.We all turn around and see an older Indian woman sitting on a park bench with her hand down her pants,rubbing her pussy.We all had a giggle and a laugh about it and then got the fuck out off there.Every know and again i see that woman walking around the park and think to myself hhmmmm i wonder if she would like to join in at sometime(Smiles)