Some years ago now I was at the local nude beach enjoying the hot sun on my cock and bum, one of the pleasures of nude sunbathing. The other pleasure of course is quietly enjoying the scenery.

The scenery on this day with the beach almost deserted included a couple in there early thirties quite close to me. In between dozing I noticed their hands slowly caressing each other in more and more overtly sexual ways. Pulling gently at nipples and then sliding down her stomach between her legs. At the same time ever so slowly she went from brushing his cock to properly wanking it. His uncircumcised cock was now proud and glistening. I had been sneaking glances but was now transfixed. I rolled of my stomach to my side and watched smiling goofily with my own big cock now rock hard and almost pointing at them.

They both now very much noticed me and continued their foreplay watching me. I instinctively began to stoke my own cock enjoying the show they were putting on.

After just a short time they motioned me over. They moved apart and made room for me in the middle between them where I lay on my towel.

They were French and both attractive people . He almost instructed her to start to suck my cock which was virtually twitchingwith excitement in anticipation. She was very good with her hot wet mouth and able to take a lot of my long fat cock down her throat. In the distance I could see some beach goers approaching but I couldn’t say stop, the hot cum was boiling up from my balls. He saw them to and to my surprise and slight shock he went from enjoying watching his partners skills to participation. He placed his hands on my balls and gently squeezed. I was well beyond any objection and I almost immediately pumped streams of hot cum into her mouth while she finished draining me.

The other beach goers were near and we all rolled over to hide our excited organs.

I got there phone number they were in New Zealand for another three weeks and we made intentions to repeat the encounter with more privacy.