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11 Feb 2016

The BBQ Table


2 minute read

We loved sex. My husband and I. Late one evening we were sitting on our deck. Of course getting horny, if someone came down our driveway, as we shared it, they'd get an eye view, which was more of a turn on. However we moved our bodies over to the bbq table which was a bit more out of the way, and I wanted to be fucked by him soooo bad. Kissing, and licking all over, I suck his manhood, hard as a rock, he's biting my tits, and kissing me, tongues in each other mouths, we are so horny, I am wet as can be, he lays me on the table, opens my legs and heaven, his tongue is warm and flicks around my clit, Then licks me up and down, ohh this is so nice, I am moaning , I want more, he puts a finger in me, while still licking me and sucking me, then 3 fingers, finger fucking me hard, he comes up and kisses me love my juices in my mouth, he licks me more, I wonder if our neighbors hears us, that turns me on more, I'm so ready for his cock and he now puts me in doggy position, rubbing my tits from behind, he enters me slowly, then I turn my head to kiss him, he pumps me so hard, rubbing my clit and tits at the same time, this is heaven, Sooo love his fucking me, thrusting and moaning I am going to explode, fuck me harder and harder, he's about to cum and tells me this , faster and harder, again and again, one last push he cums inside me, pumping it for all its worth, I love it when he cums inside me, we turn around and kiss passionately I want more, he rubs me up in the fresh air, we go for round 2.

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