Written by FunLovers_1


Anyone who tells you that fantasy is often better than reality lacks imagination and ambition. Trust me on this. I am one of those rare and fortunate people who has a partner with both. And, I must say, he brings out the best in me.

Not so long ago, we went on a holiday in search of sunshine and relaxation, and found ourselves in a lovely little coastal area of Australia. All we wanted to do was soak up the sun, and my man decided it would be a great idea to visit a nudist beach. Being your typical shy girl (at least I was then) I agreed to go along, but said that I may not get naked if I felt too uncomfortable.

Having found the perfect spot, we traversed the sand dunes with our picnic, wine, towels and coconut oil in hand. No sooner had I laid my towel out perfectly on the sand, than I looked around to find my man wearing nothing but a huge grin. We were in a fairly private spot and I could only see about a half a dozen other people on the beach in the distance. Was I going to wimp out? Hell no! So I took a big breath in and took all my clothes off. It wasn't long before the feeling of the sunshine on my skin overpowered any feelings of shyness and I was also grinning from ear to ear at the thought of being so naughty.

I rolled over and took a look at my sexy, happy man laying naked and exposed and thought it would be a good idea to get out the suntan lotion. Rubbing it in with great care, I started with his broad shoulders and smoothed it into his skin, working my way slowly downwards. I lingered just a little over his perfect, firm arse and continued to tease him with light strokes all the way down his muscular legs. Touching his naked body in front of anyone who may walk past was beginning to get me excited and I could feel drops of moisture starting to well in my exposed, hairless pussy. Despite the nervous sexual tension that was building in me, I mustered an authoritative voice and demanded that he give me access to the front. He immediately obliged and I started the process all over again, working my way down his chest. This time, using much more deliberate strokes and far more oil than required so that there was a sensual slipperiness to the application. The squelchy sound of the oil on my hands reminded me of the sound made when his big hard cock fills my dripping hole. The oil felt good and the sweet smell of coconut was wafting about us.

My mind was in another place for quite some time as I rubbed and massaged and drifted from one erotic, sexually charged thought to another. Suddenly aware of my surroundings, I looked up and noticed that there were a few more people on the beach and they were closer to us now than they had been before. I dared to be naughty and made sure my lover's hardening cock was well protected from sunburn by applying the oil liberally and rubbing my hand up and down his shaft in an impromptu performance. Shyness washed over me, and I returned to my towel, surprised at what I had done, and just how much it had turned me on. Thankfully, I felt like I could at least hide behind my oversized sunglasses.

Looking into the smiling eyes of the man I had so publicly fondled, I could tell that there was more mischief to come, but whatever saucy thoughts were going through his mind were interrupted abruptly by the arrival of a bronzed gentleman. This man who would have been in his fifties was slim but muscular, deeply tanned, had a smile as warm as the sunshine and a cock so large I had to wonder how any woman could possibly stretch enough to accommodate it. He politely asked for permission to sit and chat with us, and we agreed. And by that, I mean my partner agreed. I think I just gave a mute nod and started panic stricken thoughts of what I could do to maintain my composure and cover myself at the same time. That particular battle was lost before it had even begun and soon I got comfortable enough to just lay back and relax, exposed in front of this stranger and enjoyed the feeling of the sun heating my bare skin.

With the amiable chat going on between my lover and our new friend, it was obvious by my man's wry smile that he was enjoying me being in this situation and he casually reached out a hand and started stroking my body while he talked of local tourist spots and the weather. Tracing his fingertips lightly and seemingly innocently up and down the reachable length of me, my gorgeous man moved his body closer to mine and I could feel the heat coming off him as I closed my eyes to totally enjoy the sensations he was stirring in me. My nipples became hard with the pleasure of the tingling in my body and my pussy began an aching to be touched. The aching intensified with each stroke and I was searching my mind for ways to satisfy my pussy's needs without being noticed. I started slowly squeezing my thighs together under the guise of stretching my legs and clenching and releasing my internal muscles. I tried laying on my stomach and subtly rubbing my poor tormented crotch into the mounds of sand under my towel and all the while, the conversation and stroking continued.

Eventually I realised that I was not going to get any satisfaction without making it obvious, so I rolled onto my back again and enjoyed the touch. It was heavenly. My nipples were now rosey pink and protruding right into the air, ripe for sucking, licking and biting. My pussy was so wet, I had thin webs of juice running from one leg to the other and I could smell the sweet, familiar aroma of my own slippery, wanton muff. My arousal was obvious and I couldn't do a damn thing to stop it being seen by both of these men. I wanted my pussy touched so badly, and I wanted to cum.

Just as I was getting used to the exquisite pain of such intense desire, the touch changed from light strokes to more deliberate caresses. I opened my eyes to find that the conversation had stopped and that both men were smiling down at me. The stranger asked permission to touch my body as well, and when my man nodded his agreement, I found myself being fondled by four hands in a very intimate way. While the stranger concentrated his efforts on my erect nipples, my man rested his hand on my pussy, applying enough pressure to my soaked box to work me up into a squirming lather. Then, tentatively at first, he began to insert one, then two of his thick fingers into me. With each rhythmic insertion, his fingers would reappear more covered with my juices and he would graze them on my clit before inserting them again. Having already been in such a feverishly horny state, I instantly started to squirm on his digits, pushing down in an effort to get them further inside me. I was moaning with the delight of his touch. The next thing I knew, I was having the rest of my body stroked and my nipples gently nibbled. With the excitement of all that was happening, and the masterful touch of those magic fingers in my pussy, I soon found myself having the most intense and wonderful orgasm. Finally, a release and the aching in me turned into an animalistic desire to further explore this situation. The stranger's stroke of my body finished with his fingers dipping into my juices and I watched as he raised them to his mouth to taste me. I could take no more. I had to have my man's big hard cock in my mouth. I had to taste him. I was so turned on and so horny that I no longer cared who was watching. My inhibitions were officially dropped.

In a breathless tone, I asked my lover to lay on his back and I made a comfortable spot for myself between his legs. The stranger watched closely, his face only about a foot away and I took that beautiful big cock in my hands and began to stroke and lick it. God, it felt so good in my mouth! I lapped at the smooth, sweet head and licked up and down the shaft, making sure that it was nice and wet. Then, I took it into my mouth and slid my lips all the way down. I could feel the head of this amazing piece of flesh hitting the very back of my throat and my nose was pressed into his pubic mound. This cock was growing bigger and harder by the second, and it was larger than I'd ever seen it grow before. I know how much my man enjoys it when I suck him off, and I was definitely planning on taking my time and extending the pleasure for as long as possible. Every part of me was so excited by all of this, that even my throat was fully lubricated. Each time I drew my lips upwards, I left a slippery trail behind.

Alternating between this slow, divine deep-throating and shorter strokes with my mouth I worked the cock with my hand whenever my jaw needed a break from stretching. At one stage, while I gave half a dozen good firm strokes, I looked up and realised that we were surrounded by people who had come to see the show. There were butt-naked men all around us at about ten paces away. Some were attempting to look like they were wondering by, some sitting on sand-dunes and others just openly staring but every man around me was rubbing his stiffened cock. I would have loved to watch them all masturbate themselves to the point of covering the place with their cum, but I had a job to do... and I had some delicious cum to taste.

I went back to my cock sucking and decided that I would take this amazing cock into my mouth as deep as I could, over and over, until it gave me what I wanted. Happily slurping away, my pussy now dripping everywhere, I felt my man's balls tighten, and with much pleasure for us both, he blew his substantial load right down my throat. Our stranger-friend was so impressed, he damn near applauded and while vigorously tugging his huge tool, he told us that he'd never before seen a blow job like that in real life. The look of satisfaction on my man's face was complete. What an amazingly erotic experience!

Once we'd cooled off (and I'd washed off) in the water, we began to pack up and leave. Our friend had moved on and we'd chatted about the experience. We decided that if we did it all over again, I probably should have stopped sucking and slowly lowered myself down onto that big slippery erect cock, and fucked him hard right there in front of everyone - He knows how hard I cum when I'm bouncing up and down on him. Or maybe I should have let some of his cum dribble out of my mouth and down over my breasts for me to rub into my skin – but maybe we would have ended up with a riot on our hands.

As we got to the car to drive off, we were approached by another man who told us how much he had enjoyed our performance. He wanted to show us another spot nearby that was available for nudists. Feeling “Oh-so-fucking-adventurous” as we did at the time, we agreed... both of us... wholeheartedly. He lead us to an entrance in what appeared to be thick bush. About 10 meters down a path, the bush opened up to a well worn track with little open areas along the way. A further 10 meters down, we noticed the open areas were being occupied by one, two or three people involved in various acts. There were men, masturbating by themselves, couples hard at it – groping, fondling, kissing and fucking and the occasional couple engaging in oral. All of whom seemed to be either oblivious to us walking past or seemed to not care in the slightest. We reached a vacant clearing by some murky water and our companion stopped and talked to us about what we'd done on the beach. He told us how much it had turned him on and asked us if it would be ok if he could watch us kiss and fondle each other some more while he pulled himself off. Both of us were still so turned on that we wanted to grope the hell out of each other anyway, so off we went. The next thing I know is that this fellow has his cock out and is already groaning and fully enjoying himself. He started to give us direction with how he wanted us to kiss and touch and it felt somewhat like being in our very own porn movie. In less than five minutes of us starting to kiss, I watched as cum exploded out of this second stranger's cock while his loud moans drew attention from all over the place. I saw strained faces peeking through the bushes from all directions and attached to those faces were bodies in all sorts of sexual acts. My God, I needed a good hard fucking!

After a perfunctory thank you from our voyeur, my man and I beat a hasty retreat through the bushes and to our car. We couldn't wait to get back to our motel. We spent the next 24 hours fucking, sucking and masturbating over our recollections. This whole experience has changed my life. Don't get me wrong, I loved sex before and had a great sex life. But thanks to my man, I have discovered a new dimension. I love being a dirty bitch. I love that pure, raw sexuality that's left when you break down the barriers and so called taboos. We can now do anything we like sexually, and what's more, we can do it together. I am one lucky cum-loving whore. The only problem now is that the smell of coconut oil nearly makes me cum in my pants.