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The 3some

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4 min
We met at their house, had a drink, a chat and decided that proceeding seemed like a good idea. It turned out to be a great one. She stripped down to her panties and lay on the blanket that he had placed on the table. Her breasts looked amazing and I knew I was going to enjoy sucking them when my chance arrived. I began massaging her feet with the oil provided and moved up her legs slowly and deliberately. The view was to behold. He was massaging her neck, shoulders and gliding his oiled hands over her breasts. They looked even better glistening with oil. This continued for a while until my hands were brushing lightly over her mound. I looked up to see his mouth covering her breast and her hand grasping for his cock. She was moaning for me to stop teasing her. So I lifted her ass up and pulled down her panties. What a sight. A clean shaven pussy soaking wet lips parting and a beautiful glistening trail running to her ass. If there is a heaven I was in it. She now was sucking on his cock and he was caressing each breast and nipple. I spread her legs enhancing the view even more. For the next period of time I sucked her pussy, tongue fucked both her ass and pussy then finger fucked her while sucking her clit. My mouth drawing in her clit while my tongue flicked over it. My fingers in her pussy and then as I felt her lifting her ass up slid one up there as well. How fucking hot it was watching his cock being sucked while sucking on her. She came her hips thrusting upwards, my fingers plunging deeper, my tongue flicking. Her groans loud even with a mouth full of cock. When she was finished I took my cock out of my pants and slid it up and down her cum soaked slit. She was thrusting back at me so I eased my cock head into her. I held still gazing at how hot this was. My cock shining with her cum head hidden in her beautiful shaven pussy and the view of her sucking his cock. I pulled out and switched with him. She is a small woman and my cock looked big in her hand and her mouth. She sucked her cum off my cock and after a while suggested getting on the floor so I could fuck her with my cock. We moved to the floor and she got on her hands and knees. I went behind her and gave her ass and pussy more of a tongue fucking while she was sucking and stroking his cock. I slipped my cock into her slowly at first allowing her to dictate how fast we fucked. How good did this feel, a different pussy wrapped around my cock, breasts firm round and wonderful to the touch. As she gathered speed the sound of a cock sliding in her cum soaked pussy added to the excitement. My fingers strummed over her clit as my other hand had a grip on her hip pulling her back and making my balls slap against her. She was cumming again her pussy leaking her juices the slapping sound louder. Then he began to groan she pulled his cock cum spraying over her breasts. I continued to pound her until she was laying flat on the floor. She told me to hop off and she was going to ride me. I lay down and she climbed on top of me. Grabbing my cock and sliding her pussy over it. Moaning about how big it feels and grinding on my pubic bone. I reached up and fondled her breasts her head tilted back as her fucking increased in pace. The ride, the sight of my cock covered in juices was too much and I thrust upwards my cock spasming as I came. In the midst of my orgasm came hers. She moaned and pinched her nipples. The sound of both of us cumming was so fucking hot. Her cum running over my balls and down my ass was extremely exciting. I could feel her pussy clamped around my cock quivering and not wanting the orgasmic bliss to end. When she was finished she rose off my cock the cum of us both running onto the floor. How delicious did her well fucked pussy look. We sat on the sofa and had a recovery drink. Then she suggested the super king bed and the 50 inch TV in the bedroom. Who was I to say no....

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