Written by Anonymous


It was my day off from work, as usual I was at home in the morning checking out what luck I may find on that dating site. I searched in the couples seeking men section and there they were, online, and in my location. As I have mentioned before, Taranaki is not very big. We got chatting, it turns out it was only the female half on line as the husband was working. She was still keen to meet, a quick exchange of pictures and it was on. She was mid 50s, slim, small but nice shaped breasts.

We planned to meet at this place called the meeting on the waters just 3 mins south of New Plymouth. I was nervous as the car she described pulled up, she ushered me over to her car. I hoped in the front passenger seat, still very nervous; the first thing she said is that she was very nervous, I replied the same and we both laughed and relaxed a bit. I was looking her over, her blouse was a bit loose and I could see the top of her breasts, this was all very exciting. We were chatting for about ten minutes or so then she made the first move. She placed her hand in my thigh and started to rub up towards my crotch. i was in jeans (the worst item of clothing to wear in this situation). I was getting quite excited by this and she could feel it, but she was taking her time and teasing me a bit. At this stage I had my hand resting on the back of her seat, I brought my hand down to her shoulder and rubbed it, she motioned for me to go lower, I slid my hand inside her blouse and started to fondle her breasts, I thought to my self this is going to be good. She leaned in and kissed me, a nice big wet kiss, I moved my left hand towards her crotch, I started to lift up her dress towards her pussy, she pulled back and said "not here, we have to go somewhere".

We had no place to go, she suggested we head up the road a bit to the park, about 300 meters away. Once we got there we had a quick look around. It was mid morning, a very quiet park and no one was around. We walked about 50 meters in and she stopped in her tracks, turned to me, placed both her hands on my crotch and said "fuck me".

This lady was really excited, she ravished my cock like she had not had one in a long time, right there in the middle of the opening, she dropped to her knees and attempted to pull my cock out. As I mentioned before, skinny jeans are not ideal for this situation. In a brief moment of clarity I directed us to move of to the side of the park by the river. for those that know new plymouth, we were at Burgess Park. We moved right by the stream, we dropped down a little bank, it gave us time to see anyone coming, but we were semi hidden. We were also quite close to the road just below the bridge, If anyone driving by was looking at the river they would have seen us.

Once we were down the little bank, I was just standing there sorting out my jeans (undoing them and pulling them down), she pulled her blouse right off, took off her bar and pulled down her skirt. She was completely naked. As I said, mid 50s, slim build, nice pert breasts, nice little nipples, clean shaven pussy, nice arse, not firm but well shaped. She took the one step closer to me, at this stage I had my jeans at knee level, I was fully hard, who wouldn't be at this sight. She bent over hand took my hard cock in her mouth. She was like a woman possessed, sucking so hard and with such enthusiasm, it felt amazing. I could feel I was close to cumming, I reached down towards her arse, gave it a little slap, she moaned, I traced my finger down her cheeks, found her arse hole, rubbed my finger around the outside. I then found her pussy, it was very wet. I played with her lips, teasing my finger in and out just ever so slightly, then I slid my full finger deep in her pussy, she arched her back and let out a sequel. This went on for a couple of minutes, I was in paradise; I looked around, no one in sight, the sun was out, cars driving past, this hot lady fully naked with a hot body sucking my cock. I could feel I was about to cum.

I pulled her face up to mine, kissed her, at the same time feeling every inch of her body. My left hand wrapped around her slim frame up in between her arse, my middle finger was rubbing her arsehole, my right hand was probing her pussy from the front, my fingers deep inside her wet pussy. I was moving from kissing her mouth to kissing her tits. She was grinding the palm of my hand as it was placed on her clit. At that moment I felt fully in control of her, I could sense that she was close. She kept on grinding my palm, her hand was frantically jerking my cock, I was so close to blowing my load. within seconds she arched her back and let out a moan, her body jolted, she went all floppy in my hands, that only made my fingers go deeper in her pussy, and my other finger to actually penetrate her arse. it felt so nice. She quickly recovered and jumped straight back on to sucking my cock, I said I was about to cum, she pulled off it saying she loves watching men cum, my cock was so wet from her mouth, she jerked it so hard and full, I came big streams of cum, she managed to get in front of the second squirt and got it all over her tits. She used the tip of my cock to rub it in and she started sucking me off again. The sensation was too much for me and I had to stop her. She stood up, rubbed my cock, smiling at me and said thanks for that.

She started to get dressed. I was struggling with my jeans again. Once we were both dressed we stood and talked for a couple of minutes and arranged to meet up again. it was a 2 minute walk back to the cars, I was behind her looking at her arse. As she was hopping into her car I asked her for one more cheeky grope, she pulled up her skirt (right there on the side of the road) pulled aside her panties, I slid my finger in, pulled it out and licked off her juices. She kissed me, jumped in her car and drove off.

Best day off ever.

On a side note. These stories are true. I have been on that dating site for a long time and have meet up with a few people, all safe stuff. I have enjoyed writing my memories down.