While at university I always use to look at one of my lecturers in a sexual manner but always kept it to myself. I never mentioned it to anybody. As the years went by while still at uni my thoughts about her always seemed to get stronger and stronger every time I saw her take my class, or when I had one on one sessions with her about my assignment and my essays.

So now that I'm about to graduate university we had pre-drinks at one of my other lecturers homes in Otahu. I had a few to much to drink and my thoughts of my lecturer were just getting worse because she was also there drinking with us. I texted my ride, I was ready to go home, so I went and started saying goodbye to everybody. She was the last one that I said good bye to because she was inside the house. I walked in and found her in the room crashed out. I woke her up to say goodbye and without out thinking gave her a kiss on the lips. I left that night thinking a lot of things. Damn straight I had a hard cock every time I think about that kiss I gave her. The next morning I had to meet with them for a exhibition that one of our class members was doing. I was wondering if she would remember anything.

Months went by and it was nearly Christmas. I decided to mail her and say "Merry Christmas". She replied, so we started chatting away for a bit. It was now New Years and she was asking if I was doing anything. So I replied "Nah nothing, just going to the beach up north will be back later on." She replied "Come over, I'm house sitting at one of the lecturers homes, and there are some people here that are keen to have a drink". So I spent that whole day up north wondering what was gonna happen.

We got back to Auckland around 5:30. I texted her that I was on my way. I got to the house and found that she was just chillin', having a cold drink in the lounge. I sat down next to her, by this time I could feel my cocking getting harder and it was nearly at full length. I started to breath heavier. She then asked if I was hungry, and I replied yes. She got up, and I couldn't keep my eyes of her ass. As she passed me, my eyes were locked on to her, so I got up and followed her in to the kitchen. While she was serving my food, I walked up behind her to see what she had made. I got too close and slightly brushed up against her. She said "Awww brushing your cock pass me huh?". I couldn't believe my ears! So we started talking about that night at the previous party. I ate quickly and we returned to the sitting room. I sat down next to her and, picking up my courage, I asked her if I could kiss her. She said her yes!

After years of crushing on her I was about to make out with her. I leaned over while she was lying down on the couch and started gently kissing her lips slowing and passionately. I could feel my cock rock hard in my pants. While I'm on top of her, I started pushing up on her slowly, but hard as my hands slowly exploring her body. I moved down and started feeling her tits. I moved her bra out of the way and started sucking her tits. She could feel my hard cock and she whispered "Let's go to the bedroom". I was quick to get up and follow her. As soon as we were in the room I got undressed quickly, so did she. I laid down on the bed and she started sucking my cock, long licks from my knob to my sack. I couldn't believe it! I was getting a blow job from my lecture! As she was sucking my cock, I put my hands on her head and started pushing it in deeper. "Hmmmmmm" I started to moan "hmmmmm". She moved up and slid it into her already wet pussy and she started to bounce while she was holding me down. "Hmmmmmmm". My hands were on her round ass as she bounced harder and harder. "Hmmmmm!" I told her to slow down and she did. I wanted to give it to her doggy style, so she bent over the corner of the bed. While I was standing behind her, I licked my fingers an ran it down her ass to her pussy. She was soaking wet. I slid in again and started slowly building up speed. Each thrust I heard her moan! I told her to lie on her side, I slid in with one of her legs in the air "Hmmmmm". I slowed down, I wanted to last as long as I could with her. I couldn't hold back any longer. I started slamming her as hard as I could trying my hardest to hold back my cum. I couldn't. I came inside her wet pussy, letting out a loud groan still as I unloaded my full load into her. We kissed some more and then I left, by this time I was 11:45 at night. An it wasn't the last time we got it on either I'll save it for the next one