Written by WANTFWB


It is nearly 12months since I had a fabulous night in Taupo with my FWB lets call her Clare [ no real name ] she was 39yrs old when we meet, I had meet her 4 times prior each time was only for about 1-2 hrs as she needed to get home to her partner who was a real ar--- hole.

On this occasion she was free for longer as she was house sitting in a different part of town, I picked her up at about 7.30 and we went back to my Motel, had a few wines and a talk, getting more horny as the time went on, eventually all the clothes were on the floor and she was kneeling down sucking my hard cock, while I was playing with her ample tits and pinching her hard nipples, She then laid down on the bed and I started finger fucking her and licking her really wet cunt, it didn't take long before she had her first orgasm, when she finished her orgasm I then pushed my cock deep inside her and started fucking her hard and fast, eventually pulling out and getting her to lay on her side I spooned her and slipped my cock back inside her cunt and commenced fucking her again, this time reaching around her and stimulating her clit with my fingers while fucking her hard and fast, she then started to orgasm again and that is when I shot my load of cum deep inside her cunt.

After laying talking and playing with each other for about 30 minutes, I was starting to get hard again, so she commenced to stroke and suck me until I was fully hard and then she pushed me onto my back and she mounted me, I lay there watching my cock disappear inside her cunt as she then started riding me up and down on my cock, grinding herself hard down on me so that I was pushed deep inside her, I was playing and squeezing her tits all the time that she was riding me, she then got off and turned around and remounted my hard cock so that she was facing away from me, she leant forward and then looked over her shoulder and asked would I like to finger fuck her arse while she rode my cock, so I slipped 1 then 2 fingers inside her arse and finger fucked her, that sent her over the edge and she orgasmed again, which resulted in me cumming for the second time.

We had a couple of more drinks and then she said if I can get you hard again will you anal fuck me, I said yes that would be great, so she started sucking and stroking my cock, then she slipped a finger inside my arse then 2 fingers inside me and that started to get me hard, once I was hard she laid face down across the table, I applied some lube to her lovely rosebud and slipped 2 fingers inside her arse and started finger fucking it then she asked me to put 3 fingers in which I did, then she started squirming about and then begged me to put my cock inside her, I positioned the head of my cock at the entrance of her rosebud arsehole and gently pressed forward, and watched as my cock slide inside her arsehole, once I was nicely positioned I then started anal fucking her slow and fast, deep and swallow, all of the time increasing the speed and the depth of penetration until I had the whole 7 inches of my cock inside her, while I was fucking her anally I was stimulating her clit with my fingers. She started moaning and screaming for me to make her cum and to cum inside her, we fucked for about 4-5 minutes just pounding her hard until she let out a huge scream and started cuming I could feel her orgasming with my cock inside her arse, that then started my final climax for the night as I shot another load of cum inside her this time inside her arse.

We then just collapsed on the bed completely fucked, It took about 15 minutes for us both the recover, it was only after that when realised here I was on the eve of my 61st birthday cuming 3 times with a 39 yr old woman, we had a couple of more wines and at 11.30 I took her home.

The next day we meet down by the lake for lunch, and she told me that she had really enjoyed being anal fucked and would I like to do her again, so we parked up in a quiet place and got into the back of my van, she took off her knickers and I stripped off my pants and then slipped my hard cock back inside her arse and anal fucked her again until we both ended up having a climax, when we had finished she just smiled at me and said HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

We have meet several times since and had some great times, however nothing to match that night and lunchtime.

I hope you enjoyed as much as I did.