Written by Mrs M


His eyes are focused on the rope that he is twisting around my ankles, his demeanor is calm and gentle but effortlessly in-control, so very hot. I’m trying to hide the excitement I’m feeling, having his rope against my skin. The same rope that was against her deliciously soft and flawless skin only days before. I noticed her smile as she watched her husband tying me up, I wondered if she was recalling the rope around her skin at the same time I was. As he began working on my wrists she began to giggle, when I realized why I couldn't help but giggle too. The irony of me attempting to hide my excitement, when for him it was quite impossible, was rather amusing to me. Even after this I had no intention of letting on that arousal was beginning to sweep over my body. My little secret - besides I would be far too shy to divulge this kind of information anyway! I start to wriggle to test the effectiveness of his rope work and I have to work even harder to hide how turned on I’m becoming, I bite my lip and then quickly release it just in case they notice. I am now rather grateful for the tight black shorts I’m wearing, despite the discomfort they are causing me as I sit in this position, they are doing an excellent job at hiding the increasingly wet panties beneath them.

My husband enters the room, freshly showered and looking as hot as ever. I am fully aware of how attractive my husband is but for some reason when in the presence of potential ‘playmates’, it’s always highlighted to me how sexy he really is. He too shares that same calm dominance that Mr annon also naturally possesses. Such a contrast to those gorgeous, brown, puppy dog eyes that melted me the first moment I saw him. He was pleasantly surprised to find me tied up already. We all sat there for a moment or two admiring the pretty rope work before the men suggested taking the rope to the bedroom.

I am ordered on the bed and I do as I am told. I ask Mr annon what way he wants me, my brain so full of lust that I actually have to pause for a moment to work out what ‘On your back’ means. Sex brain I call it. The process of being tied again was quite intoxicating, it is a more intimate process than I imagined. Mr annon is tying me to one side of the bed and my husband was tying on the other. I watched Mr annon as he prepares the rope by looping it over and then slipping it onto my ankle, as he did this the tingles run up from my foot to between my legs where the energy pulsates for a moment. It was partly his touch and partly the anticipation of what could come that is so incredibly hot, not to mention the full attention of two men at once (which to be honest is something that has only terrified me in the past). Each turn of the rope around me bringing me deeper into submission and the relinquishment of my control. Once completely secured to the bed with my arms and legs spread to each corner, the guys stand back to admire their work. Pushing past the shyness within, I suggested to them, that they should now figure out how to tie two women to a bed, with the same length of rope.

And then there I am laying next to a gorgeous woman, who is stripped down to nothing but underwear. Her skin on mine felt silky and soft, so warm and inviting. her left limbs were carefully tied to mine as we are secured together to the bed, side by side. Our husbands each select an item of clothing to use as a blindfold and wrap it around our heads. Seconds after being bombarded with the flashing lights of cellphone cameras there is silence. no footsteps, no voices, not even the faintest sound of breathing.Where had they gone? Were they even still in the room? What were they planning? The anticipation give me the giggles and we both burst into fits of giggles. butterflies are fluttering through my chest as I feel the presence of someone standing beside my side of the bed. Light, gentle strokes run up and down my legs, each stroke becoming firmer as my breathing became heavier. the unknown hands were now moving up my torso towards my nipples. I let out a loud sigh when the wandering fingers reached their destination and began massaging firmly. I felt my pelvis lift off the bed involuntarily, the fabric between my thighs was now soaked and my pussy was begging to be fucked. By now, I had concluded that this was not my husband touch, the thought that another man was taking advantage of my body in this vulnerable state sent pulses of sexual bliss all through me. the fingers that were massaging my right nipple were now firmly gripping my breast and moving up towards my throat where I am held tightly. He places his other arm firmly around the rest of my body, pulling my body tightly against his. With a firm grip of my throat he releases my body and pushes me back down toward the bed. He is now unable to hold back the animal within, he is hungry, ravenous...he wants me.

“I think we should let them see now”, My husband says. Mr annon removes the fabric from my eyes and kisses me passionately, his lips hard against mine, his tongue dancing in my mouth while his strong body is pushed against my soft body. his kissing migrates down my neck to my breasts where he cups them both and takes each nipple between his teeth, nibbling one after the other. He keeps moving down, he gets to my bikini bottoms and he unties the strings at the sides. I glance over at my husband, his arms look more muscular than usual as he holds himself over the pussy of the woman next to me. It is a very exciting view to behold, he gives me a wink and a cheeky smile. god he is hot.

I let out a moan of pleasure as Mr annon takes my hips and uses them to thrust my throbbing clit into his mouth. He pushes his fingers deep inside me and I gasp, it feels too good. All I can think about is having his cock inside me, pounding me hard. I look over at his cock, I want to touch it but I can’t, my hands are still restrained. so frustrating! I just want to tell him to fuck my face but the shyness filter in my head stops that thought before it reaches my lips. I just have to wait for him to do to me what he wants to do. Moments later I am untied, I take a second to observe my husband's large cock being polished by Mrs annons gorgeous lips. His focused expression tells me that he is enjoying this. I sit up to find Mr annon’s cock perfectly lined up for my mouth, I am happy accept this offer and take his cock right to the back of my throat. He pulls my head in towards his cock, fucking my face over and over until my eyes are red and I’m gagging.

The condom packet suddenly appears on the bed, I take one and nervously slip it onto his rock hard cock. I never know if it’s the anticipation of what the condom represents or the fear of stuffing it up that makes me nervous but either way my heart is racing. He pulls my legs apart and asks ‘How do you want me to fuck you?” I shrug, I’m not used to calling the shots. “I just want to be your fuck toy” I think to myself but can’t bring myself to actually say the words. I think he can tell what I want anyway, there is no need for it to be said. “On your tummy” He orders. I do as I’m told and arch my back presenting my ass to him. He gently eases himself inside me and tentatively he begins. “Fuck me as hard as you want to” I find myself saying to him before I even realize what I’m saying. He fucks me hard, making sure my clit is getting the best stimulation possible.

“Are you going to cum for me?” he asks,

“Yes” I breathe.

As his cock rams hard against me and his fingers slip around my clit I feel my body building up to what he wants. “mmmmhmmm” he moans approvingly as my breathing becomes heavier and my moaning becomes louder. He fucks me harder again and I feel my body crumble around him, I scream as the euphoria explodes inside me, he fucks me harder and lets out his long drawn out moan. I fall onto the bed underneath me and rest there as I recall the very hot experience that just unfolded before me. The experience that all started with him wrapping that sexy rope around my ankles.