Written by HotWeety1


A friend of mine asked me to help surprise his wife one night so I told him I had an idea that I had always wanted to try, I told my plan and that the most important thing was every time he talked to her he had to speak from right next to where I was so she wouldn’t have a clue, so we set about putting it into reality

It was a weekday night so she didn’t think anything special would be happening, he told her he wanted to have some fun in the shower and she said yes as she did like to play in there. So he got her in the shower and just before he headed in he made sure he left the door open for me to get in.

I had been waiting out the back until I heard the shower running waited a little while so they had time to get undressed and hop in the shower, I very slowly opened the door and made my way inside so she would not hear the door and found he had left the bathroom door open as well.

I was able to watch them fooling around in the shower as they soaped each other’s bodies and played with each other as well, he then told her he had a really nice surprise for her but if she wanted it she would have to agree to wear a blindfold and not to take it off until he said she could.

She agreed, so he blindfolded her as they got out of the shower and that’s when i first stepped into the bathroom and got to touch her for the first time i dried her body making sure to take extra time around her tits and gave her pussy a good rub dry through the towel.

We led her to the bedroom naked, with us both having turns playing with her tits and pussy on the way, i lay her down on the bed then signalled for me to go first so i started at her feet and slowly kissed my way up her legs and inner thighs, moving to the other side just before i reached her pussy as i wanted to make it last longer and give so much pleasure. as i worked my way back up her other thigh i only kissed around the edge of her pussy and worked my way up her stomach and through her cleavage then around her yummy tits until i finally came to softly bite on one of her nipples as he had told me she liked that a lot.

After playing with them for a while i started to make my way back down again skipping past her pussy and back down her thighs, she was pushing her hips up as i did trying to get me to kiss her pussy and she was panting in pleasure.

So then i finally made my way back to her pussy and started to kiss all around it until i very gently stuck my lounge against her already very hard and protruding clit.

She tasted so amazing i wanted to bury my whole face in her but i stayed the course and just gently liked and kissed all around her pussy occasionally sucking her clit into my mouth.

He finally taped me on the shoulder and we traded places with me watching as he took up where i left off. He did a lot of the same things i had been doing ending the same way of going back to her pussy.

For the next however long it was (time was a blur) we both had turns eating her and fingering her and sucking her tits and nipples.

After that I finally got to watch him fucking her and watched on with great delight as they made love then after giving her one final licking he asked her to roll over into the doggy position and gave me a wink and I got to dive into her beautiful pussy myself from behind.

It was such a yummy feeling to slide into her as I had secretly fancied her for ages and so I was finally in a pussy I had lusted after.

I started taking some very nice long deep strokes and then after a little while I nodded to him and he asked her softly if she would like to know what the surprise was going to be.

When she said yes she was dying to know he went around and kissed her really deeply on the lips and they were kissing very passionately, it took a few seconds for her to realise that she was still getting fucked slowly from behind, I felt her pussy instantly get very wet and clamped down on my cock as she came almost instantly when she did realise what was happening, although she still didn’t know who it was and who was kissing her or who was in her.

He pulled her blindfold off and let her see for the first time who was where and the look she had on her face when she turned her head around to see who was behind her was a look of lust and satisfaction.

We both had turns pleasuring her all over again and i got to do my first 2 cocks in 1 pussy. She had got on top of him reverse cowgirl style and lay back onto him while he was still in her so I had such a fantastic view then she said she wanted me inside her at the same time so who was I to turn down a lady looking as yummy as she did right then.

I slid in beside him slowly at first allowing her pussy to adjust to having 2 cocks at once for the first time. She had turned her head and they were kissing again and it was so nice to be sharing in their intimate moment as we all started to move slowly in unison and she moved her hips so we were both sliding in and out.

After a while of this yummy ecstasy he said he was about to cum and just then i felt him start to pulse inside which kicked me off in a second and then with her feeling both of us pulsing inside her she started he to cum as well, so we ended up in one heaving cumming pile of bodies.

That was when she kissed me for the first time and said thanks then kissed her husband and said thanks to him as well.

Afterwards I really enjoyed sitting behind her and just holding her legs back so he could fuck her long hard and deep and that continued till he cum one last time then we all snuggled with her in the middle and went off to sleep.

After rubbing my hands back over her body one last time I got up early hours of the morning got dressed and snuck out the door leaving them together in bed as they slept soundly.