About 4-5 years ago, I made contact with a woman on this site who lived in Hastings, her profile said that she was 42 years old average build, 185 cm tall and reasonably active, we made contact and exchanged messages and agreed to meet for a coffee on the Monday afternoon, she text to say she couldn't make it as she had to look after some kids at the school where she was a teacher, we then arranged that she would meet me at my Motel on the Thursday night at about 7 -7.30.

We stayed in touch during the week and then when I arrived back in Hastings I sent her my Motel and unit number she said that she would get a taxi to see me around 7 oclock.

I took my little blue rocket pill at 6.30 getting ready for action, I had been 4 months since my last fuck so I was horny as hell, 7.30 and still no Ruth, 8 oclock I text her and she said that she is on her way wont be long, 8.30 still no Ruth send another text, she said she is just getting a bottle of wine be there shortly, 9.15 a knock on the door, I open the door and this woman is standing there with a bottle of wine in her hand, struggling to keep herself upright obviously very drunk, nothing like the photos that I have seen of her she pushes her way inside and says I am Ruth, you look a lot older than I expected, I say you are a lot drunker than I expected.

The photos that Ruth had sent was of a fit part maori woman nice hair laying on the bed naked with her fingers inside her trimmed cunt, what was in my motel was not that however she was still reasonably attractive and I was still very horny.

She sits down on the end of the bed, I take the wine bottle and pour us both a glass of wine that empties the bottle, I then ask her what happened and she said that as she was coming here to meet me she got all nervous, so went into the hotel for a drink before getting the wine, she had a couple of shots and then meet up with some people she knew and started drinking with them and lost track of time, she then meet a guy Roy and his brother Trev that she had known several years ago, and told him that she was due to meet me at my motel, she had some more drinks and then Roy offered to drive her here that was at just after 8.30 when she got the bottle of wine.

She recalls that they ended up at Roys car at the back of the hotel and remembers him saying how about a quick fuck for old times before you see this guy at the motel, she remembers him pushing her forward over the bonnet of his car and pulling her knickers down and fucking her, she then said to me, "I am sure you dont mind have sloppy seconds tonight do you".

I then pull my cock out and tell her to suck on it and if she can get me hard I will fuck her!! she leans forward and starts to stroke and suck on my cock which responds as expected, she then takes off her top and bra, I drop my jeans and briefs, pull off my shirt and push her back onto the bed, I then undo her skirt and pull it off along with her knickers which are soaking wet with cum and juices. My cock is now rock hard, I spread her legs apart and reach down to start finger fucking her cunt, that is when she says dont worry about fingering me just root me, I look down at her cunt and there is cum dripping out of her cunt down the crack of her arse onto the sheets, looking at the amount of cum on her knickers and coming out of her cunt I realise that she was fucked by more than Roy.

I then say to her, " how many guys fucked you at the back of the Hotel? she said only Roy I think, maybe his brother Trev I was only there for a few minutes, I then inform her that she was there for over 30 minutes as the hotel is only 5 minutes down the road from my Motel.

She is laying there drunk and naked with cum dripping out of her cunt, struggling to remember what has just happened, she then smiles and says I remember now, Roy took me to his car and he fucked me over the bonnet, I remember him cuming inside me, while he was doing that his brother Trev and a couple of his friends arrived, after Roy finished fucking me he said he would get me the wine and he left, then Trev said that he would like to fuck me and stuck his cock inside me and fucked me until he also shot his load into me, then his 2 friends fucked me, that means that I have had 4 guys inside my cunt tonight, however they were all just quick fucks, not like you, you get to fuck me and do things to me for the rest of the night.

I think about what she has just said and realise that its really no different than meeting up with a group of people off KS for a group sex night except that I haven't actually seen these guys fucking her, I then lean forward and push my big fat hard cock into her wet sloppy cunt and start to fuck her like a slut or a whore, ramming my cock deep inside her, then pulling it out and making her suck the other guys cum and her juices off my cock before shoving it back into her cunt to pound her some more, she is laying there enjoying every moment of it, she wraps her legs around me and pulls me in as deep as possible, I can feel her cunt contracting around me cock as she is cuming over and over.

I the tell her to knell on the side of the bed so I can fuck her deeper, she dose as I tell her, I then shove me cock back inside her wet juicy cunt and fuck her hard, I slip a finger into her arse, she says that feels nice, I then slip 2 then 3 fingers into her arse, I know from our text messages she enjoys anal sex,however has not had it for quite a while, I pull my cock out of her wet cunt, wipe some lube onto it and then place it against her rosebud, I then press down and the head of my big cock pushes inside her arse, she gasps for air and lets out a small moan as she feels me enter her arsehole, she says that hurts a little, I just keep lean into her and feel my cock slipping deeper and deeper inside of her arsehole until she has the full lenght inside her, thats when I say to her " okay slutty whore I am going to fuck your arse like no one every has before I going to root you and fill you with my cum" she just moans and gasps for air pleading with me not to hurt her, I then pull my cock completely out and smear lube over her arsehole and my cock, I the push it back into her in one single motion burying all 8 inches up her arse, I then take hold of her hips and start to fuck her arse just like I and the other guys fucked her cunt, hard and fast deep and shallow, making her scream for me to fuck her harder and to fill her with cum, I fuck her like this for about 5 minutes before I start to blow my load of cum inside her arse, cuming over and over and over, when I finish cuming I pump her for about another minute or two before finally pulling out, I watch as my cum dribbles out and runs down across her cunt to mix with all of the other cum and juices.

That is the start of a night of utter sex, more to cum.