Written by Advntrtyme


We travel to wellington about once a month on average mostly over the weekend. One weekend a few months back was particularly fun. Let me paint you a picture of how it went down.

When we travel even though we have family there we mostly stay in the city in a hotel and try to catchup with with a couple of regular friendly FWB ladies. This weekend we had gone out to visit one of our ”freinds” in the Hutt for diner and a drink at her house. It was more a social visit than a planned playtime but you just never know how things will go. So after diner we were sitting in the lounge just chatting and laughing and my wife gets up, walks over to me, says “i’m going to do the dishes so why don’t you two have some fun” and she hands me a condom. I am a lucky guy since my wife is an enabler, she loves arranging things for me, joining in occasionally or more just peeking around the corner and listening in to the action.

So we started fooling around but my friend wasn’t really in the mood to play and so just ends up giving me a nice slow blowjob while I slip her lovely tits about and fondle them. While fun it wasn’t really up to my wife’s standard to listen in and tickle her fancy. I didn’t think much of it and she came back in after the dishes and things just carry on as normal. I notice she’s on her phone messaging but don’t pay much attention for the rest of the night,.

We left about 1130pm, tired and ready for bed. Our hotel was in thornton and on the ride back in we were talking about the night and how it didn’t really go down how she had wanted. It was still OK since we both know that expectation can’t be high for this lifestyle and it’s often the spontantious stuff that actually does the best job!

We arrived home and just went to sleep.I knew my wife would want some action of her own, but the morning was more her thing so we just went to sleep.

We woke around 730 - a sleep in for us and as usual my morning glory was standing at attention ready for some action, I slowly started caressing my wife’s legs and arse, working my way to her nice wet pussy. She knew the drill and within a few minutes I was pounding into her while she moaned her way to a shuddering orgasm. We chatted afterwards about the day to come and the night that had been and just nothing in particular. Then she said to me why don’t you go have a shower before me, so being a obliging hubby I did as I was told. When I returned from the shower naked, she told me to get into bed and then said “I’m gonna go get us a coffee from that little cafe at the bottom of the street”. “ Oh ok, I’ll get dressed and come for a walk too” I replied to which she said “No, no, you stay here, just relax I won’t be long “.

I didn’t think to much of it at the time and settled into the bed with my iPad in hand browsing mindless YouTube videos.

She got up, quickly threw on some clothes and left.

Perhaps only 2 minutes later I heard the key back in the room door. But again I didn’t really think to much about the noise since I was engrossed in what I was watching and just figured she has left something behind.

She entered the room and I glanced up to ask her what she had left behind. I didn’t really recognize that the woman wasn’t my wife!! A few second later I then realized the mental picture I had just processed was completely wrong and so I instantly had another look. To my complete surprise is was another one of our FWB “friends” and by the time I realized it , she was naked and climbing on top of me saying “I heart you didn’t get any action last night, perhaps I can help”.

OMG, my heart instantly went into overdrive and my cock almost instantaneously went hard!

I threw back the covers, and began the take in the site in front of me! She was now completely on top of me naked and ready for my hard cock. I reached up and cupped her perfectly formed tits, gave her nipples a light squeeze to which she let out a nice quiet moan. I slipped one hand quickly down her side and slid it underneath her brushing over her pubic bone and slipping between her pussy. I was already dripping wet and as I slide my fingers inside her my cock twitched hard and made its presence known up the inside of her thigh letting her know I was more than ready for her. I reached over and grabbed a condom that I now noticed had been left cleverly and expertly hidden on my sideboard. Nice work from my wife, she thinks ok everything.

I slipped the condom on, and within seconds my hardness was pressing deep into her and she ground herself down onto me. I could her the wetness of her pussy slurping at every inch of my cock, knowing she was loving every second of it. She moaned quietly, and I knew her tone was one on quickly nearing orgasm.

I pushed her off and rolled her over so that she lay on her side, bottom leg out stretched, top leg bent. I love this angle as it gets the deepest penetration while allowing me great leverage and angles to work her clit and pussy while I fondle her tits and nipples. I drilled into her for probably 5 minutes, finding those angles that just hit that right spot and finally she erupted into orgasm. I let her ride the wave for about 30 seconds before I couldn’t hold back any longer and quickly and expertly whipped of my condom as I positioned myself directly in front of her face and her waiting open mouth. She loves the taste and intimacy of drinking cum and I willingly obliged by emptying my load onto her face and into mouth.

I collapsed beside her and wondered what the hell had just happened.

Timed almost as if she was watching or listening my phone rang and my wife was on the other end. “How was that?” She enquired. And I responded with “That was bloody awesome, nice work darling! How the hell did you pull that off?”.

She told me that last night after the dished she came back into the lounge and when she realized nothing much had happened she messaged one of our other friends so see if she wanted a Sunday morning quickie followed by breakfast with us in town. “What an awesome way to start a Sunday” I said, and was then ordered to “get my hairy arse outta that bed, and down here with our friend, coz I’m hungry”. I laughed at my wife, she laughed back at me and we got up,

And so we started Sunday with a bang.......