Written by Grant Day


My first story (Homecoming present) seemed to get quite a positive response so I thought I would share a few more experiences I’ve had over time.

This one is from when I was working a part-time job during High School.

The first job I had was at a local subway in my hometown. I worked after school most days and on weekends for some extra money saving up for university and most of the time I worked with two girls who were 4-5 years older than me. Nelle, who was in a relationship with another girl who worked at one of the other subways in town and Emily who was the older sister of a girl I went to school with. Now where it was situated never got a lot of foot traffic after 5/6 o’clock so for a good 3 or so hours there was nothing to do except just sit around and talk with each other, maybe swap a few stories and we would roll the dice on who would go out and serve the odd customer that did show up.

Nelle was a fair skinned Maori girl with honestly the biggest natural tits I have ever seen on a person, long brown hair and big luscious lips. She was quite curvy and fairly short and very cute but with a short temper that she wore well. Emily was a slender, red head with a perfect ass and ivory white skin and had a rather attractive face.

From my previous story I was still dating Sammy but it was on and off all the time for a long period and we had been broken up for about a month at this point.

So on one of the slow nights where there were literally no customers coming in, the three of us Nelle, Emily and myself sat around, the two of them next to each other while I was on the opposite seats swapping sex stories and talking about people we found attractive and Emily started getting quite flirty with Nelle. She mentioned she had never been with another girl or with a Maori person before and she was really curious about both. They started talking about what Nelle and her girlfriend liked to do, what kind of toys they had and I was just looking at them wondering who was going to make the first move. The tension was broken by a customer walking in through the door (making the alarm/bell ring) which Emily went to answer. While she was gone Nelle asked me point blank like it had burning on her mind for a while,

“Have you ever had a three-way before?”

I answered I’d had a couple experiences at that point but not full-blown fucking, more or less just having been sucked off by two girls.

“Come and sit over here, you look out of place just being there”

So I nervously stood up, walked over and sat next to her in between where Emily would come back to sit and herself.

She placed her hand on my leg and looked me dead in the eyes biting her lip (it almost felt staged right out of a porno) and whispered in my ear.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had some dick, while she’s out there do you mind if I have a look?”

I nodded nervously, I knew that where we were sitting was just out of shot of the cameras like a blank spot. She quickly fumbled with my belt loop hastily pulling it open and freeing my already hard cock from my jeans.

Without even a moment of hesitation, she took the tip of my cock encircling it with her tongue and lips and then slid the entire length of it down into the back of her throat in one quick motion. I could feel her tongue tickling the top of my balls, I had never had a blow job like this, it had always been from teenage girls just learning how to suck, this girl was an expert. She pulled her head back gasping for breath sliding her hand all over my now dripping cock, she took a quick look around the corner and saw that Emily was just about to finish serving and told me to cover my cock just a little bit. So fruitlessly, I tried tucking it away into my jeans but my hard on was causing it to pop out.

Emily came around the corner and sat back in her seat and giggled, questioning why I looked so sheepish and red faced.

“If I didn’t know better I’d say you two had started without me!” she joked.

“Well, sort of. I didn’t know if you would have actually been keen?” Nelle said.

And to that she pulled back my t-shirt revealing my throbbing cock. Emily was taken aback. I don’t think she had thought the stories and the sex jokes were actually going to lead anywhere and she almost looked too shocked that I was beginning to think maybe this was a bad idea.

Nelle grabbed my cock and started stroking it slowly. “C’mon just grab it, there’s nobody here and the cameras can’t see, either you join in or you can just watch, either way it’s been months since I’ve had some dick and I can’t exactly get any from my girlfriend so I’m having this one now.”

Emily still looked hesitant but seeing Nelle rub my cock right in front of her I could tell was turning her on. I ran my hand up the back of her thigh and over her ass. I leaned in slowly and kissed the side of her neck and lightly nibbled up on her ear lobe which sent a shiver through her body. She reached out, grabbing my cock and started stroking it in time with Nelle.

I stood up and sat on top of the table while the two girls took their pants of and with one hand on my cock they both reached out with their other hands and started rubbing their fingers over each other’s pussy’s. I could see Emily was now fully enamoured with Nelle and they started softly kissing each other, gradually using more tongue. Nelle let go of my cock and started rubbing her hands across Emily’s nipples, Emily was still running her hands slowly over my cock, twisting her hand at the top and jerking her thumb across the tip.

I stood up and moved around letting Emily sit up on top of the table with Nelle positioned in between her spread legs, face buried into her dripping wet pussy. She started slipping her tongue around her clit then followed by long strokes across her lips, dipping in her tongue and running her fingers across her mound and up to softly pinch her nipples.

I was in a crouch behind Nelle eagerly lapping up her flowing juices from underneath, sliding my tongue from the top of her clit to the end of her cunt and back giving her plenty of lube.

I stood up and grabbed my cock placing it at the entrance, running the length I had just done with tongue and tried to push in softly. It was obvious she hadn’t had any dick in a long time it was so tight I began just slipping the tip in and softly pushing in, then pulling out I could feel her lips enveloping my cock.

Looking up I locked eyes with Emily and I could tell she was just as turned on as I was, I began sliding my cock into Nelle with more energy having loosened her up and she began letting out lustful moans in between mouthfuls of pussy, the entire time Emily and I never dropped our eyes. In that moment I felt like I was fucking both Nelle and Emily’s pussy at the same time. I could feel Nelle’s soft lips welcoming every stroke I was giving and with each thrust it was causing Emily’s boobs to bounce up and down. Nelle’s pussy began to tighten around my cock I could feel her about to cum and she grabbed my arms I had firmly on her hips and squeezed while she tried to muffle her ecstasy in Emily’s clit, shaking her tongue and lips vigorously over it. I could see Emily’s back was arching and she was cumming in unison, grabbing the back of Nelle’s head and grinding it into her. Nelle stood upright and got me to pull Emily down so her back was on the table and her legs wrapped around my waist, Nelle then straddled over Emily’s face while I entered into her pussy. Emily’s cunt felt amazing, it was so slick from Nelle’s spit I slid right in felt her warm lips tighten around me as I drove my cock in as deep as I could. Nelle was grinding softly into Emily’s tongue while I took long hard strokes into her pussy, we were moving our hips in a rhythm I could tell that Emily was loving every minute of it.

I could feel that I was beginning to burst and I told them I was about to cum, Nelle jumped off of Emily’s tongue and kneeled in between Emily’s legs spitting on my balls and rubbing them with her hand. Emily was holding my hands pulling me into her so that my strokes became harder and faster before I pulled out cumming half on Emily’s pussy before my cock was swallowed whole by Nelle burying it in the back of her throat shooting the rest of my load into the back of her throat making her gag. She stood up hungrily lapped up the cum I had shot over Emily’s pussy before sliding her tongue back in her and spitting all my cum back up into her pussy.

I reached down and began fingering Nelle until she came again as she hungrily ate Emily until she came once more on her tongue.

We then kind of stood there looking at each other and burst out laughing at what had just happened, praying none of that got caught on the shop cameras. I went and got a few paper towels to help wipe everything up, the girls went into the bathroom to wash up and then we started closing up the shop (thankfully no customers came in to ruin the experience).

I had a few more occasions with Nelle and Emily but sadly they were all separate, we never had another three-way but that was still my favourite work story.