Written by prav


So after the first encounter at the las vagas strip club on Aucklands K road I was pretty keen to get back there.

It took a couple of months but sure enough there i was heading up the velvet stair case shortly after opening. Was a bit of a nervous wait as there were no dancers out yet and i wasn't sure if she was even goin to be there. As I was chilling out waiting another dancer came out and started a stage show. She went under the stage name Crystal, And was a larger sized white girl. Funny thing was I recognised her from my school days, Her actual name was Alice and she was alot skinnier back then and was super religious. As you can imaine the transformation blew my mind.

Speaking of blowing my mind Lani strode out from behind the stage and came over to say hi. She grabbed a drink and came and sat down next to me. I nervously say hi and introduce myself as i wasn't sure if she remembered me. She has a giggle at my expense then looks at me and says " How could I forget " we chat for a bit before Crystal finishes her routine and Lani says she has to go do her stage show but to book her for after it for a lappy.

I try to play it cool and not just get up and sprint to the counter. I'm just chilling down the back as she starts her routine, With in the first song she slips her tight little mini skirt up around her waist and reveals that she isn't even wearing panties. Then as quick as that she's off the stage and mingling with the crowd. She makes her way over to me, as she gets to me she parts my knees slightly and places a foot between mine and with a loud clop raises her other leg and slams her stelleto down on the table. As you can imagine she is now with her mini skirt up around her waist and completely exposed in my face, she then reaches down grabs my beer which was an icy cold stubby and proceeds to insert it into her pussy and play with herself a couple of times the pulled it out puts it to her mouth and skulled it. I was in a daze as i watch her sexy ass disappear.

Simply couldn't play it cool any longer and was outta my seat and up to the bar to book my private dance.

I then wait back at my seat for what seemed like forever until Lani finishes her routine and comes to get me.

This time as I'm lead by the hand to the private room, If thats what you call it. I know exactly what I was in for, Or so I thought. Once inside theres no time wasted in teasing, Lani is pulling her clothes off as quickly as she can and i drop my jeans before i even sit down, Lani is now completely naked except for her stripper heels and we've only been in there about 30 seconds. She bends over and grabs the waste band of my jocks and rips them off me in a single motion. With my rock hard dick springing up to meet her she looks up at me and says "looks like someones happy to see me" she then stands up and turns around and backs up to my lap and sits down with my dick rubbing up against the front of her pussy. I can't tell that she's as turned on as I am cos her pussy is dripping wet, She proceeds to rub her slit up and down my dick a few times then before i knew what was happening she raises up a little more and slams down driving my hard cock straight into her dripping wet pussy and starts bouncing up and down. I enjoy the sensation for about a minute then come to my senses and realise i don't even have a condom on. I suddenly panic and life her off as I've never had bareback ever. she turns an looks at me as to say whats up but just as she's bout to speak I grab the back of her head and gently guide her open waiting mouth straight over my dick. She doesn't hesitate and is straight into her work only lifting her head long enough to look up at me and say " It tastes like me" then getting straight back into it.

As she's goin for it I feels a tingle in my sack that means I'm close to cumming, I quickly tap her on the back of the head and inform her, She quickly lifts her head and grabs me with her hand and starts pumping away. I only takes bout 10 seconds and i completely loose it, Cumming straight down her front again.

This time she was better prepared and had brought paper towels to clean up with.

we both get dressed and leave the booth, as we walk out i feel like everyone is watching us and im nervous that we were to loud.

As we approach the bar Lani spins on her heels, plants a kiss on my lips and says "can"t wait tell next time.