Written by stevie


Wanted to share a true story of the first time i met lani. I was bout 20 at the time and being a typical 20 year old horny male decided to check out some of auckland talent in the form of strippers. Thought rather than the flash new expensive ones i'd try an old classic and went to the las vagas Strip club on Aucklands K road. entering up through the long and creeky red velvet stairs the guy at the front counter charges me 20 bucks for the entry and informs me that all drinks are 5 bucks.

I grab a drink and chill down the back for a bit to survey the scene. Everything seemed a bit boring to be honest until the music changed and this lightly brown coloured goddess entered the scene.

She did a classic strip for three songs then did the rounds with the crowd. When she came to me she jumped straight onto my lap grabbing my hands and holding them square on her magnificent boobs.

She then says To me "hi I'm lani pleased to meet you. Book me for a lap dance and ill make it worth your while"

How was I to turn that down. The moment she got off me i was up and booking her for a private dance.

Once she finished her set and dressed she came and got me and lead me to the back of the club. Which i will add was only bout 10 metres from the stage and 5 metres from the DJ booth.

My first surprise was that there was no private room. In fact there was just 3 valvet curtain in a u shape against the back wall to make a cube about a metre across and 2 metres long. once inside there was just a single chair nothing else.

Lani pulled the curtain shut behind us and told me to sit. She then climbed onto my lap and and started bumping and bringing away and well with in the first song was completely naked. Bra panties everything was off and she was dry humping me. I knew this was like heaven and didn't want to push my luck. But being led by my now somewhat hard cock I thought why not. so I nervously say to her that these jeans are real tight and she could take them off if she liked, thinking that at best shed say yes but for a tip and shed just contue to bring on my jocks. She looks at me stands up and says you better tip me. then says come on drop em. with lightning speed i quickly stand up drop my pants and sit back down. She just looks at me and say hurry up get em off.

almost in shock i stand and she slips my jocks down to my ankles. My hard dick springing up and almost hitting her in the face. I sit back down and she starts playing with me. just when i think like can't get any better she pushes my knees apart and kneels between them she then starts to slide my member up and down between her amazing breast. I close my eyes and tilt my head back cos it's so fucking amazing.. Then almost without warning i explode and blow my load completely down her front.

After i come to my senses i manage to fumble into my pockets and find a clean handkerchief and give it to her to clean up with.

we both find and straighten our clothes and leave the booth.

just before she disappeared backstage i slip her 50 bucks, and nurvosly ask if i could expect the same next time.

She hugs me and whispers in my ear YOU CAN EXPECT MORE THAN THAT.