Written by test_the_waters


Time. We wish we had more of it to play out our sexual desires. The downside of this true story is 2 other men who had agreed to turn up cancelled for one reason or another – their loss at the end of the day, but unlikely to be invited to any further fun. Anyhow, the stunning Mrs TTW had freshly waxed her pussy, spent a lot of time making herself go from a hottie to a super hottie; black stockings, black laceup top, black lace knickers all resting against her fit body. I say fit because this woman works out sometimes 2-3 times a day, and possesses an athletic physique that myself (as hubby and a gym nut) love, appreciate and makes men want her all the more. At 5’10 tall, flowing red hair, pale skin and beautiful complexion and being mistaken for being a youthful early 20s when is closer to 40, says it all - my lady rocks! Our male who arrived at or motel we had booked and on time. He had previously joined us for a dogging near Orewa where he had performed well and had the pleasure of being allowed to lick Mrs TTW between her legs, lick her tits, fondle them and even so lucky enough as to slide his cock between her legs without being allowed to penetrate. Mrs TTW had been a little taken with this single stud as she gasped when she first put her hand on his cock and remarked “oh he is a big one and he is quite dark.....”. As sucked him in the twilight and she moaned in pleasure i knew this was one single male who could be fun to have him do more to my lovely wife who enjoys our role play and adventures. After simple and short chit chat she asked us both to strip. Our guest now needs to be described to do him justice. He is darker skinned and I love that contrast against my pale wife. He was young, a great athletic body and tall, and well groomed and very clean and tidy. His cock when it first sprang from his clothes again had Mrs TTW do a little intake of breath. “Ohh he is already hard” she exclaimed as she kissed me passionately and he enjoyed her from behind by kissing her shoulders and neck, running his hands across her tits as she faced me and admired her backside. “Oh my goodness he his rubbing his cock against my pussy,,,hmmmm” she exclaimed. I glanced over at one point to see what was making my wife so teased, and saw he was indeed well hung in that his cock was dark, big balls, shaved cock, its head was quite a bulb, and he was wide, quite long, but more the width/girth of his cock which would be a mouthful, handful, pussyful for any lady. I did think for a moment if she would let him fuck her as i myself and pretty well proportioned in the penis erection department and when i ass fuck her she almost screams when i unload inside her. Would she let this young man, with a wide and bulbous dark cock put it inside of her and how would she feel? I wondered. And it was incredibly hard and erect and we had only just started! After some sensual play on an enormous white sofa in the rented motel, she stripped off her lace top so we could suck her tits. She was well kissed, touched, even caressed before she asked that we take her to the bedroom. She lay down and still lace knickers on let our man lie between her legs and rub his firm cock against her undies and she grabbed him close as he is started to gyrate against her. “Oh he is feeling so ready husband, his cock is big, I like it...” and she then sucked me with her head turned sweaking and gasping. Our man and I both then took turns to lick her pussy which by now was moist and in need, and we swapped at a couple of stages so each of us could take turns to be sucked off including balls and between our thighs while the other man took his time to slide our hard cocks between her protected thighs with only the lace knickers preventing her being penetrated. Her lace undies were soon cast aside and our polite well hung stranger asked if he should wear a condom to which we said yes. He placed it on his engorged member which was looking even bigger and almost angry by now and again as she lay on her back in a missionary style he edged it between her legs. She was almost desperate at this point “come on stick that in me, you know you want to....oh....oh my god it is big......oh fuck.....oh shit.....ummmm yes come on....pound that pussy...” was how it started. I lept to my camera and took a couple of pictures and short videos. I even turned on the bedroom lamps to bet a better pic and vid and normally Mrs TTW is not OK with this, but she was so besotted with her young stud and his large dark cock, she really did not care for quite a while and then got a little flustered being filmed (but readers later on when she saw herself on the movies she knew herself how incredible she looked and loved it even wanting more in the future). After a while she changed position and asked to suck his cock some more. Still with the condom on she sucked his cock and nibbled his big balls and he started to compliment her with “so fucking hot, so beautiful, oh yes....keep this going...” which only turned her on more. His condom started to come off and he then pulled it off and this made her deep throat him and go to town more on his cock which made him more turned on. I could see between her moans and gasps she was the dirtiest, horniest i had ever experienced at any KWS fun night with a single male to date, and she deserved a little more than usual because I knew she would want to let go completely to sense. “Darling you guys look good” i said “ why don’t you straddle him and give his cock a little tease”. She paused and replied “um ok but.....um well if you want me to” and i knew she was thinking to herself, ‘he is unprotected, he has a huge fucking cock and i am ultra horny and I am going to let this man have me even my husband does not agree at the start...’. But she straddled him and even let him kiss her mouth which is rare for Mrs TTW with strange men. And he sucked her tits, she gyrated back and forth a bit and I took another pic and shot a sweet video. Suddenly she started bucking, humping and gasping. “Are you OK?” I was only mildly concerned. She just gasped a bit and ignored me and i panned my video to between her legs from behind, sure enough his big dark cock was savaged between her pussy and she was massaging it deep between her creamy thighs. “Oh my god darling you are barebacking him, no condom, wow” I proclaimed. “Umm yes ohh it feels good” was all she said as she enjoyed it all. I could go into a lot more detail about the rest of this fuck but readers think this! She was on her back again shortly after and plowed, she kissed him deeply, clawed him into her, he pummelled her well, she was on her knees fucked deep from behind. I lost it. I started to cum just watching and recording and quickly made it to her mouth and came on her face while she was being fucked deep. Our man came shortly after on her tits. We rested after that, had a drink and minutes later back to the bedroom where it all repeated. But this time I had to fuck her on her knees for a while and there was almost a great finish when I invited him to slide his cock between her arse lubed up on her knees and her moans were only heightened when she described how she was massaging her pussy and could feel his cock starting to probe her ass. “I like it, i think i can fit him...” when i asked her. But alas it was not to be and our stud was so desperate to fuck her he gave up searching to find a way to slip is lubed cock into her tight sphincter and instead took to fucking her hard from behind pussy deep, balls slapping and making a great sound and exploded on her face and then licked off the cum from his cock. When he dressed and left she said she wished he had cum in her pussy. “Next time you can enjoy that” I said. Then together we re-watched the home movies I took, she got wet, I got hard and came on her tits. She and I fantasized about having an interracial male night, maybe 3-4 dark skinned well hung strangers with us and even a gangbang somewhere private eventually as she loves cum. We showered up in the motel and went home. Once in bed i started to lick her out and she said she was not sure if she could cum as her pussy was tingly and she was a mix of tired and turned on. But I licked away and began to lick between her arse, her anus and inner thighs really working my tongue on her. She came. I then fucked her from behind and my cock sprang to full attention and i could feel all my 7 inches of my length and my width filling her so much i was almost forcing myself on her and her pussy walls were collapsed on my cock griping me, and I blew inside her. I awoke at 2:30am feeling restless as a storm passed around our house. I got a cold drink from the kitchen, bored and still horny I rewatched the videos I had taken that night. Hearing my wifes moans, whispers, groans and encouragement to our big dark stud as he fucked her on those home movies made me rock hard. I returned to bed, pulled her undies to the side and started to slide myself between her legs. She stirred and moaned and opened her legs and i had to rise and mount her from behind again at full length and hardness I could feel it was almost too much for her and I cheaply lasted just a few minutes and again came inside her. So that readers was a great night. We are now going to plan out next.