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Ruatangata 7 years ago

Spontaneous Fun

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5 min
We've been members on here for a few years now & have met many others & enjoyed some pretty hot & fantastic with them. As we're from a smaller town, we like to head to the City to "play up" without looking over our shoulders. More often than not, we do like to pre-arrange to meet others we've been chatting to so that we're semi assured of fun times for all, however one particular night we'd made no such plans & instead got dressed up & headed out for the night, just the two of us. We visited a few bars & had a bit of a boogie & enjoyed each others company along the way & in the early hours, decided to finish our night off at a strip club. Typically it was packed with males - drunken ones at that! Still, we pulled up stools at the edge of the stage & as always, hubby positions me between himself & a group of guys. Now I'm a chatter so started chatting to a few of them & it turns out that the guy next to me (Ben) was there chaperoning his drunken mate who happened to be upstairs with one of the girls. Ben was a pleasant guy, polite & friendly - a little shy...until of course, hubby goes off to the toilet! And on his left-hand side were a group of drunken guys on a stag do. A few of them too were friendly & chatty but the majority were hammered & unable to string a sentence together. By this stage, hubby is getting frisky & keeps encouraging me to flirt with these guys. Now, I don't think that I flirt - I just chat, but hubby calls it otherwise. So he's sitting there drawing my already very short dress up to my waist & spreading my legs - for all around the circular stage to see. And of course this draws the attentions of a few guys in the place, not to mention the girls on stage & the bouncers who pass us a few glares. One even approached us & cautioned hubby to stop lol. Meanwhile, Ben (who by now has had a few glances of me with my spread legs & hubby playing suggestively with me) had to shoot off & take his wasted mate home. I was a bit gutted by that as we were getting quite friendly by then. However the nicer (& sober) of the stag group guys move in to chat - all sporting wedding rings of course, which discouraged me to be so openly flirtatious, so in time, hubby said "that's it! let's get going". We had a bit of a discussion about how these guys were just waiting to move in for the kill when the opportunity arose, however I completely missed the signs as always!!! No worries though, we headed towards the door through the crowds & in walked Ben who in hindsight we believe, came back especially. He was about to buy himself a drink at the bar when I said to him "we're off back to our hotel - want to come join us for some fun"!!! Even I can't believe that I said that but blow me down, he did not hesitate & did a quick u-turn & before I know it, I'm perched in the back seat of the taxi between hubby & Ben, hubby already has my legs spread wide & his fingers playing with my pussy. I don't think Ben could believe his luck! From memory I draped one leg over Ben's knees giving him a better view - his eyes could have popped out of his head however at this early stage I guess he was a little unsure, so he just sat back & watched. Within minutes we were in the lift which is often awkward, hubby's standing behind me, & I am facing Ben's back, so I very seductively reached around to his front & before you know it, I have unzipped his jeans & have his cock in my hands! That's when he whipped around & we kissed. We were very quickly in our room & I think I had Ben's cock in my mouth, even before his jeans were completely off. Hubby meantime grabs a beer & parks himself up on the bed for a great view! I recall Ben pushing me back onto the bed & tonguing my clit, licking at my pussy & making me wetter than ever, so I pulled him up to me gripping his cock firmly & guided him into me. He did a grand job in fucking me & it wasn't too long before he came in me. It was wild & it was hot & I wanted more!!! We laid there & engaged in a little small talk & hubby occasionally would come over & give me deep wet kisses (on my mouth!) & give my pussy a bit of a tickle here & there. This made me incredibly hornier & so I started to play with my clit, rubbing Ben's cum from inside my pussy all over it. Ben's cock started to stiffen again & I was stoked! He suddenly had the cheek to ask us if we did this often???!!! (As in pick up strange guys & take them back to our room)! I'm not sure if he believed us when we both told him no -can't blame him I suppose. Anyhow, I aided his cock back to attention with my mouth, sucking him deeply & longingly. When he was nice & hard, I straddled him, settling down onto his cock. It didn't take me long before I came again & again & he began to groan louder, so I jumped off of his cock & took him in my hand & in my mouth, & gave him a nice wet blow job/hand job until he came again. It was 6am when Ben left our hotel room & we had to check-out at 10am, we'd had no sleep & hubby wasn't finished with me lol. We both agree that this experience was one of our best, purely because it was unplanned & spontaneous & it was evident that all 3 of us wanted it as much as each other. It was by the way, the first & only time that we have done this but we most definitely don't plan on it being the last time!

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