Written by Jayjay26


My boyfriend and I were invited to a barbeque one evening. Prior to having something to eat we all decided to take advantage of the spa ... a little impromptu because we all ended up naked, none of us having swimwear with us at the time. From memory there were three couples and one or two singles.

I recalled as I walked in an attractive red haired woman laughing with her boyfriend - I love red haired women, there's just something so sexy about their pale beauty and I'm a sucker for a woman with a few freckles. I imagined at the time whether her pussy had the same flame coloured trait or whether there was a nice flame coloured landing strip and thought how nice be to given the opportunity to look and taste, that and the complete contrast of our skin colouring mine lightly tanned and hers a serene pale pink heaven to behold.

There were six in the spa, her boyfriend another two singles and myself and boyfriend at the time . I remember her flashing me a smile as she watched me slip naked into the water, her eyes running the length of my body and concentrating on my breasts and pussy. I wasn't sure whether the look was complimentary and decided just to enjoy the water as it cascaded over my nakedness.

She sat directly opposite to me so it was difficult not to notice her firm and large breasts with delicate shell coloured areole floating like two luscious islands atop the water. Admiring them unconsciously I licked my lips and was rewarded with a wry smile of acknowledgement, needless to say my own pussy was getting moister by the minute. I tested the waters so to speak and deliberately brushed the inside of her thigh under water with my foot ... she flinched at first then a knowing smile and a direct look of acknowledgment crossed her face. I took this as an opportunity to test further and began brushing my toe along the length of her pussy. She kept a cool look on her face only betrayed by the small smile at the corners of her mouth egging me on to go further - I did and began to softly toe fuck her. It was an interesting mind fuck to watch a woman with my toe circling and slipping into the entrance of her honey pot .. light gasps hidden from the others in the spa.

Over time and one by one people left the spa .. I managed to get a space right next to her and did the next best thing - I finger fucked her to orgasm...what a view to behold, a spa with one or two people and me with my fingers teasing her clit and gingerly finger fucking her. Soon we were the only two left in the well fenced and gated area .. we kissed tongues entwined and by this time her hand was stroking me to a wonderful wave of ecstasy. She moved to position herself on the side of the spa, spread her legs and ran her own fingers along her pussy, lifting her fingers to her mouth to taste her juices ... Instinctively I moved between her thighs kissing and sucking the soft delicate skin along them. I ran my tongue along the length of her pussy teasingly, slowly paying attention to her clit as I travelled it's length, she grabbed my head and pushed me forward ... no words required, I licked and sucked her clit all the while finger fucking her to another crescendo watching all the while her beautiful large breasts heaving, nipples erect and head thrown back in pure pleasure - the moonlight and dimly lit space shadowing and accentuating her beauty . We didn't have the luxury or more so I didn't have the pleasure of her returning the favour.. my boyfriend at the time 'who I seriously hated and was going to leave' came fumbling around the corner rudely interrupting what could have been an interesting interlude.

She jumped out of the spa, grabbed her towel and returned to the barbeque leaving me to relieve myself ... I wish I had of exchanged numbers with her ... it could have been mutually satisfying.

Enjoy ...