Written by kathy1968


Several years back when I was 40yrs old, hubby got very ill and had to go onto a severe medication ,this resulted in him loosing all interest in sex, no libido totally impotent,considering we were a 3/5 times a week couple that was a real shock to the system,He did everything possible to satisfy me orally and with his fabulous fingers and our toys.

However one night after we had finished he said to me that he knew that l was missing the feeling of a cock inside me filling me with cum and that considering he was nearly 20yrs older than me, that he was happy for me to fuck other guys as long as there was no emotional connection.

So that was what happened l saw a couple of guys,

Then summer arrived and my son Frank came home from Hamilton along with his friends, they 4 of them had been up there working together . There was Andy, James and Barry they had been friends since college and whre now 20 and 21

Our house had 4 bedrooms the main at the front and the rest at the back Barry moved into one of our rooms down the back next to Frank ,the others moved home with thier parents, however our place was party central most weekends and there were 3 rules no drink driving, no drugs, always use condoms.Most weekends the 4 bedrooms down the back were full of guys and girls.

Frank got a job at a Bakery starting at 5.30 each morning Barry had a factory job starting at 7.

On this particular week hubby was away on a sales trip, l woke up at about 6.15 horny as hell, it was really hot and I slept naked so I tossed the sheet off and was laying there pleasuring myself with my fingers and the vibrator , l thought I heard a noise and looked over at the door which was partly open, there was Barry in the hallway watching me through the opening in the door, l made out that I had not seen him and continued pleasuring myself stimulated by the fact he was watching until I had a fabulous orgasm.

When hubby came home that Friday l told him about Barry watching me pleasuring myself and how turned on it made me, he just laughed and asked me was l looking to have him fuck me, l said it might be nice to have a bit of young cock.

3 weeks later it was Valentines day on the a Friday and we were party central again, Frank was not going to be home until 6pm , hubby was due at about 5.30 the party was starting at 7 oclock, l was in the kitchen wearing shorts and tank top getting food ready, Barry arrived home at about 3.30 and went to his room to change for a swim.

He came out in his swim shorts and went to the fridge behind me for a beer, the next thing I know he has come up behind me and put his arms around me, l stand completely still, then 1 hand slips under my top and starts to stimulate my breast I can feel the tension building, l am suddenly wet, that is when I say to Barry you can't do this, it's not right.

He just pulls me closer to him and kisses the side of my neck, l can feel his erection pushing against my, l turn my head to say something and that is when he kisses me passionately, our tongues explore each other mouths, l can feel his hand inside my shorts as he seeks out my pleasure spot, then the very tip of his finger enters my wet cunt.

I suddenly realise what I am doing and say stop we can't do this, he just smiles and said why not your hubby isn't fucking you so why can't l.

l look at him and say okay but no one can ever know do you agree, with that l lead him to my bedroom, push him onto the bed pull down his shorts to expose a lovely 8 inch rock hard cock which I then start to suck, meanwhile he is stripping off all of my clothes and has 3 fingers inside my cunt finger fucking me.

I then lay down and ask him to pleasure me orally, while he is licking my pussy l am stimulating my clit until I orgasm flooding my juices over his face.

I then push him down on his back and straddle him slowly lowering my wet cunt down onto his thick hard cock, l then start to ride him driving down on his cock feeling it pushing right deep inside me, while I am fucking him l say to him did he like watching me pleasuring myself the other week, as l had seen him watching and it had turned me on.

After pounding my cunt with his cock for about 5 minutes l felt him starting to tense up as he was getting closer to cuming, that's when I said to him" I want you to cum inside me fill me with your fresh young cum". That's when he let go and flooded me with his cum, when I finally got off his cock there was cum all over his balls and the sheets and dripping out of my cunts

I got up and turned around and said to him again no one must ever know this happened, l then went and had a shower, stripped the bed and washed the sheets.

The party was fabulous, later that night l told hubby what had happened and he was quite relaxed about it.

Needless to say l fucked Barry several more times that summer until he hooked up with a girl and moved out

Young cock is goog cock as long as you are in control.

cheers Kathy