Written by hornynicky


This situation took place when I was in my mid 30s there was a group of us that all spent time together, Jenny & Barry, Kathy & Frank, Pauline & Steve and myself and Andy, we were all either married or in long term relationships.

Us girls all hung out on a regular basis, going to yoga and gym classes together.

Jenny operated an online business selling Female supplements, I have an online business selling very exclusive womans Lingerie, Bras, Briefs, and Silk Kimonos, Pauline & Kathy work as P.As for Real Estate and Legal firms because Jenny and I we are such a close and have our own businesses we often help each other out getting orders delivered or unpacking deliveries, from our suppliers.

Whenever I am looking for new products I get samples sent in for the girls to trial and comment on, Jenny does the same thing.

She and Barry were going thru a rough patch in the marriage about this time, she rang me one day and said that she had just sourced samples of a new product for me to trial, it was supposed to be the womans equivalent to Viagra, you took 2 tablets a day for 4 weeks to allow it to build up in your system and then 1 tablet a day every 2nd week to maintain it.

Andy was on a 6 week overseas trip at the time he had been gone for 1 week, Jenny said to me imagine his surprise when he returns if this stuff works. We both started taking the tablets they are 100% natural so I never have a challenge trying Jennys stuff.

After I have been on the tablets for about 3 weeks I am feeling really great and starting to feel horny on a regular basis, I am at Jennys with some new samples that have come in and I have asked Jenny to try on this range of Bras & Briefs for me to see how they look at fit, this is a very normal situation for us, we have been doing this for several years. However when she walks out in the first setoff Bras & Briefs, I start to feel this sexual attraction towards her, Jenny has a fabulous figure however her breasts appear firmer , her legs slimmer and longer, she looks sexy, I then get up and tell her that I am going to see what the Kimono is like that I have bought with me, she say fine I will wait here, I go into the bedroom and remove my clothes and slip on the Kimono, I am naked under it and feeling very sexy, I walk back into the lounge, Jenny looks at me and says "that looks awesome, how does the silk feel against your skin, is it slippery" I walk across and stand in front of her and let the Kimono fall partly open and say, "feel for yourself" she reaches up and takes hold of the fabric to feel it at the same time pulling the front right open, exposing me to her, I can feel myself getting really excited, Jenny reaches up and takes hold of the fabric, and runs it through her hands, I can see that she is concentrating more on my body than the silk, she lets the fabric go and places her hand on my thigh, and starts to move it higher, she has her eyes locked on mine, looking to see what reaction I am going to make, she gets her answer when I part my legs and move closer to her.

Then it happened her fingers made contact with the outer lips of my cunt, I hear myself let out a gasp of breath as the sensation flows over my body and the juices well up inside my cunt, now her fingers are very gently stroking up and down and flicking across my clit, my hands are now undoing her bra and taking hold of her tits and rubbing her nipples, we are now both consumed with the electric situation, Jenny pulls me closer and lifts 1 of my legs up onto the couch, her head dives between my legs, that is when I feel her tongue flicking back and forth across my pussy lips and then her nibbling on my clit, it feels so different from when Andy goes down on me, Jenny is so gentle and treats me delicately, her tongue is moving back and forth up and down, I can feel my juices starting to flow out and making myself wet, I know that Jenny can taste me, then I feel her push her fingers inside my cunt and to start to gently finger fuck me, the feeling is so erotic I am having trouble standing as the sensations sweep over me, I have never ever had an other woman touch me in anyway before, then before I know what's happened I am having this beautiful orgasm sweeping over my whole body wave after wave of bliss, I have muscles contracting inside my cunt and my hips are thrusting against Jennys fingers trying to get them further inside of my cunt, I am tingling all over as though someone is lightly running a feather over my body, slowly I return to a normal level and look down at Jenny who has my juices all over her face and has a huge smile looking up at me, she says " was that your first time with a woman?? how did you like it?"

I sat down beside her and reached out and kissed her tasting my juices from her mouth and face, I then said "yes I have never been with a woman before and it was just so soft and sensual and the orgasm was just so all consuming "She smiled and said to me that she had been with several women over the years and found it just so much more gentle, "how would you like to now take me to that same place??" I smiled and said "YES".

Jenny then stood up and removed the briefs that she was wearing I could see that they were wet from her juices, she had a full Brazilian were as I am shaved and have a trimmed triangle, Jenny then sits down beside me and we start kissing then I place my hand on her thigh she parts her legs to allow me to reach up and gently touch her, she feels so smooth, I then slip 2 fingers down between her legs and start to gently probe her lips apart, Jenny says " don't rush it there is plenty of time I am not going anywhere".

She then asks me to go down and to slowly lick her pussy and to make sure that I flick my tongue back and forth across the lips not just up and down, she says that is the difference between men and women doing the oral thing, men think that woman just want to feel the tongue on them while women want to feel the effects of the tongue on the whole area, I have my head between her legs licking up and down back and forth across her tasting her juices that are now seeping out of her cunt, then she asks me to start to finger fuck her cunt, I slip 2 fingers inside her, she is just so wet, then she asks for more so I push in a 3rd, now I have sat up and I am finger fucking her cunt in and out, her hips are lifting up off the couch as I drive my fingers ever deeper inside her she is gasping and the tells me she wants 4 fingers inside her, I push 4 fingers inside her cunt and keep going harder and faster, she is gasping for air and softly screaming for me to make her cum, suddenly I can feel her tensing up and I just keep my hand going hard and deep, then she clamps her legs together and reaches down and forces my hand deep inside her as she climaxes I can feel her cunt contracting around my fingers her whole body is shaking and she is gasping for breath, her hips are thrusting against my hand and I can feel her juices running out of her cunt, it takes about 90 seconds for this to pass, then she relaxes and lets my hand go, I slowly withdraw my 4 fingers from her cunt, she takes hold of my hand and starts to suck my fingers then guides them to my mouth I suck the beautiful tasting juices from my fingers and then lean over and kiss her.

After a little while we get up and go and have a shower together rubbing and touching each other, we then sit down and she says to me "well how did you enjoy that experience and would you be interested in us having some more fun in the future?' I said "that was just mind blowing I haven't felt those sorts of things before, do you think that your new tablets might have something to do with it? and if so I am going to keep taking them as I would definitely like a repeat of what just happened."

I will tell more at a later stage

My first girl on girl was mind blowing and so were some of the other experiences we had.

Hope u enjoyed Nicky.