Written by Fantazia Male


So, me and my wife is in an ongoing open relationship.

We have always been open and honest about our playing and on occasion arranged each other’s playdates as well.

My wife has never had any problems getting attention and it is always easy to get a playdate that appreciates her qualities and spoils her sexually.

(See her pics on our profile. Me on the other hand is just average. I am not noticed. I can be the perfect assassin since I blend in anywhere. Just the way I like it.)

The weekend was no different for us. She was out of the country and I happened to know her favourite toy (Let’s call him Dylan) was in the area as well. So I messaged Dylan and set up the weekend fun for her. What is more boring than being out of the country and not having fun over the weekend? So with her weekend sorted I started wondering what I can do to entertain myself.

Since it was the weekend my long time “girlfriend”, secret-crush and also sister in-law (brother’s wife, not together at the moment. Longer story.) was feeling horny and was constantly sending me naughty texts and pictures.

(Let’s call her SexyB)

I was getting very horny and worked up.

We have been flirting for a few years, but nothing, except a few kisses, has happened.

She has stood me up on numerous occasions and I was very reluctant to continue playing this game. Always wondering if she was just playing a game, teasing or being really nasty since she knows the level of attraction I feel for her.

Let me tell you about SexyB.

She is about 5’2, with a Athletic figure, full D cup Breasts, dark hair with coloured highlights in the fringe. She has blue grey eyes and full sensual lips that drive me insane.

Her tongue is firm and forceful. She is quite fit, but soft where it is needed. She is quite the freak in bed. She’s had numerous lovers and prefer that the guys cum on her breasts or in her mouth. She has done 3-somes with couples as well as with guys and is not ashamed to share information. She has very nice hands with manicured long nails. She usually wears make-up which just highlights all her sexy features. Since she knows she’s attractive and sexy she wears the appropriate clothes as well… Low cut tops, and high heels.

We texted for a while and I asked her out.

She said sure, but… and rattled of a few excuses for just in case she again did not make it, saying she is feeling so bad for standing me up all those other times etc. Blah, blah, blah…

This time I decided to just go with the flow. Take it easy and just relax about it. If it happens it happens, if not, tough.

But again I got stood up for the hundredth time and it made me a bit sick to the stomach. I then realised I was just to average to have her.

I decided to watch a porn and get rid of the frustration that has built up.

But like any man can tell you, a hand is no replacement for a female mouth, ass, pussy or even her hand. It just does not give the same level of release.

So, typical male after the self-satisfaction session I could cope for a while and went on with the menial day to day stuff. That was until I sat down after dinner to watch some TV.

Obviously the cell is too close at hand and you start texting the person on your mind that should be in bed next to you. After some hours she agreed to the coffee. We met for coffee in East Tamaki.

I wanted to drag it out a bit so I ordered dinner. Got her a glass of wine and a shot of tequila in the hopes that she would relax a bit. We got touching in the restaurant, then some kissing.

As we walked back to my car we even held hands and I stole a kiss a few times.

At the car it got heavy and we started fondling and touching all each other all over. She suggested we park off somewhere and I can have a blow job.

Having experienced those lips a few times in the last hour almost made me cum in my pants. I could not believe my luck. Seemed she was talking the truth the whole time about all the other times she stood me up and she really was into me.

We settled in the back seat (my cars windows is tinted and the mall lights don’t penetrate that far back.) I released the penned up monster.

She took my erect penis slowly into her mouth and sucked gently to make it bigger and bigger.

Just as I was about to cum she lifts her head and kisses me.

Being a cold night out the windows start to fog up.

It is you typical teen, sex in the car scene…

Every time just as I’m about to cum she lifts her head or moves her body.

The whole time she is sucking me off I’m thinking of how long I’ve been waiting for this.

Things get heavier and heavier. I have her clothes all messed up trying to touch her all over, my pants are on the car floor, and my rimless glasses goes flying when I remove my jacket.

I am getting ready to shed a huge load and ask her if I can cum in her mouth?

“Of course”, she says and lifts her head stroking me with her hand. “Maybe cum on my breasts, I love that.” I was at a loss for words. Only other person that has allowed me this was my own sexy wife.

She said she thought I would have cum by now, strokes me and says maybe we should get out of here. Here is my chance, I would at last get into her pants. Yippee!

I reluctantly zipped up, struggling in the cramped back seat, stepped on my NZ$900 glasses and did not even care. I was going to get screwed by the hottest SexyBabe in Auckland!

On our way to her place she said, “My sister is waiting up for me. Maybe we should do this tomorrow when they are out of the house.”

What a shitty end to such a promising night!

I got home and related the tale to my wife.

She was back at her hotel from her obviously awesome orgasm after orgasm filled date with Dylan.

She even send me a few pics of her cum filled, freshly fucked, pussy.

It made me even hornier.

Needless to say, the next day I was stood up by SexyB.

I was major leagued pissed at her and even told her so this time.

I decided to take my glasses to the optometrist to get a quote to replace the lenses and bridge part that got damaged in my passionless romp to get dressed.

When I got there I was asked to wait a few minutes a professional will attend to me soon.

As I was waiting SexyB and me continued our back and forth conversation via text.

People mill about around you, but you do not register. People looking at frames and shades etc. always assisted by a helpful professionals. I apparently guilt tripped SexyB into the date the previous night.

Okay, "sorry", I apologised, not knowing how I again became the guilty one.

I did not realise it.

But wait, I did not force my dick into her mouth though…

Then I suddenly realised the graphic discussion was having openly in a public place and I just went quiet, put away my phone as if it was a porn movie out for all to see and hoped nobody noticed I went red all of a sudden.

Then I was called to the desk. I was politely told, “This nice gentleman will assist you now.” I turned towards the person indicated, only to be almost knocked over by a blonde petite vision in black. “Don’t worry Nigel, I know him and will take care of him”, she says leading me like a sheep to one of the more private examination rooms. I could not even utter one word.

(Let’s call her Bianca.)

Bianca was about 5 foot even, (28 to 30, I did not know yet) with a tight body, looked like nice full C-cups hiding under her tight black formal dress and legs and bum shaped to perfection. I could not see a panty line despite the hugging nature of the dress. She had naturally flowing golden blonde hair, dark grey eyes and a sexy pixy face. Her arms were slender but femininely muscled. It was clear she worked out more than a few nights a week. Everything was in proportion perfectly.

I entered the room after her and she walked behind me and put on the privacy lock and instructed me to lay back in the chair.

I did not realise how far back this chair actually could go.

Quite relaxing I thought as I was still trying to speak and trying to form the words in my mind as to where I know her from, when she asks me,” Who was that you were texting?”

I got out, “My ex-girlfriend” meaning it in the sarcastic way.

“Did she really make you horny and then stood you up?”, and I just shook my head in the affirmative, going red, only now realising she must have stood behind me during my messaging tirade to know the detail she did.

“Are you still horny?”, she asked.

Again I could just reply with a shake of my head.

She pushed me back on the chair hiked up her dress, revealing a shaved pussy and straddled my still fully clothed self. Looking into my eyes the whole time. She bent forward taking my lip between her teeth and sucking it into her mouth.

Although her lips were not as full as SexyB’s they were firmer.


My mind was racing.

It must be a dream.

She took my hands, that I did not know what to do with, and placed them one at a time on her exposed tight as cheeks. Boy was I near to climax! She continued kissing me allowing me to move my hands all over her body. My hands naturally returned to her ass cheeks every few seconds just to make sure I am not dreaming and giving them an appreciating squeeze. She was starting to breathe heavier. She let go of my mouth and moved back slightly. “Unzip my dress please”, she said and turned slightly sideways for me to reach the zipper. I slowly and carefully undid the zipper and let my hands slide down to position one. (Ass cheeks) She removes her dress over her head giving me the perfect view of the perfect breasts and nipples and flat stomach as she slightly rises to get the dress of and arches her back making her a porn vision. She discards her dress to the floor, now only wearing black stockings and her black high heeled shoes. No underwear at all.

She moves up and forward and slips first the one and then the other nipple into my mouth for me to suck.

The lust in her eyes is mistakenly simmering at boiling point. She moves slightly back and loosens my jeans. “Lift your bum and I can slide you jeans down”, have never sounded this sexy.

I obviously obeyed.

She continued sliding backwards, not getting up from me to slide my jeans down to my ankles. Her bum is sitting on my feet and she lowers her head to my crotch.

“Wait”, I said, “I will probably cum in your mouth if you do this, I will not be able to hold back because you are very hot and I am beyond horny”, I said while holding her head back.

She smiles, takes away my hands that push her away and put each one behind her head. “Promise me you will”, she says as she lowers her hot mouth over my fully erect and straining penis, again looking into my eyes. I shook my head again, unable to speak with the passion welling up inside me. She did a few slow shallow licks, took it out of her mouth and licked down my shaft to my shaved balls taking the whole sack into her mouth and gently sucking on it.

Licking back up again lubricating my whole penis as she moves back to my penis tip.

She slowly suck it into her mouth again slowly going deeper and deeper each time she goes down on me.

A few strokes later and she is deep throating me like a pro.

Each time she bottoms out she licks my balls with her tongue, keeps it in there and swallows as if she is a milking machine. After a few minutes of this intense stimulation I could no longer hold back and softly told her, ”I am about to cum”. She went up once more and went all the way down. As I started to cum I could feel her throat muscles contracting in swallowing movements making my pleasure far more intense than I could ever have imagined possible. I could not help letting out a load groan, forgetting where I was. I t was the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced. I felt pins and needles in my arms and legs and wanted to pass out from the intense pleasure. My whole body was shaking and she continued to keep me deep inside her throat and swallowing. She slowly let my penis that by now started to go limp out of her mouth, taking a deep breath and licking her wet lips. She just gave a sigh and said,” Wow, what a nice load”, and smiled seductively.

She then slowly crawled up my body not missing to drag her shaven fanny over my now returning erection, grinding it for a few seconds while kissing me.

She continue her crawl upwards popping her nipples into my mouth again and puts her feet next to my hips, standing up on the chair and slowly grinds her pussy into my face.

I grab her left leg and put it over my shoulder while I grad her ass and force her clit towards my mouth. I suck it into my mouth slowly but with force. She draws in short breaths every time I suck the little clit into my mouth. I can taste her sweet juices starting to flow more freely into my moth signalling she is about to orgasm. I was getting aroused as well and was rock hard as before.

As she is about to orgasm from my tongue, she roughly pushes my head away from her clit and says loudly” No, Not this way.” She walk of the chair like a fairy goddess. She goes and stands in front of the full length mirror on the one wall bends slightly forward, placing her hands either side of it, looks over her shoulder at me, pushes that perky ass outward and says,” Fuck me like you wanted to fuck your girlfriend after she messed with you…”. I got up from the chair not sure if I should, felt the ire rise for SexyB and went over and stood behind Bianca looking into those beautiful eyes, appreciating her full sexy form from behind and hotter reflection from the front in all its hot glory.

“It will be rough”, I said.

“Please”, she siged with a smile.

I grabbed her hips tightly, moved in behind her, placed my penis head at her pussy opening and felt a shudder run through her body. I looked into her eyes and thrust my penis all the way roughly into her very moist pussy. She gave out a load passionate moan. I was relentless.

I slammed in and out of her thinking of how upset SexyB has made me, feeling the tight pussy of Bianca milk me. I took one hand of her hip and fondled those perfect breasts with rough disregard for lovemaking, concentrating on fucking Bianca for SexyB’s transgressions.

Her breaths were coming deeply and loudly and after about fifteen minutes of this rough pounding her legs started buckling, she orgasmed by squirting onto the floor in front of her but still I continued to fuck her hard. She continued to moan and orgasm and I had to hold her up slightly as she did not seem to be able to manage to do it herself. Eventually I was nearing my own orgasm and kept on looking into her eyes. She must have realised I was nearing and she said, “ Say her name while you fuck me and orgasm”.

As I came deep inside Bianca, I said SexyB’s name with each inward stroke, not believing the pleasure and release I was getting from this goddess that lets me take out my frustration on her and how hot she is looking getting pounded.

She never looked away from me or I from her.

I was still shuddering and sweaty when she reluctantly and slowly moved her body away from mine. “Our consultation is over. For now…”, she said and it was my turn to brace my self against the wall as she went down on her knees and started sucking and licking her juices from me.

She helped me put my clothes back on.

By the time I was fully dressed I was rock hard again. She smiled and fondled me say, “You have a very stupid ex-girlfriend”.

I helped her back into her own clothes as well with some fondling and licks, cleaning up any trace I can find of our passionate session. I zipped her up and she opened he desk drawer taking out a tiny pair of panties and putting them on smiling at me saying, “For when the red monster visits unexpectedly, ‘cause I never wear panties. I find it restrictive.” I was gobsmacked.

She is perfect.

I went back to the chair and straightened my clothes a bit more. She came and sat on my lap demanding, “Phone” and held out her hand. I handed it over and Bianca. She entered her details and address into my phone.

She got up, pulled me up and into her embrace, tilted her head back and I kissed her again passionately.

“I have work to do”, she said, “Meet me for coffee this afternoon?”. I smiled. “Really, you want to see me again?” I asked, disbelieving. “Yes”, she said, “You need a girlfriend, I need another boyfriend, I think we can help each other out. Would you like to meet me at the same place your ex frequents or somewhere else?”

Bianca is awesome.

When we met for coffee I told her about my wife. She does not mind as long as I don’t mind her other boyfriend. He does not know he is sharing her yet.

My wife loved the pictures I’ve send her of Bianca and me. She cannot wait to meet her in person.


Well I gave her this sites web address.

She is now a member here.

She does not talk to me anymore.

My wife, my Girlfriend and I are very happy about that.

(Bianca just turned 28. Her boyfriend don't mind sharing her with me.)

Mrs Fantazia will write her and Dylan's story later next week.